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Zignaly: A Revolutionary Crypto Social Trading Platform

People looking for alternative investments either don’t find reliable options outside conventional financial institutions or can’t afford the minimum investment amount and/or the prohibitive management fees.

This is even more pressing if they are from developing countries where these options are unexisting. Along with that, talented traders can’t monetize their strategies beyond their available cash, and exchanges aren’t able to access a market outside of the people who are already interested in trading.

Through the Zignaly platform, investors across the globe can access a marketplace where expert traders show their results and strategies with total transparency, gaining the trust of current and potential investors. These experts, managing the capital of all the people who trust them, trade on exchanges that previously could not access all this capital.

Zignaly has created a win-win ecosystem with a proven profit-sharing approach where Investors, Traders, Exchanges, and Zignaly can profit.

Introduction to Zignaly

Zignaly, founded in 2018 by a team of three friends, prides itself on connecting the world’s greatest pro traders with everyday investors. The team aims to alter the definition of economic equity and redefine it by including the concepts of blockchain and DeFi. Starting from 2018 up until 2022, the project has successfully raised additional funds worth $50 Million to expand its business across the globe.

This has led to the project becoming a leader in driving the revolution of social investing.

Why Zignaly?

Zignaly has devoted itself to pairing investors with the best digital asset managers anywhere by offering them curated strategies, insights, and tools.

The Problem

It is undeniable that an investor must conduct their own due diligence research before deciding to invest. There is no limit to the amount of research you can do – but rather an upper limit, which requires time, energy, and a level of interest within the playing field.

There are hundreds of assets that one can invest in. Typically, these are distinguished by their asset class, the length of investment (short-term/long-term), and the level of risk friendliness of the investor.

For the investor, it can get very complicated very quickly, and this is a huge barrier to entry for those that aren’t as well-versed with the market and/or those that do not have the time to learn the ins and outs of investing.

In order to offset this slightly, many platforms offer paid expert trading signals. But even within this, the execution must be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

The Solution

That’s where Zignaly’s idea of “Social Trading” comes into play. Social Trading allows individual investors to copy the trading/investment strategies of expert investors/traders automatically.

Whether directly copying their exact trades, using expert signals to trade, or getting an expert trader to manage your own portfolio, “Social Trading” paves the way for the democratization of Wealth Management in a revolutionary way.

Zignaly Key Features

Unlike other blockchain projects whose business model revolves around their native platform token, Zignaly’s business model derives from providing value to investors and expert traders.

This results in a platform that is ripe enough to facilitate a platform token model atop its existing infrastructure to continue to further provide an increasing amount of value for all participants within the Zignaly ecosystem.

1.) Manual Trading

The Zignaly trading terminal and dashboard are used to manage positions in multiple accounts under one window. Within this, a user personally oversees trades done through their Zignaly or third-party exchange account while analyzing the charting integration. Apart from this, the platform also caters to algorithmic trading through built-in API integrations.

2.) Signal Providing

For traders and investors that have some experience within the cryptocurrency investing space but are still looking for some guidance for short-term investing and chart analysis, the Signal Providing subscription service is recommended.

Typically, users subscribe to their preferred signal provider who sends trading signals which the user can leverage at their discretion across their Zignaly or Third-Party account.

3.) Copy Trading

Suppose an expert trader can make money through trading. In that case, that skillset can be monetized further and sold as a service to investors who want to copy and conduct expert-level trades without analyzing the markets themselves.

Transparency is key within the Zignaly platform, so investors and expert traders always have the most up-to-date analytics on all copy traders’ performance.

4.) Profit Sharing

The Profit Sharing module allows an expert trader, also known as a “Wealth Manager,” to directly invest an investor’s funds using their expert market analysis. And just like the name suggests, both profits and losses are realized by all participants’ funds, including that of the expert trader.

The Creative Team of Zignaly

Bart R. Bordallo has brought together a broad group of specialists, ranging from brand managers to partnership experts, to form a highly qualified team to bring their vision to life.

Meet the Core Advisory Board of Zignaly

Project Roadmap

Many people have inquired what Zignaly’s future holds, or at the very least, what the plan is. Here are some significant ideas and activities that are yet to take place.

Zigcoin: Utility Token

The NFT-based Insurance protocol will be supported by a platform native token called Zigcoin. As Zignaly’s native platform utility token, Zigcoin will assist in implementing Zignaly features. Below is a breakdown of the 4 distinct use cases of Zigcoin and how it will operate within Zignaly.

1.) Governance

Zigcoin holders get to be a part of an exclusive governance structure where they can give community feedback on updates and vote on crucial integration decisions. Holders also get to beta-test new features and cumulatively improve the overall platform.

2.) Insurance & Risk-management

By trading with Zigcoin, users can engage with the Insurance Protocol, where they can secure and hedge their investments with policies that begin from 10% and scale to 100% of the initial principal.

3.) Profit Sharing & Premium

As co-participant owners of Zigcoin, users can leverage the benefits of Zignaly’s profit-sharing service through a premium paid through fund-manager profits.

4.) Loyalty & Rewards

Exclusive NFTs unlock loyalty and reward incentives for qualified $ZIG stakers, players, and borrowers/lenders.

However, for the first stage, all NFTs will be insured and paid for in $ZIG. Within the platform, Zigcoin serves as a means of value transfer. As it enforces the insurance and transfers the risk from the expert trader to the Insurance fund, the NFT functions as a risk transfer or distributor in contrast.

$ZIG Tokenomics

The total circulating supply for Zigcoin is 2,000,000,000, where 250,000,000 tokens are allocated towards a private sale. This is a tentative breakdown, as private allocation is subject to change.

Below is a breakdown of the token distribution for Zigcoin –

Private Round12.50%250,000,000
Liquidity Provider Incentives12.00%240,000,000
Future Campaigns and Community5.00%100,000,000
Expert Trader Incentive5.00%100,000,000
Operations Reserve25.00%500,000,000

The private sale and advisor token allocations will be subject to a vesting period as follows:

  • 30% unlocked upon Zigcoin listing on an exchange
  • 30% unlocked at 3 months after listing
  • The remaining 40% unlocked at 6 months after listing

The tokens allocated to the founders are locked till 6 months after initial listing on an exchange. Afterward, the allocated tokens will be linearly released monthly over 30 months – back to the founders.

Earn Other Tokens by Staking $ZIG

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