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SwapMatic: The Ultimate SWAP Aggregator

SwapMatic is a liquidity aggregator that provides visibility and exposure in the SwapMatic UI as well as liquidity farming opportunities in SWAM pools to budding token businesses. SwapMatic offers a simple ‘for dummies’ interface and gets the cheapest price for the user.

The user does not pay any fees, and new token projects are published for free. When combined with new tokens, SWAM’s main utility is liquidity provision, and SWAM can be generated through liquidity farming and staking.

SwapMan NFT also offers an unlimited number of ERC20 and ERC721-based projects an on-chain staking and community-building option.

SwapMatic was the first DEX/AMM on the Matic Network mainnet (now Polygon), and it continues to focus on Polygon-based projects, while it also supports other chains.

Swap-on-Matic => SwapMatic

SwapMatic began as a Matic Network hacking project. The objective was to use the Uniswap protocol to connect with Matic. At the time, Matic Network did not offer any other DeFi services.

SwapMatic expands the Uniswap v1 protocol on Matic Network with several sophisticated capabilities.

It was not a hasty choice to “transfer the business” to this quickly emerging new L2 chain. In comparison to some other L2 chain solutions that were just marginal in the overall strategy (like xDAI) or were too corporate and centralized, MATIC was assessed to be the ideal basis for a long-term commitment and development (like BSC). Yes, MATIC had (and still has!) a welcoming, enthusiastic, and motivated team.

One of the first to use Matic and SwapMatic was 0xBitcoin.

Some progressive crypto communities soon adopted SwapMatic. KIWI PoW Token and 0xBitcoin, the first two PoS bridging initiatives, provided liquidity and a passionate introduction to their user base. The Ethereum GAS situation was worsening, and these projects were eager to reach the ‘next level’ as fast as possible.

SwapMatic also participated in Matic’s inaugural Build-and-Earn round, where it was ranked #7 and received significant morale-boosting cash.

In the inaugural Matic & GitCoin Build-n-Earn round, a foundational DeFi service served all ecosystem players, and the venture received both finance and love.

The Project Attracted Funding and Lots of Love in GitCoin

In SwapMatic, many other projects were listed and received good visibility and liquidity.

The service has been operational on Matic Mainnet (now Polygon) since August 2020 and is currently awaiting the addition of further PoS bridge and Matic-native ERC20 tokens.

Should You List Your Token Project on SwapMatic?

SwapMatic is an automatic market maker (AMM) on Ethereum L2 sidechain Polygon (previously Matic). Because SwapMatic’s liquidity is based on MATIC pairings, anything pooled on the platform is extremely liquid.

SwapMatic is a community-driven, creative enterprise based on open standards and protocols from a business standpoint. It takes advantage of novel approaches created on the blocktimeworld platform, such as frictionless liquidity mining, universal staking, dynamic snapshots, blockchain analytics, NFT DeFi, on-demand NFT minting and mining, ultra-light DAOs, and more.

Get Your Project Onboard to SwapMatic

First and foremost, it’s all about serving your audience, solidifying your project, and growing your community.

Serve your existing audience: SwapMatic provides a robust marketplace with near-zero trading fees, rapid transactions, and open architecture to serve your present audience. SwapMatic is a decentralized service, which means that everyone’s money is secure.

Build a new audience: L2 DeFi projects are trendy right now, and Polygon is gaining much traction. Early adopters, innovators, crypto nerds, and an increasing number of regular consumers are all on board. Having your project featured attracts new people and puts you on the map in ways you’ve never seen before.

Enhance your project’s visibility: Your project will be visible and highlighted on the application itself (‘drop-down’), as well as in market data communications and as part of a continuous promotion.

Mining incentive: Token pools that have been officially onboarded will get daily SWAM token incentives. That’s a tremendous chance to strengthen your project and make holding and pooling your token a viable alternative.

This is Affordable

Sounds fantastic, but what’s the catch? Is this something I can afford?

You certainly can!

It only takes a little time and effort to get your project up and running on SwapMatic.

Their communities, assets, and competencies are more significant than the parts.

Working together, SwapMatic adds more value to its partner projects and stakeholders.

Why not seize an opportunity with minimal risk but the potential for a massive payoff?

