What Industry Leaders Think of Group Farming?

Investing in digital currencies has its advantages, but it’s not the only asset class that most investors should build a portfolio around. There are plenty of alternative themes or sectors to invest in if you’re seeking for more profitable and legitimate options. Surprisingly, one of them is the FARMING sector.

Today, everyone hears these as mere buzzwords — Staking and Farming. Without a doubt, staking and farming protocols are changing the face of finance. Passive income opportunities such as these have not really existed for the average investor in any market, and crypto investors are beginning to realize that trading isn’t the only way to earn life-changing returns on your crypto holdings.

What is Group Farming?

Popularized by DeFi protocols such as Aave and Compound, staking has quickly become the option of choice in the erstwhile debate between traders and HODLers.

The idea seems to be catching fire recently.

Group Farming is part of the DeFi network that lets users earn cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency. It works in a similar fashion of lending money to your friends and earning interest on the money you’ve borrowed.

Group Farming entails customers staking their crypto assets for a fixed amount of time in exchange for reward. Interest, new tokens, and other cryptocurrency might all be used to receive rewards. The fundamental advantage of group farming is the substantial profit potential it offers.

Group Farming: The Next Crypto Revolution

Group Farming is the best at helping and incentivizing BOTH projects as well as investors.

  1. Investors are constantly looking for the best return on their investment.
  2. Projects must develop a reliable mechanism that shifts liquidity away from trading marketplaces and eases sell pressure.
  3. To encourage investors to hold their assets, token utilities must be created to incentivize them.

Group Farming serves the purpose.

How Does It Benefit Projects?

Group Farming is a solution that is outperforming all other staking options available to users.

Every project needs a solution that aligns with the interest of investors to eliminate token price swings, sell pressure, and remove liquidity from trading marketplaces.

This is where Group Farming comes in.

It provides projects with a platform where they can directly interact with investors providing them with the quantum of reward tokens.

How Does It Benefit Investors?

Group farming offers tremendous advantages to investors.

  • Instead of searching new staking options to and fro, investors get one place to park their funds for higher returns.
  • They get to stake ONE token in exchange of many other quality tokens as rewards.
  • Their holdings are utilized in a non-custodial manner.

What Are Industry Experts Saying About Group Farming?

While the term is relatively new, it has sparked a conversation around the crypto industry. Let’s see what leaders think of this new trend.

Dmitry, CMO at HAPI

“Group Farming predicates a compact system that works on the basis of incentivization, that is, staking one token and getting in return a diversity of tokens from reliable and integrity-abiding projects. This type of farming is relatively novel but despite this fact it has garnered a well-deserved lion’s share of popularity. The reason for that is coalescence of both irrefutably beneficial aspects such as diversification and the staking rewards system itself. It opens up a rift for users to take a gander at projects outside of their current purview, and outside the boundaries of their portfolio. I don’t see this trend fading out in the near future as it has only found its foothold and popularity has only started its ascension.”

Satya Prakash Jena, Co-founder at GamyFi

“The main reason behind the sudden popularity of group farming is because of the great yields provided by the platforms and also being able to receive rewards in a diversified portfolio. Which lowers the risk and increases profitability. If everyone goes well, then this sector of DeFi is bound to grow huge.”

Naimish Sanghvi, Founder at Coin Crunch India

“Open source development, and decentralization will not just survive but thrive when the network grows. Similarly, I believe that DeFi protocols joining hands to allow users to be rewarded with multiple tokens from a single place, allows for much better community engagement and collaboration. As for the user, they are also able to diversify their yield without additional steps or paying any network fees.”

Tarusha Mittal, Co-Founder at OpenDeFi

“Group Farming is crypto’s answer to traditional lending. This is a booming crypto segment that has already humbled the likes of countless investors and projects in a very less time. On UniFarm, we currently have over 50 amazing projects and a staggering number of investors with us that we’ve achieved in just 6 months. It feels like the beginning of a new internet era where Group Farming is meant to go a long way.”

Mohit Madan, Co-Founder at OpenDeFi

“Group Farming has proven to be the greatest driver of the Decentralized Finance in 2021. We introduced UniFarm in February this year. Risk-tolerant investors saw the potential of Group Farming and jumped at the chance to get rewarded with many tokens by staking any ONE. Where most staking programs fail to give the APY they promised, UniFarm takes pleasure in exceeding the competition and providing tremendous value to each of our customers. This sector of DeFi has proven it’s worth and is meant to grow bigger by the end of 2021.”

Bottom Line

The crypto market is ever-changing. With platforms like UniFarm making great progress in easing crypto investment, there are innumerable opportunities for investors to build a robust portfolio.

Investors should, however, keep in mind that the currency’s operation should be questioned before making a significant investment choice. A crypto token will continue to thrive only if it is functional enough.

UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.

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