Progress Recap: A Look At UniFarm in October 2021

We hope you had a lovely Halloween with your loved ones.

We have successfully closed the last month. Now, it’s time to do a recap and present to you what we have accomplished in this fruitful December. With this monthly recap, we wish to bring you up to speed on what is new in UniFarm’s development in technology, community building, and team expansion.

UniFarm Cohort 25 | BSC

In the month of October, we launched 2 farms on UniFarm.

UniFarm Cohort 25 was launched on Binance Network.

The response we received for this cohort was massive, with $RAZE token leading the path with a 93.75% pool filled.

Where $RAZE pool is about to be full anytime soon, $BCP pool is 47.73% filled already.

UniFarm Cohort 24

We launched UniFarm Cohort 24 with $pQBERT, $QUICK, $KOM, $ISP, and $UFARM on Polygon Network.

$UFARM Listed on DappRadar

$UFARM has officially been listed on DappRadar, a dApp aggregator for all things DeFi.

$UFARM is stoked to be in the ranked league of Blockchain apps.

$UFARM Listed on Dapp

After a successful listing of $UFARM token on DappRadar, we got listed on another decentralized platform named

GITEX Technology Week

In October, team UniFarm attended GITEX Technology week 2021 (17-21 October 2021) where we brought our next-gen DeFi Staking solution to Dubai. UniFarm was a part of TDeFi x Future Blockchain Summit where:

TDeFi BizThon: Panel Discussion

On October 18, our COO and Co-Founder, Tarusha Mittal, was a part of an engaging panel discussion on the theme ‘Pathway to Adoption.’ She was accompanied by a distinguished all-women panel including Kimberly Adams, Natasha Pabla, Yarden Tamari, Firdosh Sheikh, and Zhanna Manzyk.

$UFARM Token Listing on Centralized Exchange

$UFARM Listing

After the successful listing of $UFARM on DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), including PancakeSwapUniswap, and Defyn Network, we are now pleased and excited to announce that $UFARM is now listed on the MEXC Global exchange.

Chat Ninja Event

UniFarm Chat Mining

UniFarm is progressively heading towards the Future of Farming. Since we began our journey earlier this year, we’ve had 70+ projects with us participating in UniFarm Cohorts on all networks.

We’ve always taken the necessary steps to take the community along with us by providing them with diversified staking options and rewards.

As one more step towards the betterment of our community, this time, we’ve come up with a new rewarding opportunity that requires just ONE, SIMPLE task – Chat with Us.

UniFarmers, as part of the event, were rewarded with $UFARM tokens.

UniFarm Korea Community

As we are progressing at a fast pace, we’re taking every single step to make UniFarm available for the maximum number of users.

As part of the UniFarm outreach program, we created a telegram group, especially for the Korean Community.

A Glimpse of New UniFarm Dashboard

Take a glimpse of our new and upcoming UniFarm Dashboard.

UniFarm Medium

We are excited to inform everyone that UniFarm is now on Medium. If you wish to keep track of our latest blogs on cryptocurrency, then Medium can be your go-to source.

UniFarm on Reddit

Our journey has been incredible so far, and we appreciate you being a part of this.

We have started a new chapter for UniFarm by joining Reddit.

UniFarm is ready to take off with Reddit Community. Let’s build a strong community together on Reddit.

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So far this has been an amazing ride, and the entire team here at UniFarm by OroPocket could not be more thankful for our community’s support.

Thank you so much. Onwards and upwards!

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