UniFarm V2 takes over as V1 Retires

UniFarm V2 Takes Over as V1 Retires: All You Must Know

We are going all in with its Version 2 of the staking dashboard and the rewards are overflowing in UniFarm V2.

On September 20, 2022, UniFarm retired Version 1 of its DApp. With the retirement of this version, UniFarm will be launching all the upcoming cohorts on V2. However, the users who haven’t unstaked and claimed their rewards will be able to do so by using a toggle button that sits on the top right corner of the V2 dashboard. 

How UniFarm V2 Emerges as a Refined Version of V1?

UniFarm V2 doesn’t only emerge as a refined version of V1 but also a complete treat to the users. With a better reward structure, and numerous other perks and ways of diversifying the portfolio, UniFarm V2 is something you can not say no to! Let’s now see how UniFarm V2 is a better product than V1. 

  • Users can see their accumulated rewards in the unconfirmed reward section with every block mined on the blockchain.
  • Users can unstake and claim their confirmed rewards after every epoch, which usually ends within 3 days.
  • The pools are sorted by the networks, the type of farming pool (yield farming, or liquidity pool farming), and the tokens required to stake in the pool. 
  • The power is in your hands now. You can boost your returns up to 400% APY by buying a booster pack for 10,000 $UFARM tokens only.
  • The most striking feature of UniFarm V2 is the Staking NFT. Whenever a user stakes on V2, they receive a tradable staking NFT that can be sold on NFT Trade. 

So, you are making money on top of making money!

Why is UniFarm V1 Retiring?

UniFarm as a product believes in constantly monitoring and improving its services. We received a lot of constructive feedback and possible features which could elevate the standard of V1. However, it was not possible to accommodate these features in V1. Some of the areas that needed improvement were:

  • The reward distribution structure required a lot of patience from the users. 
  • Users had to wait for weeks to finally begin farming all the tokens in the pool. 
  • The users could not claim their rewards while continuing their stakes.
  • The users had to search for the pools manually in order to stake their existing tokens.
  • There was no provision of boosting the returns.
  • The users couldn’t show off their staking positions in any way. Such a bummer!

This is why UniFarm thought it was imperative to transition to V2 and provide a whole new staking experience to our valued users. 


In the nutshell, all we want to say is that staking at UniFarm V2 is completely a WIN-WIN situation. It is a one-stop solution for all your problems. Crying while watching your crypto portfolio degrade? Stake at UniFarm. Planning to diversify your portfolio? Stake at UniFarm. Looking to invest in innovative Web3 projects? Stake at UniFarm!

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