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SPORTZCHAIN: A Blockchain-Based Sports Engagement Platform

The world of cryptocurrency is enormous and still expanding. We keep seeing fantastic innovations happening in this market now and then.

This new project—SPORTZCHAIN—has come up with an entirely new idea of creating real value and engagement between sports teams and plans.

SPORTZCHAIN was developed as part of Siddharth Jaiswal’s mission to make sports more engaging by allowing fans to participate in the decision-making process for their favorite teams and organizations. Fans with sports tokens will be able to engage with their favorite teams like never before, from voting on simple decisions like jersey colors to vital decisions like player division and transfers.

Introduction to SPORTZCHAIN

SPORTZCHAIN’s objective is to change the way fans interact with their favorite sports teams and build a loyal following. They want to give sports fans the flexibility to interact with sports teams while also receiving financial rewards and the opportunity to participate with teams, based on a simple principle. They want to transform the way sports fans interact with their favorite teams by involving them in their financial success, bridging the gap between fans and teams, and making each victory even sweeter.

Sports Tokens, also known as Fan Tokens, is a simple and straightforward approach to increase fan participation with sports clubs. By giving fans the power to influence binding and non-binding club choices, this approach aims to turn a passive fan base into an invested one. SPORTZCHAIN is now focusing on bringing the platform to Indian viewers, but it aims to expand globally in the coming year.

How Does It Benefit Sports Teams?

SPORTZCHAIN is converting billions of sports fans from being passive fans to influential invested fans, which is a win-win situation for both Sports Teams and Invested Fans.

What’s in it for the teams in SPORTZCHAIN’s digital world?

  • A new revenue stream to monetize their fan base by issuing $SPN Tokens.
  • An engagement platform for the team to connect with an invested fan base to expand their global fan base.
  • Access to a global marketplace to sell exclusive merchandise and NFTs to a global fandom.
  • Platform to offer countless privileges and offers to the invested fan base.
  • Gain the ability to onboard a wide number of fans from traditional social media platforms, for example, Twitter to the SPORTZCHAIN platform.
  • Offer exclusive gaming opportunities, content, and transfer news to fans to keep them engaged with their favorite teams.
  • Utilize data analytics to understand your ‘invested fan base’ better.

How Does It Benefit Invested Fans?

A single digital world to convert billions of sports fans from being passive fans to Influential INVESTED FANS – and create a win-win situation for both Sports Teams and Invested Fans. What’s in it for the fans in SPORTZCHAIN’s digital world?

  • By influencing the team’s choice through binding and non-binding polls, you can go from being a detached fan to an INVESTED FAN.
  • You can buy $SPN Tokens for multiple sports and teams and be an invested fan with no expiration date.
  • First access to exclusive content on the platform offered by teams or SPORTZCHAIN.
  • Access to fan experience zones, VIP privileges (i.e., meet and greet, stadium tour, etc.), and various offers on tickets and merchandise.
  • Participate in trivia and contests to win exclusive rewards from your favorite team and SPORTZCHAIN.
  • Participate in numerous Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn Metaverse games to win free sports tokens.
  • You can buy/sell your team Sports Tokens on the SPORTZCHAIN platform for financial gains.

The Founding Team of SPORTZCHAIN

The SPORTZCHAIN core team has a proven track record, passion, and vision to succeed. Their amazing team leverages its background, proven track record, passion for sports, and vision to create a successful and sustainable business that benefits all stakeholders.

Siddharth Jaiswal: Founder & CEO

Siddharth Jaiswal is the founder and CEO at SPORTZCHAIN. He’s a sports enthusiast and a cricket lover by passion who has a proven experience in blockchain consulting and investing since 2017. He founded and Sepoi Ventures, which were web2 startups.

He even assisted and consulted various web2 startups globally. He’s an ex-KPMG with 14 years of experience in corporate strategy and private equity.

The Creative Team of SPORTZCHAIN

Siddharth Jaiswal has brought together a broad group of specialists, ranging from brand managers to partnership experts, to form a highly qualified team to bring their vision to life.

Meet the Core Advisory Board of SPORTZCHAIN

Project Roadmap

SPORTZCHAIN is poised to achieve the set milestones to derive higher value for its governance token, $SPN.


$SPN tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that allows sports fans to earn additional privileges and buy their favorite team’s fan tokens to gain insider access to the decision-making of their favorite sports teams.

When you own a fan token for a certain team, you gain access to a variety of privileges, including voting rights in binding and non-binding club decisions, club product discounts, ownership of NFTs, and financial rewards. Furthermore, unlike NFTs, these ‘Sports Tokens’ are totally fungible and may be swapped for products in any transaction. A sports token entitles you to far more benefits than a standard membership, which must be renewed on a regular basis.

Tokens provide fans with access that does not expire and is not confined to a specific season. Furthermore, as an ‘invested fan,’ one has the ability to influence club choices, receive VIP advantages such as merchandise discounts, meet & greets, and much more, and also have the opportunity to receive financial rewards because these tokens are marketable.

$SPN Tokenomics

A key component in the economy of the SPORTZCHAIN project will be the $SPN token, which will act as a booster for the platform and will be required for transactions across the SPORTZCHAIN platform (including participating in STOs). The distribution model for token sale funds is as follows:

$SPN Funding Allocation

SPORTZCHAIN goal is to make sure that the team has an awesome product and a sustainable business, which helps stakeholders achieve long-term gains. The total amount raised via private and public sales will be allocated as mentioned below:

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