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Top 10 Projects with Market Cap Below 10 Million

While searching for a possible crypto project that might be 10x in value, good projects with a small market cap mostly under 10 mil are a great find. Crypto projects that provide a service or product, have the potential to expand in value based on their token success. According to a research, at least 10 projects with a market valuation of less than ten million dollars promise to be big players in the blockchain ecosystem.

So, here we are listing the top 10 projects listed in descending order of their market cap.

S.noCoinPrice (As of May 2022)Market Cap (As of May 2022)
3Vesper Finance$1.16$9,875,638
6Mirrored Amazon$2,870$9,789,347
7Dope Wars Paper$0.010$9,771,999
8Stakeborg DAO$3.64$9,754,836
10Bao Finance$0.0001$9,705,594

Are you already curious to know what these projects offer? We know, we are excited to let you know too! Below is a description of each project on our top 10 list of projects with market cap below 10 million.

1. Signum ($SIGNA)

Signum is a pioneer of fully sustainable, decentralized blockchain solutions, making it ideal for green NFTs that do not waste energy or blockchain space. On May 2, 2022, the Signum-Network launched its own NFT portal, offering artists a green option for minting, buying, and selling NFTs. Powered by Signum’s underlying sustainable blockchain technology, anybody may utilize the portal without reluctance to showcase their unique digital artworks to the world.

2. OolongSwap ($OLO)

OolongSwap aspires to be the link between Boba and the rest of the DeFi world. OolongSwap wants to contribute to the expansion of the Boba ecosystem by creating a DEX that is suitable for everyone, even those who are new to DeFi. They want to create a healthy environment for everyone – they want to help other Boba projects grow while educating users about DeFi! Oolong is not just another DEX. Users can use OolongSwap to trade one ERC-20 token for another.

3. Vesper Finance ($VSP)

Vesper Finance enables users to benefit from their holdings by providing liquidity in the relevant growth pool using BTC, ETH, VSP, and USDC. Participants may earn up to 21.59 percent in returns. Vesper Finance pools work with lending programs that pool assets from several users to “create interest across different DeFi protocols.” The lent assets are then repurchased with the interest to provide participants with higher returns. Users that participate in farming get the VSP token as well.


The world’s biggest publicly available farm-to-table food traceability system, TE-FOOD, has transitioned to blockchain and tokenization. The identification and information data of monitored things are represented by TFD. Tokens are used by supply chain participants to pay for transactional fees and value-added item information. Consumers are compensated for using the Consumer mobile app to scan food product QR codes and for purchasing quality analysis services.

5. Aquarius ($AQUA)

Aquarius is intended to boost Stellar trading by bringing additional liquidity and giving control over how it is allocated across multiple market pairings. Through on-chain voting, Aquarius enables the community to establish incentives for certain marketplaces. Ultra Stellar has created the Aquarius core protocol and the tools required to interface with it.

AQUA is the currency for rewards and on-chain voting in Aquarius. AQUA holders may vote on market pairings that need additional liquidity and choose trustworthy assets. AQUA is earned by traders and LPs on certain market pairings. AQUA is used extensively in Stellar-based applications. AQUA tokens are mostly dispersed to network players and market makers.

6. Mirrored Amazon ($MAMZN)

Mirrored Amazon (mAMZN) is a synthetic asset that tracks the price of Amazon stocks. It can be minted using the Mirror Protocol, which refers to on-chain pricing given by the decentralized network of oracles in the Band Protocol. mAMZN is available in both CW20 and ERC20 forms, which can be exchanged on Terraswap and Uniswap, respectively.

7. Dope Wars Paper ($PAPER)

Dope Wars is a completely decentralized, community-driven, play-to-earn game metaverse influenced by hip-hop culture. Dope Wars is launching a modern-day GTA-like metaverse and series of games on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by the original Drugwars game that many of us played as children. Because of the open ecosystem, developers and others may create endless games for Dope Wars NFT holders.

8. Stakeborg DAO ($STANDARD)

Stakeborgdao assists the community in becoming a decentralized DeFi and DAO think tank capable of making meaningful contributions to these critical fields of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. They are in the early stages of a new paradigm in which every individual will have access to whatever they need to be free of the tyranny of the nation-state.

9. TokenClub ($TCT)

TokenClub is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency investment platform that offers professional cryptocurrency market information, investment advising and strategies, and other complete services to investors. TokenClub is like a monthly membership to the best ICOs on the internet. TokenClub is for anybody who wants to buy high-quality ICO tokens but doesn’t have the time or interest to perform all of the legwork themselves. TokenClub’s membership service provides a monthly selection of 8-10 top ICO tokens that have been handpicked and approved.

10. Bao Finance ($BAO)

Because of its multiple unique features, the Bao Finance crypto token has lately blossomed with unparalleled growth. Bao Finance is explicitly focused on ensuring fair and equitable distribution as well as the production of synthetic assets. It is a cutting-edge second layer for synthetic assets created on top of Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Balancer. The BAO Finance crypto token serves as the community-run project’s governance token. It is also backed by an insurance fund into which all BAO fees are deposited.

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