UniFarm Refer & Earn: Get Free Tokens

We are overjoyed to have you as a member of the growing UniFarm family, and we wanted to share our joy with you. We’ve added a new and much-requested feature to the UniFarm App.

By introducing a friend to the UniFarm App, you can now receive free tokens as a reward.

In Less Than 5 Seconds, Refer & Earn Free Tokens

Step #1

Visit UniFarm website by clicking on https://unifarm.co/, and connect your Non-Custodial Wallet from the top right corner.

Step #2

After you’ve established a connection with your wallet, on the upper right corner, click “Refer & Earn.”

Step #3

When you click “Refer & Earn,” a POP UP window will appear with your “Referral Code Link.” Copy that referral link to share with your friends.

Note: The referrer’s wallet address is included in the referral link.

Step #4

Share this “Referral Link” with your friends.

You get a REWARD when they open the UniFarm page using your provided link and Stake.

Points to Remember

  • You will get 2.5% of the reward tokens earned by the staker (your friend) for that stake.
  • So let’s say your friend stakes $UFARM, and earns $UFARM, $ORO, $SMG, $MILK2 and $CANU. This means you’ll get ALL these tokens as well! You will receive 2.5% of ALL of their rewards.
  • Note – These rewards will be automatically credited to users wallet, with reflections appearing in the My Referral Rewards Page.

Check Out This Video To Learn The Process

Ready To Refer?

Earn Free Tokens by following the steps!

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