Progress Recap: UniFarm, September 2021

August was a good start, and we have seen it in our last Progress Recap for August 2021.

Well, a lot has happened in the month of September.

So, many milestones were hit, valuable AMA’s took place, and the major highlight of the month was, of course, UniFarm’s first Dual Farm.

As recorded on September 2021, the Total Value Locked in UniFarm crossed $35 million.

September was an exciting month, and in the same spirit, here’s our Progress Recap for September 2021.

UniFarm Cohort 21 | Polygon

In the month of September, we launched 4 farms on UniFarm.

UniFarm Cohort 21 was launched on Polygon Network.

The response we received for this cohort was massive, that $EZ became 100% full in a short while.

Where $EZ pool is 100% full, $WHIRL pool is 90.90% filled already, and $SING is still offering up to 250% APY to new investors.

UniFarm Conclave 4

We’ve had 3 UniFarm Conclaves so far and distributed more than $4000 worth of tokens as airdrop for celebrating the three events.

The response was massive again that we are pleased to introduce you to our 4th UniFarm Conclave.

We had a lot of fun discussing the “Defining and Detecting Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dumps” in UniFarm Conclave 4, where UniFarmers joined us from across the world on our socials, and we distributed $1500 worth of tokens as an airdrop.

UniFarm Ambassador Program Re-opens

The UniFarm Ambassador Program is re-opens. We invite you to come and build the future of DeFi with us.

We’re now accepting entries for the ambassador program for a limited time.

UniFarm Master AMA

UniFarm brought together the project in UniFarm Cohort 19 and 21. There was a $1000 airdrop given to winners

UniFarm Cohort 22 | Ethereum

We launched UniFarm Ccohort 22 with $HAKA, $DVC, $SKYRIM and $UFARM.

UniFarm Cohort 23 | Binance Network

UniFarm Cohort 23 was launched on Binance Network.

The response we received for this cohort was massive, that $MANGA became 100% full in a short while.

We took to Twitter to congratulate the project.

UniFarm’s First Dual Farm

We are super thrilled to have launched our first Dual Farm with Creator Platform and UniFarm in the coming days on the Ethereum network.

This farm offers up to 400% APY and will last for 60 days.

Second Buyback of $UFARM and $ORO Tokens

We had announced our Buyback and Lock program for both $UFARM and $ORO tokens earlier this year. We completed the first buyback of $UFARM and $ORO tokens successfully in June.

According to UniFarm’s whitepaper, every quarter, we utilize 25% of UniFarm’s revenue to buyback $UFARM and $ORO tokens and lock them for a year.

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the 2nd buyback of $UFARM and $ORO tokens, and it’s bigger than the first buyback we had in June 2021.

As promised, here are the transaction details of the second Buyback.

Partnership with ICO Pantera

UniFarm is thrilled to announce a partnership with the ICO Pantera, a leading growth accelerator in Korea.

This collaboration will play a vital role in bringing promising DeFi projects with great potential to our platform.


This week UniFarm was part of the biggest Metaverse virtual event on Polygon—Polycon 2021! 3 Days of action-packed thought leadership, and networking. We were in conversation with Top DeFi projects in the ecosystem. It was truly exciting for UniFarm to be part of the gamified version of a DeFi summit.


Hope you enjoyed keeping track of all things that happened in the month of August. Stay tuned, a lot is underway for September!

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