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SpaceSwap: A One-Stop Station to Unite the Most Popular DeFi Protocols

On September 10, 2020, SpaceSwap was launched. The project’s goal is to generate long-term income by utilizing the finest of DeFi’s features.

SpaceSwap delivers two major advances that have the potential to revolutionize DeFi. The project’s ‘Shadow Staking’ technology allows users’ LP tokens to stay in their own wallets while their liquidity is used on partner exchanges, keeping them safe from cyber-attacks.

The common tokenomics system between the SpaceSwap Milk2 (MILK2) token and the SpaceSwap Shake token (SHAKE) generates an entirely new financial environment.

Unique Tools that SpaceSwap Offers


Liquidity providers can add LP tokens to the Milky Planets (farming pools) via the Interstellar platform. Users begin to farm MILK2 tokens after providing their LP tokens.

SHAKE Blender

Users can swap SpaceSwap Milk2 for Shake and vice versa using this service.

Shadow Staking

Shadow Farming, often known as Shadow Staking, is a revolutionary discovery in the DeFi farming industry.

It introduces a whole new method of staking LP tokens. The holder keeps all tokens, making the staking process more safe and transparent.

Index Platform

SpaceSwap Index is a platform for purchasing index tokens (groups of tokens) that reduces the crypto market’s investing risks. SpaceSwap and other firm tokens, as well as users’ tokens, are stored on the platform.


All tokens can move across chains thanks to the SpaceSwap Bridge. Users must wait until the team burns SpaceSwap Milk2 and Shake on Ethereum and produces them on BSC if the liquidity on the SpaceSwap Bridge is depleted.

NFT Stars

The SpaceSwap team will hand-pick every creator who will be present at NFT STARS. The criteria will be revealed at a later time. The SpaceSwap team will assist the artists in creating and promoting their NFT collection.

NFT Mania

NFT Mania is the first-ever NFT quest built on an utterly gamified platform, in which players compete individually or in teams to reach the three chests containing the ultimate prizes.

Team Behind SpaceSwap

SpaceSwap is a game-changing project that’s generating a stir in the DeFi sector. It was created to bring together numerous liquidity pools under one roof, rewarding liquidity providers with a governance token that can travel to MilkyWay (MILK2). You contribute liquidity, and SpaceSwap pays you with MILKy rocket fuel. However, the project cannot exist without the support of others.

Who are these guys?

Dan Khomenko is the founder and CEO of SpaceSwap. Dan has extensive experience in various industries, including FinTech, banking, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. He is one of Platinum Software Development Company’s top managers and serves as an advisor to several notable projects. Dan has been highly involved in SpaceSwap’s development since the beginning, putting much effort towards expanding the ecosystem and evolving in the construction of NFT Stars.

A few months ago, the top programmers and blockchain thought leaders joined together to push the crypto community to a new level of value. They’re these guys, but they’d like not to be identified because developers aren’t big on exposure. Instead, they’re fully focused on one goal: to serve the DeFi community, not to stoke the flames of another fad.

The DeFi market is bursting at the seams with a diverse range of protocols and projects. No one, however, has ever attempted to mix them all! SpaceSwap is poised to take on the role of a leader and act as a hub for DeFi services. They’ll act as a sort of quality control and aggregator for the industry’s greatest representatives.

The Security

Security is one of the most crucial aspects of the project. They’ve made everything possible transparent, open, and safe for their community.

All their actions are vivid. You can track their developments on GitHub in an open-source format. This implies that you get to know everything. They have a number of high-class specialists from different audit firms in their team, but transparency is the cornerstone for them. They have also done an independent audit to smash any delusions from their potential critics.

Their BIG plan

Aside from all the excitement, SpaceSwap has a solid plan in place from the start:

  • SpaceSwap’s Version 1.0 has been launched! Their team has created a Uniswap fork with exciting features like MILK governance tokens, earning on transactional fees, and many others.
  • New product development took place in the fourth quarter of 2020. Curve, Compound, Yearn, and wBTC products are now supported by SpaceSwap.
  • SpaceSwap was at its peak in Q1 2021! SpaceSwap evolved into a DeFi superstructure that brought together all of the key DeFi protocols in one place.
  • The platform aspires to be a big player in the DeFi market, outperforming its rivals.

SpaceSwap MILK2 Token

SpaceSwap Milk2 is a limited-supply, inflationary asset (with a capped quantity) that provides platform governance capabilities to SpaceSwap users.

It has a one-of-a-kind issuance mechanism geared at slowing inflation.

The multiplier technique supplied by the SpaceSwap voting system is used to distribute SpaceSwap Milk2.

Benefits for Users who hold MILK2 tokens

The users will be able to

  • Create governance proposals
  • Vote in governance polls
  • Decide on new features
  • Participate in campaigns for NFT collection
  • Invest in new DeFi projects via SpaceSwap Starter
  • Have access to spaceSwap multiplication platform
  • Play a vital role in Shadow Synthetic Assets

The SpaceSwap Milk2 circulating supply is 5,465,519 coins.

Where Can you Buy SpaceSwap MILK2 Coins?

MEW and MetaMask, two of the most prominent crypto wallets, accept SpaceSwap Milk2 coins for direct exchange. Both firms offer a number of quotes from which to choose. As a result, they provide the most value for a given quantity of coins.

Uniswap is another quick alternative. In addition to being faster, this service also offers greater commission rates. The user must first connect their wallet and then go to the ‘Swap’ tab to trade coins. MILK2 can be selected from a list of possible tokens, or coin addresses can be manually entered into the wallet.

The 1inchSushiSwapBTCNEXTBitMartMooniswapNimera, and Bilaxy platforms also accept SpaceSwap coins.

Earn Other Tokens by Staking $MILK2

For those who wish to earn high yields on their investments and diversify their portfolio at the same time, UniFarm is the best bet in all forms.

There are several examples of users who’ve earned staggering returns by investing small in UniFarm.

What you need to do?

For the tokens you’ve purchased using QuickSwap, you need to transfer those tokens to your MetaMask wallet and stake those tokens in UniFarm.

You will earn a minimum of 36% APY which can go up to 250% APY maximum, which is a win-win for investors.

You can follow this How to Stake guide to learn the staking process.

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