Top 5 Online Web3 Events to Build a Web3 Community
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Top 5 Online Web3 Events to Build a Web3 Community

Web3 is the latest trending technology that is still in its early stages. It is based on the idea of decentralization and is built by the online community. As a result, creating a united Web3 community ready to fight for the initiative is vital for any Web3 project. Therefore, hosting virtual events, virtual meetings, and other virtual activities is essential to creating and managing the growing Web3 community. 

Over time, it will benefit the projects, Web3 technology, and community members. Here, we will discuss 5 online events to help organize and build a thriving Web3 community. But first, let us discuss Web3 and getting started on building a Web3 community. 

What is Web3?

Simply put, Web3 is a new and reformed way of using the Internet. Based on the idea of decentralization, the community is responsible for creating and managing Web3 technologies without worrying about a central authority. As a result, data is distributed, controlled, and managed by various users worldwide. 

Moreover, Web3 welcomes anyone to be a part of its community without restrictions. You can get started by participating in virtual events to learn more about Web3 technology. The idea of decentralization opens up new possibilities to revolutionize various industries, such as data management and banking.

Best Platforms to Organize Web3 Events

The first step in building a Web3 community is to familiarize oneself with the preferred online community-building platforms. The most popular platforms for Web3 communities are Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. Although there are other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit, those mentioned above 3 are still the most used by the Web3 community. Here’s a quick overview of these 3 platforms and how to build a community on them:


Creating a Web3 Community on Discord is easy and comes with many perks. It is very easy to define and differentiate ‘channels’ based on topics and interests. There are two types of channels – text and voice. Text channels can be created on focused topics like Web3 crypto, NFTs, general, casual, etc. Similarly, real-time voice channels can be created to hold debates and open discussions. 

Once you have created your desired channels, you can start inviting Web3 community members to your Discord server. You can also advertise your server on popular forums to get more traction. Discord has various features that allow you to manage a community and keep them in check effectively. You can boost the server to gain more popularity, broadcast transmissions, and use various bots to keep your server active and running. Hence, Discord is a complete online platform for a Web3 community.


Telegram is another popular online platform preferred by the Web3 community. The biggest reason is that it has no restrictions on the number of members in a broadcast list compared to other messengers. It also allows users to send files of up to 2GB and can be used to send sticky notes and notifications to Web3 community members. 

Compared to Discord, Telegram has limited usage for keeping community members up to date with the latest Web3 technologies. Think of it like an interactive group where the members are free to discuss, share resources, and plan the next big Web3 project on Telegram.


Twitter is the most technology-centric platform, a massive plus for the Web3 community. Compared to other platforms, Twitter has an advanced search engine that allows users to discover and explore Web3 discussions, topics, and updates easily with the help of trending hashtags. 

Members can build a Web3 community on Twitter by finding the latest topics and starting a discussion thread by following and conversing with each other. It also provides a great platform for valuable input from tech leaders and innovators.

How to Manage a Web3 Community?

The platforms mentioned above have their own merits and complement each other. However, Twitter has a considerable advantage as it allows you to discover and interact with influencers, top innovators, and other technological leaders. Hence, it is a great way to get recognized by essential players in the Web3 community. 

Once you’ve successfully created a Web3 community, the next important step is to manage the community with engagement tactics. The best way to do so is by hosting the 5 online events mentioned below. Other than that, you have to ensure chat moderation and enforce proper community policies so that the members feel comfortable and can participate in discussions on equal footing. 

5 Online Web3 Events To Build a Web3 Community 

For any community, events play an essential role in building a community. It allows people of various tech backgrounds and skills to get in touch with each other to contribute towards a common goal. Hence, it is important to know how to organize and run successful events to build a stronger community. Here are 5 online events you can organize right now:

1. Virtual Conferences: Web3 Events to Organize Right Now

One of the best virtual events to organize is a virtual conference. Similar to a live conference, you can invite speakers or influencers to talk and discuss important topics related to Web3 technology. This will help the community members to learn more about Web3 and provide networking opportunities. 

You can also host multiple online sessions to get various inputs on the topic. However, hosting a virtual conference requires good organizational skills and coordination from organizers and community members. Still, making it a monthly, quarterly, or annual event is an excellent decision to keep the community engaged. 

2. Webinars: Web3 Events to Organize Right Now

Another way to engage a community is by hosting a webinar online. It is the most common form of virtual event based on a topic of interest. Compared to a virtual conference, a webinar is hosted by an instructor or speaker aiming to educate the members instead of holding a discussion. 

It is easy to set up, and you can engage the community by allowing live chats, polls, and a Q&A session at the end of a webinar. These are generally done via presentations and online video conferencing platforms. 

3. Social Media Challenges: Web3 Events to Organize Right Now

On the fun side, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and even TikTok are a good way to engage with Web3 community members. You can host various social media challenges weekly to urge members to participate. The most common way is to create a contest with a dedicated hashtag. This will allow members to participate and share with their social circle. 

As a result, it is a great way to build your following base if you make it a prerequisite for them to be a part of your community. You can start a trend or host a giveaway at random intervals to keep the communities invested. Giveaways can include virtual goodies related to Web3 technology like NFTs, crypto, etc. 

4. Speed Networking: Web3 Events to Organize Right Now

If you know the concept of speed dating, then speed networking is a fun online event for you. It requires time and effort but benefits the organizers and community members. In this virtual event, members are paired randomly with other members on a 1:1 video or audio call for networking. The time can be decided by either party or set by the organizer to broaden the networking pool. 

If two parties are interested in conversing more than the prescribed time, they are free to share their contact information to continue the conversation if they find it productive. This event aims to enforce networking among the Web3 community and invite new members to participate if they’re just getting started.

5. Hybrid Event: Web3 Events to Organize Right Now

A hybrid event is a combination of a virtual event and a live in-person event. This requires additional organizational skills and resources to set up. A live event is hosted at a decided venue, then broadcast live. This allows interested community members to participate in real life or online via live chat rooms. 

Various elements make up a hybrid event. The best way to enforce it is to make a diversified event that comprises several events within a specified time window. Hence, you can host a seminar or guest lecture and combine it with fun activities to keep the members engaged. Fun activities can include live games or competitions that benefit both real and virtual participants. Organizers can host a hybrid event on their own or get help from sponsors or influencers in exchange for advertisement, brand recognition, or live product demonstrations. 


Organizing and building a Web3 community is a great way to help in developing Web3 technologies. Since it is still in the early stages, inviting more and more members helps to speed up the contribution towards Web3 projects in a significant way. As a result, hosting virtual events and virtual activities is a good way to engage the Web3 community while building it.

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