Top IDO Platforms to Launch Your Tokens
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Top 10 IDO Platforms To Launch Your Tokens

The crypto world is revolutionizing the fintech industry and is growing rapidly. New crypto projects are introduced every day on various platforms known as launchpads. These platforms help the projects to raise funds from the crypto community in exchange for fiat money. However, there are different rules and regulations when launching a crypto project on a launchpad. Here, we will discuss the top 10 IDO platforms for successfully launching a crypto project. 

1. Binance Launchpad

Binance is one of the most revered crypto platforms, with millions of active users daily. They are widely known for their help and support in launching crypto projects on their platform. Being in the crypto industry for such a long time, they provide helpful insights and experience, which helps the development of the projects. 

Moreover, project owners can interact and engage with potential investors and users on the platform. This helps the project to grow and nurture over time. Binance ensures that the project is properly launched on its platform to help attract more projects in the future.

Binance Launchpad: Top IDO platforms

Best for: Blockchain Infrastructure, DeFi, Blockchain Service

Projects Launched: 32

Maximum funds raised: $130.42 Million

Current Average ROI: 24.27x

2. Ethereum Launchpad: Top 10 IDO Platforms

Ethereum is another famous player in the crypto market that came right after Bitcoin. Over time, they have built an enormous platform that actively contributes to the modern crypto ecosystem. Compared to other launchpads, the Ethereum launchpad is slightly different from other crypto launchpads. 

The Ethereum Launchpad is mainly focused on growing and expanding its crypto ETH. Hence, users and investors who hold ETH tokens can stake in the crypto projects. However, Ethereum has excellent community support to help the developers throughout the launching phase.

Ethereum Launchpad: IDO platforms

Best for: DeFi, Blockchain Service, Non-Fungible Tokens

Projects Launched: 8

Maximum funds raised: $2.78 million

Current Average ROI: 3.41x

3. Polkastarter

Polkastarter is another leading crypto project fundraising platform that works on the cross-chain model. This means that users with tokens from different crypto chains can stake in the crypto projects hosted on the decentralized platform. As a result, it offers interoperability based on the Polkadot blockchain. 

Most of the crypto projects launched on the platform appeal to younger audiences, mainly DeFi and GameFi. However, Polkastarter ensures that full support is provided to these developers in the form of listing, scaling, follow-on capital, branding, tokenomics design, advisory program, and marketing. 


Best for: DeFi, GameFi, Blockchain Service 

Projects Launched: 106

Maximum funds raised: $32.31 million

Current Average ROI: 0.59x

4. Top 10 IDO Platforms is one of the largest global trading crypto platforms regarding trading volume and traffic. Primarily focused as a trading platform, does help launch crypto projects but at irregular intervals. The platform is mostly known for its user-friendliness, where users are rewarded now and then. 

However, is a different type of launchpad where the user’s right to stake in a project is directly related to the tier group they belong to. This is generally decided by the number of tokens or trading behavior. Crypto projects seeking crowdfunding from must meet certain conditions that may differ based on the project’s nature.

Best for: DeFi, GameFi, Blockchain Service

Projects Launched: 250

Maximum funds raised: $150.92 million

Current Average ROI: 0.742x

5. GameFi

As the name suggests, GameFi is a different launchpad than other platforms. It focuses solely on the Esports ecosystem, including PVP games, lotteries, betting, fantasy gaming, and NFT. Hence, it is focused on becoming a global platform to help the players interact and play games without geographical restrictions. 

Hence, GameFi helps game-specific crypto projects raise funds on the platform. However, a dividend stake in the project can demand up to 51% based on the project type, technology, and future potential. Crypto projects are launched on the platform based on the Solana blockchain. 


Best for: GameFi, Blockchain infrastructure, Defi

Projects Launched: 54

Maximum funds raised: $7.33M 

Current Average ROI: 0.563x

6. DAO Maker: Top 10 IDO Platforms

DAO Maker is a different type of IDO launchpad as they primarily focus on retail-oriented startups. They are a popular launchpad as they easily integrate WalletConnect, MetaMask, Ronin, Wanchain, and 1inch. Moreover, they are interested in technologies that help to lower the risks related to crypto investing. 

For crypto projects, DAO Maker helps to encourage users and investors to get involved in venture capital with the help of a low turnout framework. As a result, it is an excellent platform for anonymous crypto projects. 

DAO Maker

Best for: GameFi, DeFi, Blockchain service

Projects Launched: 105 

Maximum funds raised: $42.36

Current Average ROI: 1.46x 

7. Solster Finance

Solster Finance is an IDO launchpad only for Solana crypto projects. Apart from that, they are mainly known for their token vesting, token staking, DeFi swap, and as a lottery platform that rewards their users. Moreover, their token sale flow on the platform is handled seamlessly. 

Crypto projects launched on the Solster Finance platform are listed only after submitting a comprehensive application. However, they ensure that crypto projects are provided an equal opportunity where all participants get guaranteed allocation. 


Best for: Only DeFi

Projects Launched: Unknown

Maximum funds raised: $1.36 million 

8. Unicrypt Launchpad

Unicrypt is a comprehensive crypto ecosystem that offers various services, such as creating farms, staking tokens, purchasing tokens, and launching a project, to name a few. These features offer more sub-features as a blockchain tech provider. 

Unicrypt offers crypto projects to be launched on Uniswap V2 or Sushiswap V1. Both these launchpads are mostly similar, with a few differences. However, Unicrypt supports xDai Chain, Matic/Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. 


Best for: Any Crypto Project

Projects Launched: 14,000+ 

Maximum funds raised: Unknown

9. OKx Jumpstart

OKx Jumpstart is one of the few launchpads well-known for listing high-quality crypto projects. They ensure that the projects they launch on the platform have a good ROI and future potential. The platform is used by millions of users from all over the world. They also offer services such as mining, lending, DeFi, perpetual swaps, options, margin, and spots. 

Due to the nature of listing crypto projects, users feel confident knowing they are making a wise investment. Despite quality checks, they ensure that crypto projects are allowed fair participation, liquidity, and high exposure on the platform.


Best for: Any, Blockchain Infrastructure, DeFi

Projects Launched: 17

Maximum funds raised: $32.39 million

Current Average ROI: 0.632x 

10. KuCoin Spotlight: Top 10 IDO Platforms

KuCoin Spotlight is another crypto project launchpad well-known for choosing quality over quantity. It mostly focuses on early-stage startups to help launch their tokens on the platform for considerable income with a lower threshold.

Crypto projects looking to get listed on the platform need to undergo KYC, belong to a country supported by KuCoin Spotlight, and get into a purchase agreement. Once accepted, the platform helps the project get marketing exposure, crowdfunding, and further help in development via industrial influence. 

KuCoin Spotlight: Top IDO platforms

Best for: Blockchain service, DeFi, GameFi

Projects Launched: 26

Maximum funds raised: $23.68 million 

Current Average ROI: 2.11x 


With the rise in crypto development and acceptance, new crypto projects are introduced daily. Many individuals and organizations look forward to becoming early investors in the next big project. However, launching specific crypto projects is best suited for certain IDO platforms. Therefore, it is essential to perform extensive research before making your decision. Some crypto platforms can help launch a crypto project better than other platforms. Although, the success of a project depends on the problems and solutions it offers to solve in the crypto ecosystem.

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