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OwlDAO: Integrating Traditional Crypto Casinos with the New DeFi World

OwlDAO is the most popular Web 3.0 crypto casino solution. The OWL token offers indefinite buyback from casino profits, as well as auto-liquidity and staking benefits, thanks to partnerships with major protocols.

OwlDAO is backed by Owl Games, a major Ethereum-based casino solution provider. OwlDAO benefits the Owl Games by ongoing collaborations and expansions, which fosters community growth and, as a result, boosts the casino’s revenue. Owl Games has pledged a monthly contribution of 30% of profits to the OWLDAO treasury in order to support the development of the OwlDAO ecosystem. Those funds are used to finance Owl Pools, reward the token holders, and sustain the OwlDAO ecosystem.

Why OwlDAO?

OwlDAO integrates the world’s traditional casinos into the Web 3.0 space. Not only this, but it helps other crypto projects build their own custom casinos in the DeFi world, offering fast payments and anonymity for crypto people.

$OWL holders are getting dividends from all the casinos in the OwlDAO ecosystem and Owl.Games, its main casino, is contributing a portion of its revenue to support OwlDAO. This results in increasing the price of the $OWL Token.

OwlDAO Key Features

Users who buy $10 of $OWL tokens will also receive $50 in Owl.Games to play all their favorite games.

Besides, one can also play at Owl.Games, using their $OWL Token, and get special rewards and benefits.

$OWL Tokenomics

OwlDAO’s $OWL token is a #SafeMoon type of governance token that can be found on Polygon and BSC Networks. OwlDAO wants to build the future of crypto gaming by allocating the world’s largest DAO-directed treasury, partnering with top protocols, and allocating the world’s largest DAO-directed treasury.

The live $OWL price, at the time of writing, is $0.010536 with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,165.51. The token currently ranks #6241 and has a maximum token supply of 5,000,000,000 OWL coins.

  • $OWL token is an integral part of the $OWL community. The team pledges 0.2%* of Total Volume into $OWL to build the $OWL token ecosystem.
  • Currently, the contribution is for buyback and sponsoring the $OWL staking pool each month.
  • $OWL is a cross-chain token. Users can freely bridge the $OWL token via the OWL.Game website.
  • $OWL token charges a 10% transfer fee. All the tax will be used for auto liquidity providing.

Token Utility

Staking: At the time of writing, the $OWL pool is giving out 59% APR in $BUSD.

The Bridge: The $OWL Token is available on 3 chains, including BSC, Polygon, and Fantom.

Token Allocation

Sale: 13%

Initial Liquidity: 2%

Bridge Locked: 20%

Team: 30%

Ecosystem: 5%

In-Game Treasury: 30%

Earn Other Tokens by Staking $OWL

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