Plot Staking

What Should You Know About PlotX Staking?

PlotX is the Uniswap of prediction markets, allowing you to earn rewards by forecasting the future price of specified crypto assets with only a few clicks. With PlotX, you’ll get a shortcut to earn profit for predicting the price of your favourite crypto pairs. There’s no need to create an account or dealing with KYC. Simply connect your MetaMask to the Ethereum based and non-custodial PlotX platform, and you’re ready to go. Here is what you should know about PlotX staking.

How to Begin PlotX Staking?

Once you’ve connected your funded wallet, you’ll choose your market pair, such as BTC — USDT. Next, you’ll select the market, which is hourly, daily or weekly.

At this point, you can see all the details, which are:

  • Highest option price
  • Lowest option price
  • Market participants
  • Total stakes
  • Time remaining

Now you can choose your desired option and click on the “Predict” button, which shows you the “Buy Option Positions” menu. Enter the desired amount of ETH to pay, choose a leverage factor and go. Good luck!

All in or Play it Safe to do PlotX Staking?

It’s important to know that leverage means how much you are willing to lose. So 1X = 20% risk and 5X means 100% or all-in. For example, you pay 1 ETH and choose 1X (20% risk). After the market closes, you’ll get 0.8 ETH (or 80%) back. If you had selected 5X (100%), your ETH would be gone. Of course, you could also win more with higher leverage. With PlotX, your risk is limited, while the amount to win depends on the participants.

PlotX Token Metrics

  • Token name: $PLOT
  • Technology: ERC-20
  • Contract address: 0x72f020f8f3e8fd9382705723cd26380f8d0c66bb
  • Total supply: 200’000’000 $PLOT
  • Circulating supply: initially 12’000’000 $PLOT
  • Public price: $0.05 / $PLOT
  • Private sale price: $0.05 / $PLOT
  • Early supporters price: $0.03 / $PLOT
  • Seed price: $0.015 / $PLOT
  • Market cap: initially $600’000 (w/o liquidity)
  • Fully diluted market cap: $10’000’000

You can find all details in the official $PLOT tokenomics sheet.

$PLOT Token Usage

$PLOT is a utility token that can be used in six fantastic ways for the PlotX DeFi application.

  1. AMM mining — incentives for market creators
  2. Referral mining — building in virality by design
  3. Community mining — wide distribution in communities
  4. Play mining — stake & play
  5. On-chain governance
  6. Liquidity mining

To learn more about each point, please read the PlotX token utility documentation.

Buy $PLOT on Uniswap For PlotX Staking

Here’s the contract address you’ll need to enter in Uniswap: 0x72f020f8f3e8fd9382705723cd26380f8d0c66bb

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