Thunder Farms: Introduction to the Partner Projects

Thunder Farms: Introduction to the Partner Projects

UniFarm launched Thunder Farms on September 2, 2022 as a series of mini cohorts. The vision was to enable innovative projects build during the bear market with a parallel vision to empower the users with an improved staking experience. As a result, UniFarm partnered with 20 other projects to help them expand their reach across communities and improve their market efficiency. On that note, here is a brief introduction of all our partner projects and how they are leading towards the future of blockchain and Defi.

Playcent Global: Partner in Thunder Farms

Driven by the vision to power up the second generation of the creator economy, Playcent Global allows users to create interactive games, applications, and memes by using a variety of templates that are already available on this decentralized platform. The users can develop apps and can share them anywhere on the internet. 

$PCNT, the native governance token of Playcent Global, acts as an in-app currency used to buy subscriptions, access marketplaces, and provide early access to users. The platform aims to onboard non-techies into the Web3 world and helps them create user-generated content within minutes. 

Playcent Global

CubToken: Partner in Thunder Farms

CubToken aims to bridge the gap between a centralized mindset of Web2 users and the advanced decentralized mindset of Web3 users and enablers. The team describes the project as an ongoing experiment in the decentralized world, offering Web2 businesses with Web3-based marketing solutions to amplify the adoption of their products. 


ChangeX: Partner in Thunder Farms

Founded by a team that has a track record of delivering successful projects like Bitcoin Gold, Hydra, and LockTrip, ChangeX is just another project in the making. It aims to combine the concepts of Defi, Cefi, and the traditional banking industry. It does so by combining the reliability and compliance of centralized finance with the crypto experience. 

ChangeX brings an array of product that makes passive earning, crypto-based banking, and trading much easier. Some of the main products of ChangeX include fiat to crypto trading, universal crypto visa card, and leveraged staking. 


Router Protocol: Partner in Thunder Farms

Router Protocol recognized the need for cross-chain communications and the project has done a fabulous job in creating an effective solution to the problem. The key products of the Router Protocol involve fund transfer across the chains, asset swapping, and cross-chain DApp building. 

Some of the most important features of Router Protocol that make it stand out from its competitors is that it provides optimal prices for swapping assets across chains. It uses its unique proprietary pathfinder algorithm to find the most optimum route for making cross-chain swaps. 

Router Protocol

Zignaly: Partner in Thunder Farms

Zignaly was founded in 2018 by a team of three friends. The project prides itself on connecting the world’s greatest pro traders with everyday investors. The team aims to alter the definition of economic equity and redefine it by including the concepts of blockchain and Defi. Starting from 2018 up until 2022, the project has been successful in raising additional funds worth $50 Million to begin expanding its business across the globe. This has led to the project becoming a leader in driving the revolution of social investing.


Sheesha Finance: Partner in Thunder Farms

Offering investors a one-of-a-kind portfolio designed to generate maximum rewards, Sheesha Finance brings you the next-level multi-chain and community-based mutual fund governed by decentralized finance. The users can stake and keep generating profits in the form of tokens belonging to partner projects based on the Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon blockchain. 

It doesn’t only allow users to create a diversified crypto portfolio but also makes it rewarding and accessible to all. It does so by rewarding all kinds of investors with a proportionate number of Defi tokens of a diverse range of crypto projects. 

Sheesha Finance

Gains Associates: Partner in Thunder Farms

Gains Associates brings the power of crowdsourcing to fund the most promising crypto projects by means of its governance tokens. To ensure that your money is spent only on the most genuine projects with a bright future potential, Gains Associates carefully handpicks the projects based on their teams, vision, legitimacy, and capabilities to turn their ideas into reality. 

In addition to this, the project believes in a fairness policy which means that the participants are constantly monitored for their behavior and awarded reputation points based on that. Currently, Gains support Ethereum and Binance blockchains. 

Gains Associates

Cannumo: Partner in Thunder Farms

As the name suggests, Cannumo is striving forward to solve the gaps in the cannabis industry by implementing the principles of blockchain and Defi. The Cannumo ecosystem consists of a Cannumo Shop, Cannumo CBD, and a Cannumo wallet. 

The project has also recently launched its own collection of NFTs named, Hemperons. These NFTs aim to benefit both the NFT holders, as well as community-elected charities working to solve the problems of the cannabis industry. The NFTs enable users to claim discounts whereas 80% of the revenue generated goes directly to the charitable communities. 


DFYN: Partner in Thunder Farms

Projects having to lock liquidity across several chains leads to fragmentation. This led to DFYN discovering the key to enabling a cross-chain flow of liquidity without any hassle. This, in turn, improves efficiency and the price discovery of tokens. 

DFYN is basically a multi-chain AMM DEX that allows instant, gasless transactions. In addition, the AMM models of DFYN have nodes that are capable of making their own super mesh after tapping into the cross-chain liquidity protocol of the routers. 

DFYN: Partner in Thunder Farms

Singularity DAO: Partner in Thunder Farms

Singularity DAO is a Defi protocol that has been designed to empower and maximize Alpha generation irrespective of the current market trends. It happens to be a one-stop solution for everything in Defi, ranging from yield farms to launchpads and governance. 

The most striking feature of Singularity DAO is its DynaSets feature. It is a set of assets that is dynamically managed by artificial intelligence and its team of advanced traders in order to outperform market changes and balance the portfolio. 

SingularityDAO: Partner in Thunder Farms

Ispolink: Partner in Thunder Farms

Ispolink is working to bring the best talents in the Web3 space with the leading blockchain, Defi, metaverse, and gaming companies that are experimenting with the concepts of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Giants like Reef, Polygon, and DAO Maker are some of the noticeable partners of Ispolink. 

The project delivers a seamless experience to Web3 companies in finding the most suitable candidates and navigating the selection process without any hassle. On the other hand, it enables the seekers to find the best opportunities for themselves in the leading crypto and blockchain companies. 

Ispolink: Partner in Thunder Farms

ACECapital: Partner in Thunder Farms

ACECapital is an exclusive community of high-net-worth individuals, financial influencers, and individual investors who are keenly looking for the next crypto unicorn. It is the first integrated incubator in the world that bring together venture capitalists, seed investors, and crypto startups using blockchain technology.

It allows investors to use capital and knowledge for investing in early-stage crypto projects in returns for equity. Having offices across 200 cities in the world, including India, Thailand, and United Kingdom, AceCapital is definitely the best place for you to be, no matter who you are: an investor or a startup. 

ACECapital: Partner in Thunder Farms

Knit Finance: Partner in Thunder Farms

Knit Finance has just recently launched its unique Deposit Insurance Knit that provides cross-chain wrappers for the top 200 assets on the list. The ecosystem of Knit Finance consists of merchants, users, and custodians. The wrapped-asset system is interoperable across several chains. This benefits both the ERC-20 tokens as well as Non-ERC 20 tokens, expanding the scope of interoperability in Defi. 

Knit Finance makes it easy to generate billions of liquidity from any class of asset and let it flow into the decentralized finance ecosystem. The project aims to strip the idea of Defi, leading to its widespread adoption and unlocking of more than a trillion dollars of potential assets.

Knit Finance: Partner in Thunder Farms


Each of the projects mentioned above are handpicked by the UniFarm team. We have done a due diligence in researching about these projects in order to bring the most innovative projects in Defi to the mainstream limelight. Therefore, holding these tokens is the best choice to make during this bear market. So, stake one of these tokens now and farm them all!

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