Follow the Simple Steps to Get Your Project Onboarded

It may be as simple as contacting us over Discord or Telegram to get your project started, and their friendly team will take care of the rest.

In any scenario, the following are the actions to take:

  1. Discuss the possibilities with the SwapMatic team.
  2. If necessary, submit a Mainnet-Polygon mapping request.
  3. Complete the listing form.
  4. SwapMatic allows you to create an exchange.
  5. SwapMatic’s interface allows you to add liquidity.
  6. Make your community aware.

SwapMatic — The Roadmap

Many people have inquired what SwapMatic’s future holds, or at the very least, what the plan is. Here are some significant ideas and activities for 2021 and beyond.

The Core Business is a Project Marketplace

SwapMatic’s primary business is to provide Polygon (Matic)-based blockchain and token initiatives visibility and a trading platform. SwapMatic assists projects in gaining traction and being featured. Farming tokens for SWAM in SwapMatic is a fantastic potential for any project, especially for those without their yield farming platform.

SwapMatic began as a Uniswap v1 implementation in the Matic Network mainnet’s early days; it was the first AMM or DEX on Matic. The original SwapMatic was assigned to Swapdog, which can now be found at, in order to preserve the legacy and v1 liquidity pools. pools and farming information may be found here.

SWAM Liquidity Mining

SwapMatic is committed to rewarding liquidity providers in the long run. The idea is simple and comprehensive: every new donation to the SwapMatic or SWAM token liquidity pools yields a daily APR of 100% or more.

Farming occurs in‘s XYZ-MATIC pools and 3rd-party exchanges like QuickSwap or Dfyn‘s SWAM-XYZ pools. allows you to claim every farmed SWAM.

The initiative will continue until 80 million SWAM tokens have been given. The pooler does not need to stake LP tokens or distribute awards on a daily basis using this scheme.

See SWAM liquidity mining information and a 25% APR staking offer.

SWAM Token Listings

During the year 2021, the SWAM cryptocurrency will be featured on important market data sites (CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap). Right now, the most up-to-date market data on the SWAM price can be found here.


SwapMatic is not in the business of airdropping! Unless one is an established behemoth with a significant footprint, we believe that careless airdropping is a means to undermine the value of a project and its utility asset (like Uniswap).

However, there are exceptions with SwapMatic:

  1. The distribution of 107 SWAM to KIWI Wallet users was a small and very targeted SWAM drop to chosen communities onboarded to SwapMatic.
  2. Early adopters and long-term poolers will receive special drops and additional thank-you prizes.
  3. SwapMan NFT holders get special drops and benefits.

Other L2 Chains

SwapMatic (remember “Matic”?) is based in Polygon, although SwapMatic and SWAM are already ‘technically’ existent and mapped in Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. Other sidechains in the EVM ecosystem, on the other hand, should not be overlooked; emerging new L2 EMV chains hold much promise.

Market Aggregator

As the need for DeFi on L2 chains grows, so do the market’s needs and opportunities. SwapMatic launched a SwapMatic market aggregator based on the 0x protocol in Q2/2021, which discovers the cheapest rates from various marketplaces and DeFi services.

The aggregator has the following features:

  1. Using dozens of underlying liquidity sources aggregates three top chains: Polygon (default), BSC, and Ethereum mainnet. In 2022, further chains will be introduced.
  2. Gateway for credit cards to cryptography
  3. Zero fees,
  4. QuickSwap, Sushiswap, Dfyn, and other programs can use the SwapMatic-specific token list.
  5. Overall user friendliness for both technical and non-technical users.

SwapMan NFT

SwapMan DeFi NFT is created by combining your favorite DeFi superhero with non-fungible tokens (NFT).

SwapMan NFT holders and SWAM stakers get extra staking features and bonuses with SwapMan NFT.

SWAM Token Distribution

With a 24-hour trading volume of $970, the SwapMatic price is $3.09. In the previous 24 hours, the price of SWAM has dropped by -2.2 percent. It has a total quantity of 100 million SWAM coins and a circulating supply of 590 thousand SWAM coins.

SwapMatic has launched the SWAM token to speed up the platform’s development. The mechanism for dissemination is now in place.

The following is the justification for this new DeFi token:

  • To encourage SwapMatic users to provide liquidity.
  • To supply development resources.
  • To ensure the project’s long-term success.
  • To optimize the asset’s value to its owners.

