Top DeFi Tools I'm Bullish On To Build In This Crypto Bear Market

Top Defi Tools I’m Bullish On To Build In This Crypto Bear Market

Tons of blockchain based projects are announced and launched on a daily basis but not many get success. There are various factors responsible for a project’s failure or success. How unique is your idea? What’s the problem statement? How skillful is your team? How well do you execute your plans? One such factor is various defi tools you can integrate to enhance the consumer experience, streamline certain processes which can also help in improving the product’s efficiency. Here is a list of such Defi tools you can use . 

Must Use Defi Tools

We have created a list of defi tools that will not only improve consumer engagement but will also ease your work load.


Shunya-Top Defi Tools

Integrate Shunya with your website and allow your customers to keep accurate track of their assets and P/L across chains, wallets and portfolios. Shunya is a digital analytical platform that provides your csutomers with a detailed analysis of their assets, and current positions so that they always remain in control. Not only this, but Shunya will also analyze their crypto portfolio and provide them with suggestions to help grab new opportunities. 

This will help them make informed and smart decisions with their assets. Moreover, it will also provide them with constant updates to keep your customers aware of the situation of their positions. Whether it is stability or its accuracy, Shunya is highly reliable and useful DeFi tool to have. 

Founder: Aniket Shinde



Delight your customer with one click solutions to all their crypto related problems using Brydge. It has one of the simplest user experiences in the industry. Customers can simply purchase swap and bridging their crypto assists with a single click.  Brydge’s standout feature is the Direct-to-dApp. It allows for instant deployment on a scalable chain. They can then accept tokens from any other chains. 

Brydge automatically takes care of all the in-betweens using Direct-to-dApp. It has a very simple user interface. Whether it is buying, bridging, or swapping, all it takes is a single click. Brydge will delight your customers and improve your conversions.

Co-Founders: Alex Le-Tu, Zach Rosen


Liminal- Defi Tools

Enhance your internal payments with Liminal’s dedicated transaction services. Liminal is committed to helping out clients achieve safety during transactions when acquiring a business, and raising funds. Not only does Liminal provide safe transactions and reduce the chance of a counterfeit but they also work closely with both the parties to execute them. 

The expert team led by their advisors has a proven track record and helps clients with personalized services. Liminal also helps companies raise private capital and provides advisory on upcoming opportunities through M&A transactions. The team at Liminal works as the missing link to close information gaps and help companies across the digital landscape. 

CEO: Mahin Gupta

Introduction To Liminal Vaults


Snapshot- Crypto tool

Drastically improve the decision-making process through Snapshot, a decentralized system of voting. Snapshot is a popular DeFi tool due to its off-chain signing methods resulting in free of charge voting. Generally, voting using cryptocurrencies incur a fee due to movement from wallet to wallet. 

However, Snapshot uses an IPFS storage network resulting in off-chain verification instead of on-chain. This makes any vote made using Snapshot essentially fee less. Snapshot is quite useful when collecting people’s opinions using the blockchain. It can accommodate a wide range of surveys and polls. This provides companies with the direction their blockchain projects should take without the intervention of third-party services. 

Founder: Fabien Fabien

Voting on a Proposal via Snapshot


Dework-Defi Tools

Improve your work with contributions from the community and reward them for their efforts using Dework. Dework allows for the creation of a project with the work to be done by the community. For each task completed, bounties or rewards are set. You can communicate your objectives and roadmaps to the community using its integration. 

Dework also allows for sharing the context of ongoing initiatives to make it easy for new community contributors. You can set the bounties on the tasks and pay them directly using Gnosis safe. Pay any on-chain token using such defi tools as a reward to the community and see the people’ interest rise in your project. 

Founder: Lonis Hamaili

The Task Management Solution for DAO



Keep a record of you most precious or important memories through POAP. This token is created as a gift from an issuer to a collector in commemoration of a special memory or achievement. Celebrate your digital memories by minting and storing them on the block chain with POAP. 

Open up a whole new world of possibilities by engaging with your customers in a most unique way. Create your POAP for your events and distribute them among the participants to give them an experience to remember. POAP also offer services like chat rooms and draws so that you can create an exclusive club and provide bragging rights to your customers.  

Founder: Patricio Worthalter

How to create a POAP Event

Manage your crypto communities using the crypto project tool, This program works on the principle of gatekeeping communities based on the number of tokens held by the user. It exclusively serves tokenized communities. allows you to leverage the identity of crypto and create a special place just for a specific type of user. That is, those who are serious about the crypto project. Once is added to your community group, it automatically identifies the total holding of each user. From there on, it is responsible for managing the people in the group. Users will be allowed in the community once they reach a certain number of tokens holding. Anyone going below that number will be kicked off. This allows you to build a community that is serious about its goal. 

Founder: James Young

How to Gate your Discord Server with Collab land



Revolutionize your user engagement with Ethereum Push Notification Services. This blockchain-based service is independent of platform, chain agnostic, and incentivized. EPNS allows you to communicate effectively with your users by selectively deciding the information to be communicated. It is user-centric and awards users for opting in for notification. Thus providing them an incentive to actively participate and check in on the notifications sent. 

The incentive is provided through staking services to generate interest to be later distributed to the subscribers of the service. EPNS is also highly independent of the platform and works on android, iOS, and even on a chrome extension. Thus, all users can avail of EPNS services and get incentives from push notifications. 

Founder: Harsh Rajat

What is EPNS


Improving governance through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization built on an open-sourced infrastructure in Aragon. It also provides plugins to improve governance. Building a DAO on Aragon is simple as plug-and-play. It is the fastest and the easiest way to create a DAO that is up for the challenges that lie ahead in the future. 

Argon is easy to customize and simple to start. With just a few steps you can start evolving together with other people on Aragon. It is so simple that you can just set up your DAO and learn on the journey. Get started on your journey with a large community that is always ready to help out in case of problems. 

Founder: Luis Cuende, Jorge Izquierdo

Getting Started with Aragon 



Unlock the full potential of the web3 apps by building your own contracts. With Thirdweb’s powerful SDKs and innovative tools, create smart contracts that you control. Deploy seamlessly as a team with multi signatures on your favorite wallet and never run the risk of leaking your keys again. 

Thirdweb is backed by powerful extensions that serve as the building block for your smart contracts. Focus completely on building your app with fully featured SDKs and easy to use dashboard. The SDKs offered by Thirdweb are easy to integrate into mobile, web, or games. Start from scratch or use the pre-built contracts offered by Thirdweb. 

Founder: Steven Bartlett

Thirdweb Deployment


SafeSanp- Crypto Tools

Combine your decentralized governance platform Snapshot with the gnosis safe through Safesnap. Using this combination, simply execute proposals of your cryptosystem through the on-chain executive of the off-chain votes. Snapshot works by using the gnosis safe module and allowing trustless on-chain execution of proposals depending on the outcome of off-chain votes. This ensures that needless gas wastage is avoided, and teams can continue using the gnosis safe to store their asset and ease into decentralization. Safesnap allows you to keep the gnosis safe signers as a safeguard, thus providing a way to remove them if so desired at a later date. 

Founder: Fabien Fabien

SafeSnap Demo


It is safe to say that to run a successful business in the crypto landscape, asset management, analytics, and community management are the top aspects to focus on. DeFi businesses need to keep track of their transactions to manage assets and ensure proper engagement of the community. The bright outlook on the whole crypto space has fueled the growth for many DeFi tools. In the long run, companies will eventually need to differentiate the tools that they need for their unique requirements.   

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