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Retro Farms: A Cutting Edge Multichain Yield Optimizer

UniFarm is excited to collaborate with Retro Farms, enabling long-term incentives for $pQBERT token holders.

Users are able to stake their $UFARM – pQBERT LP tokens and farm multiple other tokens as rewards for staying staked in this Thunder Farm.

Retro Farms is a fantastic partner of UniFarm. We’ve collaborated on numerous marketing initiatives. The project is now part of our newly launched Thunder Farms series. Today, we’d want to share more with you about this incredible project.

Introduction to Retro Farms

Retro Farms is an all-in-one shop when it comes to DeFi built around the intriguing idea of being able to leverage your digital assets in a variety of ways to ultimately improve your position in this ever-so-changing space. An idea that the development team at Retro Farms decided was up for evolution.

Retro Farms is the front and center in its very own ecosystem, incorporating trusted DeFi methods and launching various new use cases for our very tokens.

Retro’s Mission

The Retro Farms Team is committed to supporting the core idea of DEFI, automatically providing their users with an easy way to grow their yields over time automatically.

Retro Farms is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is a key difference when it comes to yield farming because of transaction fees, low costs, and fast speed. This makes it possible for regular people to participate in the DEFI space without having to pay huge transaction costs, enabling the user to participate and still make money with little to no initial investment.

Through RETRO automated compounding, everyone will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of this strategy. Their smart contracts will compound your profits for you without the need to take additional steps. Like most yield aggregators, they also use PancakeSwap and PancakeBunny since they are the most growing platforms on BSC.

RCUBEv2: A 2.0 Rebase Protocol with over 2,000% APY

The RETRO Farms ecosystem has advanced to RCUBE V2. It uses the most recent REBASE protocol technologies as well as DEFI 2.0 mechanisms.

This is referred to as the RAC Protocol or RCUBE Auto-Compounding Protocol by Retro Farms.

Holders of RCUBE can automatically stake and compound their coins by holding them in their wallets, thanks to the RAC Protocol. This intricate methodology ensures a daily ROI of at least 0.1052% or a minimum APY of 2,000%.

The RAC Protocol, like RCUBE, has a positive rebase formula that enables daily token distribution that is exactly proportional to daily rebase rewards, which must be worth at least 0.2552% of the total number of tokens in your wallet.

During each rebase period, all holders receive rebase rewards. This indicates that RCUBEV2 holders receive an annual compound interest of at least 2,000% APY based on the number of tokens in the wallet without removing any of their tokens from the wallet.

The RAC Protocol will impose a tax on every buy and sell that will support the entire rewards distribution and the protocol’s long-term functionality utilizing two external sustainability levels. The RTV and RLI (RCUBE Liquidity Injection) are these two layers (RCUBE Treasury Vault).

Buy TAX= 5%
Sell TAX= 10%

RLI: RCUBE Liquidity Injection

RLI is a part of the RAC Protocol’s external wallet. A percentage of the buy and sell trading fees that have accumulated in the RLI wallet support the algorithm that powers the RLI and supports the rewards.

In other words, the RLI parameter backs the rebase rewards distributed every 30 minutes at a rate of around 0.00424%, guaranteeing a high and consistent interest rate for RCUBE holders.

When the RCUBEv2/BNB pair supply is worth 2.5% of the total supply, RCUBEV2 implements a reliable RLI mechanism that backs rebase rewards by utilizing the trading volume fees.

How Does RCUBEv2 Work?

The Swap limit can cover the extra value produced by the rewards when the daily RLI gains are greater than or equal to the Daily ROI of all the holders.

RLI ≥ Daily ROI

If the holders’ Daily ROI is more than the daily RLI profits, the discrepancy is filled with a portion of the RTV.

RLI < Daily ROI —> RLI + RTV ≥ Daily ROI

The outcome is a self-balancing protocol that consistently provides all RCUBEv2 token holders with excellent returns over time.

$pQBERT Token Details

$pQBERT is the first farming token to generate $MATIC rewards based on $pQBERT holdings, with rewards given automatically to those who have more than 500 $pQBERT in their wallet. The new QBERT version is intended to reward those who hold it. As a result, people that have more $pQBERT will also receive more $MATIC rewards.

The properties of $pQBERT, along with the automatic buyback of RetroFarms, make it a Hyper-Deflationary coin. For the time being, $pQBERT will have an 11%* charge, with 7% going to $MATIC Rewards and being given to holders, 2% going to auto-liquidity, which will assist improve the price floor of $pQBERT, 1% going to marketing, and 1% going to RCUBE buybacks and burns.

Total Supply: 8,000,000,000/70% or roughly 5,800,000,000, exclusively accessible through their optimized yield farms.

Currently, all transfers are subject to a 7% “Native Rewards Fee,” a 2% “Marketing Fee,” and a 2% “Liquidity Fee” (given that the transferring address is not excluded from fees). The contract contains information on the transaction fees. The percentage of tokens designated for the Marketing Fee is exchanged for $MATIC and distributed in a 50/50 split to the “marketing” and “Dev” wallets whenever a threshold amount of 1,000–10,000 $QBERT is reached.

The proportion tokens obtained from the Native Reward Fee are used to support the $MATIC dividend rewards for individuals who qualify, while Liquidity Fee tokens are used to automatically provide liquidity. Every buy, sale, creation of LP Tokens, and transfer between wallets will be subject to this tax fee.

Due to tax expenses and the fact that the LP contract cannot be exempted from taxes, there is no fee for using the $pQBERT single staking pool. LP farms with $pQBERT will have increased reward distributions.

$pQBERT Tokenomics

Maximum Supply8,000,000
Initial Liquidity230,000
Initial Polygon Mint2,400,000
Cross-chain Bridge Allocation800,000
Marketing Allocation300,000

Earn Other Tokens by Staking $pQBERT

For those who wish to earn high yields on their investments and diversify their portfolio at the same time, UniFarm is the best bet in all forms.

There are several examples of users who’ve earned staggering returns by investing small in UniFarm.

What Do You Need to Do?

For the tokens you’ve purchased using a decentralized exchange, you need to transfer those tokens to your MetaMask wallet and stake those tokens in UniFarm.

You will earn a minimum of 80% APY, which can go up to 400% APY maximum (when purchasing a booster pack), which is a win-win for investors.

You can follow this How to Stake guide to learn the staking process.

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