The Perfect NFT Gifts This Valentine’s Day

There is always a strong hype around Valentine’s Day. Couples around the world wait for this day to confess their eternal love to each other. So, every year they begin looking for very unique gifts for their loved ones to make them feel special on this day of love. On that note, we are showing some of the best NFT gifts that you can buy for your partner this Valentine’s season.

The Tradition of Valentine’s Day

Every year, couples around the world wait for Valentine’s Day to either confess their love for someone or cheer for another year of togetherness with their lover. While some people like to celebrate this day by having their meals in bed and snuggling in bed all day, some people on the other hand plan romantic dates and movie marathons with their significant other. But aren’t these ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022 too old school, common and boring? Have you considered buying NFTs and marking the permanence of your love for your special one? If not, then it’s definitely the right time to do that. 

Why Should You Buy NFTs as Gifts?

NFTs are perfect gifts for this Valentine’s Day because they are unique, permanent, and totally trendy, just like your loved ones themselves. You may be feeling skeptical about giving an NFT to your lover because of obvious reasons as not all people are aware of NFTs. But don’t you think that it’s the right time to introduce them to NFTs and be the crypto enthusiast in their group? Here are 4 good reasons why you should be giving NFTs on Valentine’s Day 2022. 

Lives Forever

NFTs live on the blockchain till unknown times as compared to other Valentine’s gifts like cards, flowers, or accessories that wear out in a short amount of time. If your love is permanent, so are NFTs. 

Value Increases

NFTs are not like any other Valentine’s Gift whose value is bound to depreciate over time. The value of NFTs is most likely to remain the same or increase over time, just like your love for your other half that continues to increase with time. 

Helps to Catch up Trend

NFTs are slowly catching up in the world and many big organizations are creating NFTs out of their physical assets. In the near future, NFTs are going to occupy a bigger space in the technology world. For someone who loves to keep up with the trend, NFTs will be a great Valentine’s gift. 

No Worries for Storage

While traditional ways of giving photo frames, teddy bears, and other big surprise gifts may create a headache for your special person regarding the storage of these gifts, there is no such issue attached to NFTs. It is because these are stored on blockchain digitally, occupying no space in your home. 

Ideas for NFT Gifts

There are several ways of giving NFTs to your partner. NFTs are not only special for the crypto buffs, but the fact that NFTs can immortalize anything over the blockchain so that it stays there forever, makes all of us love them. Here are five of the most interesting ways of giving NFTs to your lover this Valentine’s Day. 

#1 NFT Gifts: Buying a Segment of “The Kiss”

“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt has been one of the most admired paintings in the history of art. Therefore, The Belvedere Museum, Austria has decided to step up in the world of NFTs by creating small 100X100 segments of the great painting, resulting in 1,000 non-reproducible pieces as NFTs. These pieces have been put up for sale so that art lovers around the world can give these antique pieces representing love to their partners. To buy it, you will need to register your interest on platform, following which you will be allotted a segment of the painting randomly. 

#2 NFT Gifts: Creating an NFT out of a Love Note

Writing handwritten love notes may be an old-school thing. With the changing times, people have started writing digital notes to confess their feelings and love for people. But digital notes are likely to get copied, deleted, or lost from the devices. So, you can now mint your digital love notes as NFTs on blockchain where they will never get lost, altered, or copied by someone else. 

#3 NFT Gifts: Exchanging NFTs as Rings

You may have heard of a US couple who exchanged rings in the form of NFTs using their smartphones and got married. So, why not take your relationship one step further by proposing to your lover with an NFT ring. To do this, all you need to do is create an NFT token and mint it on the blockchain with the name “Ring”. 

#4 NFT Gifts: Buying an NFT of a Music Record for Your Lover

Creating NFTs out of music records is one of the most famous utilities of NFT technology. Therefore, many musicians around the world have created NFTs out of their music records and put them up for sale on different marketplaces. If you wish to buy NFT music and dedicate it to your loved one, you can buy it from one of the marketplaces given below. 

  • OpenSea
  • NFT Showroom
  • SuperRare
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Rarible
  • Foundation
  • MakersPlace
  • Mintable
  • Decentraland

Buying a Coachella Lifetime Pass as N

If you don’t know, let us tell you that the iconic Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival has put 10-lifetime passes to the Coachella festivals up for auction as NFTs. The sale which began on February 4, 2022, has created a giant buzz among music and art lovers across the world. So, if your partner is fond of music and art, what’s better than gifting one of the Coachella Keys Collection and helping them enjoy lifetime access to the festival. You can buy the NFTs from the FTX US marketplace and make your lover feel extremely valuable. 

Wait no more in getting your Valentine’s Day 2022 gift ready for your lover. 

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