With these objectives in mind, the SWAM distribution program was created in this manner. The following are the basic principles of the distribution strategy:

Continuous incentive: Rather than a single snapshot based on prior contribution, the reward mechanism should encourage the service’s ongoing development and acceptance in the present.

Linear rewards: Increased liquidity investment must raise overall rewards provided, rather than a daily or weekly quota to be distributed. Investors and projects do not compete in this way, and everyone benefits from the project’s success.

Variety of options: Investors and contributors must be able to choose from various initiatives in which to invest and contribute. SwapMatic is a platform that invests in and promotes both unusual hacking projects (such as Invader Finance) and mainstream (DAI, WBTC) or corporate-backed assets (USDC, BUSD).

Various chains and platforms: While SwapMatic is based on Polygon (Matic), the program is designed to work with various Ethereum-based chains.

Pooling in Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon and staking on Polygon will be supported when the program launches.

Token Distribution

There are five different schedules for the distribution.

Schedule A — Core Liquidity: MATIC liquidity providers will get 40 million tokens (40 percent) for, the original SwapMatic’ v1′ on Polygon. The emission rate is 100% APR to value pooled, then converted to SWAM using’s current SWAM-MATIC exchange rate.

Formula: (pooled MATIC/365)*2

Schedule A’s main purpose is to bring liquidity into the core SwapMatic service. has a list of Schedule A pools.

Schedule B — SWAM Pools: SWAM-xyz liquidity providers in Polygon and Mainnet pools will get 40 million tokens (40 percent). To the SWAM pooled, the emission rate is 100 percent APR.

Formula: (pooled SWAM/365)*2

The primary purpose of Schedule B is to make the SWAM token a desirable asset for usage in Ethereum Mainnet DeFi services. has Schedule A pools.

Schedule C — SWAM Staking: SWAM stakers in Polygon will receive 10 million tokens (10%). To SWAM staked, the rate of emission is 25% APR.

Formula: (staked SWAM/365)*0.25

The main purpose of Schedule C is to encourage users to keep SWAM when they don’t want to invest in liquidity pools.

Here is where you can find staking options:

Every day, distribution in Schedules A-C takes place.

For token distribution, SwapMatic employs the platform. The platform makes use of a unique Crypto Crawler service that permits a dynamic crawl, i.e., capturing a snapshot of users’ balances before the daily rewards distribution, to enable an agile and accurate rewards distribution.

The user does not need to stake LP tokens.

The SWAM token distribution began on February 25, 2021, and SWAM tokens are available for claim.

The user does not have to pay any gas or any costs to claim tokens.

Tokens in the distribution program are held in holding accounts until they are mined and claimed as per schedules A through C.

Schedule D — Development: 5 million tokens (5%) for direct investments in the project’s value or capabilities, such as recruiting developers, subcontracting, marketing, or acquiring essential corporate services.

Development funds can also be invested to generate money, with the proceeds going into the development fund.

If development funds are pooled or staked following Schedule A-C, they are ineligible for SWAM distribution and do not qualify as decision-making votes.

When spending development money, the team consults the community and SWAM holders as much as possible.

Tokens from the development fund are held in a holding account, and withdrawals will be publicized ahead of time.

Schedule T — Team: 5 million (5%) for the team to use as it sees fit, as long as it doesn’t destabilize the project or the SWAM market price. Withdrawals will be communicated in advance, and team tokens will be locked in the team transparency account.

Unused tokens for Schedules A through D will be retained on custody accounts made public. The Team fund’s unused share will likewise be made public. This allows the community to monitor the project’s transparency and token distribution in real-time.

By community vote, funds can be shifted between Schedules, for example, if funds for Schedule A run out and there are plenty of funds in Schedule B or C.

Earn Other Tokens by Staking $SWAM

For those who wish to earn high yields on their investments and diversify their portfolio at the same time, UniFarm is the best bet in all forms.

There are several examples of users who’ve earned staggering returns by investing small in UniFarm.

What you need to do?

For the tokens you’ve purchased using QuickSwap, you need to transfer those tokens to your MetaMask wallet and stake those tokens in UniFarm.

You will earn a minimum of 36% APY which can go up to 250% APY maximum, which is a win-win for investors.

You can follow this How to Stake guide to learn the staking process.

UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.

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