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Picipo: A Unified NFT Management Platform on Layer 2

Picipo is a unified NFT management platform and marketplace built on commit-chain by Polygon. Users can use the Picipo platform to create NFTs by selecting their preferred monetization model. The platform extends beyond the online market and the crypto society to address the inherent problems of the fiat market. Thus, Picipo is a place where anyone, even those unfamiliar with blockchain technology, can easily create, buy, sell, and leverage NFTs through its user-friendly interface that combines various NFT + DeFi tools and mechanics.

Why Picipo?

The Picipo platform will be dedicated to the production, discovery, trade/distribution, and leveraging of non-fungible tokens. They’ve added a slew of new and creative features, including NFT as a transaction and content delivery method. However, once the platform is in place, their team will begin focusing on allowing users to extract value from their owned NFTs beyond just ownership, and then they will continue their development in the direction of the community-centered DAO.

Empowering Creation

The Picipo platform intends to provide all developers with a set of NFT minting tools that may be used for any type of distribution.

Ethereum Fees

Is Ethereum’s high fee structure a concern for the NFT space? Both yes and no. On the one hand, a high commission acts as a natural barrier for openly low-quality artworks and artworks with little artistic or social worth; on the other hand, high gas prices act as an unfair barrier for many young artists with bright vision and aesthetic realisation.

Picipo team has conducted technical study in order to fix this problem as efficiently as feasible for the entire market for the time being.

Expand Discovery

The primary method of locating NFTs on the market will be through discovery. Exploring the marketplace and locating relevant NFTs should be simple, intuitive, and, most importantly, enjoyable for the community.

Facilitating Trade

Users can safely deal with their NFTs on the Picipo platform via a variety of trade options once they have built their NFTs or located the NFT of their dreams. Traders will have a variety of transaction alternatives to reduce stress and increase earnings.

Leveraging NFTs

Picipo acknowledges the enormous future potential of NFTs and plans to develop internally as well as work with existing community projects to generate value from tokenized content. A marketplace by itself can substantially facilitate the circulation of new material, but an ecosystem will provide global benefits to all NFT holders and creators.

Picipo Key Features

Anyone can apply for decentralised moderation on Picipo and, if accepted, mint NFTs on the platform. Picipo is the first NFT project with such a system, according to their team!

Each submission is reviewed by a panel of artists that include community leaders, influential collectors, and brilliant artists.

To receive a good result, each application must receive at least 50% of the votes.

There are a few different ideas for NFT marketplaces right now.

  1. Become a trash heap by being receptive to any and all content.
  2. Implement the invite system and receive a barrage of criticism from the community for the corruption that this system has spawned.
  3. Conduct centralized moderation and, once again, receive a negative response due to a lack of well defined assessment standards.

They’ve chosen a path: to establish an NFT project with high-quality content, and over time, the mere presence of NFT on Picipo will boost the value of this artwork.

As a result, it is critical that the professional community conducts the verification procedure for each artwork.

Decentralized moderation is their first step and the first test bed for establishing a DAO for artists.

Picipo’s Advisory Board


In the galaxy, he is a well-known collector. Keeper of an extensive collection of artworks, antiquities, and statues. He guides us and offers essential things that will allow Picipo to become a truly demanded product on the market, as a top-3 NFT collector on Rarible and an author of dozens of artworks.

Kevin Abdulrahman

Fortune 500 corporations hire him as a motivational keynote speaker. Founders, CEOs, and international leaders hire me as a public speaking coach. Some of the top crypto projects in the NFT/Gaming market have enlisted my help as a trusted advisor. He’s renowned as “The Man Who Inspires Millions,” and he’s spoken to audiences on five continents with his credo “Get Inspired, Get Informed, and Get Going.”


Author of dozens of books on ICO and blockchain themes, inventor of the 4T rating system, founder of the school of blockchain philosophy and distributed systems philosophy, member of the Russian blockchain association, founder of Synergis, and co-founder of the White Guardians community. He has experience with DeFi mechanisms and DAO in the real world.

Mikhael Jerlis

Founder of Eastern Europe’s largest Bitcoin mining pool, NFT collector, and owner of the 11th part of Pokras Lampas’ Calligraphuturism Manifesto, “23” (one of five copies) by Misha Libertee, Meta Girl by Meta Rite, and ARTRANSFORM by Alexander Asterra.

