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Playcent: Web3 Layer for DApps, Games, NFTs, and Social Tokens

UniFarm is excited to collaborate with Playcent for the 2nd time, enabling long-term incentives for $PCNT token holders.

Users are able to stake their $PCNT tokens and farm multiple other tokens as rewards for staying staked in our first Thunder Farm.

Playcent has consistently been a fantastic partner for UniFarm. We’ve collaborated on numerous marketing initiatives. The project was part of one of our earliest UniFarm Cohorts.  Today, we’d want to share more with you about this incredible project.

Introduction to Playcent

Playcent is a decentralized web application platform for dapps, games, NFTs, and social tokens. This multichain protocol takes advantage of the remix culture and gives you the freedom to design, create, maintain, and monetize your online presence.

Playcent has created a library of templates. Most of these games are easy and enjoyable, including Flappy Bird and Match 3. In addition to games, Playcent has created mini-apps that let users remix and make interactive messages, memes, quizzes, and other content.

Principal Elements of the Playcent Platform

  1. Playcent Editor: Launch dapps, games, and NFTs in minutes with no code or low code interfaces.
  2. NFT Exchange: For minting and trading NFTs.
  3. Creator Kit: It is a Blockchain Infrastructure for social money.
  4. Playcent X: E-sports SDK to introduce games with real money.
  5. Wallet & PlaycentPay: Gasless microtransactions and in-app purchases.

Polygon: Playcent’s Blockchain Layer

Playcent is an ethereum-based platform that runs on Polygon. The platform originally selected Ethereum in 2019 due to the network’s popularity among developers and its speedy MVP development. As time went on, it became apparent that scaling a blockchain UGC Platform based only on Ethereum would not be feasible.

Thus, they chose Polygon as their scaling solution due to the following reasons:

Low Fees

Provides fast and secure transactions at a much lower cost on Polygon sidechains with finality achieved on the mainchain.

High Performance

Unlike the Ethereum network, where transactions get congested, this helps accomplish up to 10,000 transactions per second on a single sidechain.

Open & Decentralized

Polygon sidechains are permissionless and public in nature.

Easy Deployment

Since Polygon is the Ethereum sidechain, existing Ethereum contracts can be easily deployed on Polygon. This removes the barrier that comes up when building new chains.

Developer Support & Community

In addition to having one of the busiest communities in the blockchain industry, Polygon provides developers with a comprehensive set of development tools and unmatched technical support.

Playcent Raised $1M To Build a UGC Platform for DApps, Games, and NFTs

Playcent has successfully closed the private and seed rounds with support from industry leaders.

The funding rounds involved the participation of leading industry players and investors, including Ferrum Advisory Services, Chronos Ventures, Psquare Capital, 18 Ventures, Moondot Capital, Blocksync Ventures, Phoenix VC, Moonwhale Ventures, Lotus Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, and others.

Image Source: Playcent

Their strategic partners and investors have helped Playcent further expand its opportunities in the crypto and NFT space.

People Behind Playcent

The Playcent team members have extensive experience in product, technology, and business.

Image Source: Playcent

Sandeep Sudagani: CEO

Sandeep is the company’s leader and is involved in all important decisions, from marketing to technology to products. He has been utilizing blockchain technology since the beginning of 2017 and has a sizable network of gaming and blockchain connections.

Jay Kishan: CTO

Jay is in charge of Playcent’s technical strategy and engineering operations, as well as leading the engineering team. He formerly worked at Maximl as a senior software engineer.

Ian M. Friend: Strategic Advisor

Co-Founder & COO at Ferrum Network

Mohit Madan: Strategic Advisor

Co-Founder & CEO at UniFarm

Project Roadmap

Many people have inquired about Playcent’s future prospects, or at the very least, the company’s strategy. Here are some noteworthy ideas and activities that have taken place.

