UniFarm Buyback

The Third Buyback of $UFARM and $ORO Tokens

For our 3rd quarterly $UFARM buy-back (October to December 2021), UniFarm repurchased a total equivalent to $103,578 USD worth of tokens ($UFARM + $ORO).

This 3rd buyback of $UFARM and $ORO tokens is the biggest buyback as compared to our earlier two buybacks.

Part of UniFarm’s foundation was building a “Breathable economy”— ensuring a steady contraction coupled with stability and scale. This move seeks to further boost the long-term value of the $UFARM Token. The buyback program is yet another step to provide the $UFARM Token’s the necessary stability and growth potential, ultimately rewarding token holders for their investment and loyalty.

“UniFarm has had another phenomenal quarter, granting us the flexibility to give back to our community as a whole. We have repurchased the $UFARM token as an integral part of the business.” said Mohit Madan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at UniFarm. “The $UFARM Token holds great potential for the future of farming. Our third buyback program highlights the team’s ardent belief in $UFARM’s prospects and further incentivizes investors to share our long term vision.”

Adding on the buyback’s role, Mohit Madan said, “There has been a progressive demand for the $UFARM token, confirming its desirability. The buy-back guarantees that the supply remains contracted, making $UFARM and $ORO tokens even more fascinating with an even stronger token economy”.

Furthermore, every quarter, UniFarm utilizes 50% of its revenue to buyback $UFARM (25%) and $ORO tokens (25%). Each buy-back tranche will be locked for a period of 12 months after the repurchase. After 12 months, the tokens shall be moved to the treasury. Locking up the tokens and then moving to the treasury provides UniFarm with the capability to scale effectively.

$UFARM tokens repurchased on-chain within the program can be found transparently on the blockchain with the following addresses:

$UFARM Buyback Details

Total $UFARM: 2,413,567

$UFARM Locking on Ethereumhttps://etherscan.io/tx/0x2d992d572111b89d5caead8a97f51c9ed6723c2e60a3cad678213b1607eaa052
$UFARM Locking on BSChttps://bscscan.com/tx/0x5448a54b63fe1863811e439a28801bff527766b103a5d591bf6993d29a6b1715
$UFARM Locking on Polygonhttps://polygonscan.com/tx/0x8cb81ad67e7f44901194fb51792522d91151b54c6399808dbe2c3deb1192f162

$ORO Tokens repurchased within the program will be placed transparently on the blockchain with the following addresses.

$ORO Buyback Details

Total $ORO: 272,827

$ORO Locking on Ethereumhttps://etherscan.io/tx/0x5fc39986fafc25042f56c761ce492f050dbe75d8821548c0cc00c4a61cfc9317
$ORO Locking on BSChttps://bscscan.com/tx/0x5e51aedd571e88356168cde6b075e55a2049df6e9e33bc86879b6d578e8ffac7
$ORO Locking on Polygonhttps://polygonscan.com/tx/0x758f538b33c8f24fe9af6d65c33aa753fe015862c10593853b838cb26bee667e

Quarterly Highlights

In the last quarter, we have seen significant growth on UniFarm.

  • Crossed the milestone of 100 projects in the last quarter.
  • 2 conclaves with 10 projects with $3,000 airdrops
  • $1700 worth tokens airdropped with 17 AMAs.
  • $2800 worth tokens airdropped via New Year Staking Competition.
  • UniFarm Korean Cummunity launched.
  • $1300 worth tokens airdropped via 3 Treasure Hunt Events.

The total buy back amounted to $103,578 (calculated at the time of purchase)

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