“In the era of consumption dictated by popular culture, digital art is wasteless and immaterial,” he declares. When I purchase an artwork, I am not only purchasing an NFT, but I am also contributing to a green digital space where everyone can monetize their work.”

Project Roadmap

For the time being, Picipo has wisely assessed its capabilities and market needs, and has thus established a roadmap for the Picipo platform’s development. Their team has identified three primary stages, which we will now go over in greater detail.

Stage 1. Launch of the platform with basic functionality + social tools and mechanics + fiat gateways.

This occurred in October 2021, and it is critical to debug decentralised moderation, conduct a secondary custdev among the first users for usability, test the operability of all elements of the platform, teach users how to communicate within the platform, and teach how to use the Polygon and Ethereum tools at this stage.

They recognise that a user-friendly interface is critical for widespread adoption, therefore they’ve already invested a significant amount of work in making it as user-friendly as possible.

Stage 2. This stage can be conditionally divided into the following parallel processes (from November to January 2022):

A) Implementation of the utility token.

B) Closed testing and debugging of the DeFi + NFT environment.

C) Aggregation of game and art NFTs of various standards on the platform, partnering with game projects.

D) Closed testing of the Picipo DAO.

Stage 3. This stage can be divided into the following elements (from January to March 2022):

A) Implementing improvements for the platform based on the opinion of Picipeople.

B) Launching DeFi + NFT protocol with already delivered liquidity.

C) Launching DAO to serve platform’s moderation and liquidity delivery verification for the DeFi protocol.

Picipo Investors

Any idea is just an idea, but with enough backing, it may blossom into something spectacular!

Picipo is going through the same thing. We’ve grown from a small group of like-minded people with a wonderful idea into something bigger and, perhaps, grander. The initiative is now supported by a huge number of funders, influencers, and communities, and it is expanding and evolving as a result.

As a result, we’d like to share the names of people who believed in Picipo’s vision from the beginning and accelerated Picipo’s development.

Among their early backers are a number of well-known names, each of whom has already brought value to the initiative.

MoonWhale, DuckDAO, Master Ventures, Magnus Capital, Exnetworkcapital, Dutch Crypto Investors, CAKoin Capital, EMCD, FERA, Chainstride Capital, Vision fund, Futerio, CyberFi, Blockandinavia, MIH Ventures, Follow the Seed, StaFi Protocol, Moonhunters, IBC, Basics Capital, Netzero Capital, PolkaFoundry, Truepnl, Tokenova, BMW Capital, UNIFARM, etc.

$PICIPO Token Utility

Picipo is beginning to incorporate the Picipo token into the platform, taking the initial steps toward transferring ownership to the community, in order to fully use the potential of WEB 3.0.

Social Mechanics

Picipo will allow its users to communicate directly on the platform; users will be able to send direct messages to any other user, organise group chats on various themes, comment on artworks, form partnerships, and make bids to buy out an NFT that is not for sale, among other things. Users will have access to all of this capability through packages, which can be obtained using the $PICIPO tokens.

Advertising on the platform

It is becoming more and more challenging for NFT producers to stand out on marketplaces every day. Some people utilise wash trading to produce bogus NFT history, while others use active social media advertising campaigns. Within marketplaces, the community urgently lacks the option of paid promotion.

Picipo believes that early installation of an AD cabinet on their platform might, in theory, revolutionise the way NFTs are marketed. This would ensure that advertising resources are directed away from tiny, non-professional players and toward professional marketers who can save money.

All earnings from advertising artworks on the platform will be used to replenish the Artist Foundation, with monies going toward promoting NFTs outside the platform based on the needs of professional Foundation members.

Special Projects

The community expressed a strong desire for Picipo to develop NFT initiatives in the areas of games, art, and music. At the same time, they require their own marketing campaign, not just within the confines of any marketplace, but as a stand-alone project with the capability of a full-fledged content presentation.

NFT Special Projects are compilations of NFTs that focus on a single subject. A different landing page is used, although it is still part of the Picipo ecosystem.

Anyone can contact the Picipo team, and we will put together a unique project for them.

You do not need to spend anything, but you must purchase and keep $PICIPO tokens in your wallet.

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