Q1 2020: Playcent development started – done

Q2 2020: Playcent Editor ( cloud IDE and visual interfaces development ) – done

Q3 2020: Playcent beta – done

Q4 2020: Playcent testnet token integration

Q1 2021: Play to earn launch, Social money blockchain infrastructure, Wallet and payment gateway, Staking dashboard

Q2 2021: NFT marketplace beta, SDK to convert apps to dapps, Playcent social network integration

Q3 2021: Playcent Esports SDK, Playcent iOS/Android Apps beta

Q4 2021: Playcent X Esports platform beta

Playcent Token Details

The Playcent ecosystem, which exists on both the Polygon and Ethereum chains, uses $PCNT as its governance token. When the governance module is launched, $PCNT serves as a governance token in addition to being utilized as a base ecosystem payment currency and a means of staking in the system. $PCNT holders can claim rewards if they stake their tokens, participate in key governance votes, play games, and use user-generated content initiatives.

Through $PCNT, Playcent has gradually evolved into a community-owned Decentralized Organization. This process occurs as $PCNT is distributed among users.

$PCNT doesn’t, in any way, represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in any Company, Distributor, their respective affiliates, enterprise, or undertaking. Nor does $PCNT entitle token holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits, or investment returns. They are not intended to constitute securities in Singapore or any relevant jurisdiction.

$PCNT may only be utilized in the Playcent ecosystem, and ownership of $PCNT has no rights other than the rights to use $PCNT to enable usage of and interaction within the Playcent ecosystem.

$PCNT Token Utility

  1. Governance, where token holders choose on things like emissions, distribution, upvotes, etc.
  2. In-app currency for all the dapps & games.
  3. Early access to games for token holders and other premium services.
  4. Subscriptions and asset marketplace transactions will be charged in $PCNT tokens.
  5. Rewards are distributed to consumers, developers, and creators in $PCNT tokens.

$PCNT Distribution Model

Private 19%
Private 28.5%
Public Sale4%
Play Mining15%
Staking & Early Incentives Rewards8%
Exchange Liquidity4%

Vesting Schedule

Seed10% at TGE, 15% unlock every month (2-7 months)
Private 115% at TGE, 20% for month 2,3,4 and 25% for month 5
Private 220% at TGE, 20% month 2, 30% for month 3 & 4
Public SaleNo Lock
Play Mining3 months lock, 4% unlock each month
Reserve6 months lock, 4% unlock every month
Staking & Early Incentives Rewards1-month lock, 10% unlock every month
Team1 year fully locked, 5% every month after
Operations10% unlock, month 4 onwards
Advisors10% for months 2 to 13
Marketing/Partners10% monthly, starting month 4 onwards

Playcent Token Sale Details & Economic Model

Total Token Supply60,000,000 PCNT
Initial Circulating Supply Without Liquidity4,800,000 (8%)
Initial Market Cap without Liquidity$576,000
Public Sale Hard Cap$288,000
Public Sale Allocation2,400,000 PCNT (4%)
Public Sale Token Price$0.120
Public Sale Vesting PeriodNo lock
Private 1 Sale Hard Cap$351,000
Private Sale 1 Allocation5,400,000 PCNT (9%)
Private Sale 1 Token Price$0.065
Private Sale 1 Vesting Period15% at TGE, 20% for month 2,3,4 and 25% for month 5
Private Sale 2 Hard Cap$459,000
Private Sale 2 Allocation5,100,000 PCNT (8.5%)
Private Sale 2 Token Price$0.090
Private Sale 2 Vesting Period20% at TGE, 20% month 2, 30% for month 3 & 4
Seed Round Hard Cap$256,500
Seed Round Allocation5,700,000 PCNT (9.5%)
Seed Round Token Price$0.045
Seed Round Vesting Period10% at TGE, 15% unlock every month (2-7 months)
Token TypeERC-20
Hard Cap$1,354,500

Earn Other Tokens by Staking $PCNT

For those who wish to earn high yields on their investments and diversify their portfolio at the same time, UniFarm is the best bet in all forms.

There are several examples of users who’ve earned staggering returns by investing small in UniFarm.

What Do You Need to Do?

For the tokens you’ve purchased using a decentralized exchange, you need to transfer those tokens to your MetaMask wallet and stake those tokens in UniFarm.

You will earn a minimum of 60% APY, which can go up to 400% APY maximum (when purchasing a booster pack), which is a win-win for investors.

You can follow this How to Stake guide to learn the staking process.

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