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OmniWhirl Helps You Preserve Your Privacy on Public Blockchain

UniFarm is excited to collaborate with OmniWhirl (previously known as PolyWhirl) for UniFarm Cohort 26, enabling long-term incentives for $WHIRL token holders.

Users are able to stake their $WHIRL and farm multiple other tokens as rewards for staying staked in the cohort.

Within 7 days’ time, the $WHIRL pool got 27.97% filled and has progressed to 42.86% so far, showing a really amazing move as a quality project in UniFarm Cohort 26.

What is OmniWhirl?

In the simplest term, OmniWhirl is a completely decentralized platform known for making multi-chain private transactions.

What does that mean exactly?

Blockchain is a revolution in itself. It has made it possible to earn smart passive income on your funds in various ways –

  • Lending your funds.
  • Investing in new startups.
  • Doing high-frequency trading on Decentralized exchanges.

This is all done without a custodian.

But, there’s something people are turning a blind eye to. Everything is recorded on the chain of blocks, which anyone can use to analyze the behavior of any particular person using his/her wallet address.

The funds you move from your account to another are actually leaving a trace behind, posing a risk if your wallet addresses and identity are somehow connected.

That’s the problem OmniWhirl solves like a PRO. Their unique, non-custodial, and completely decentralized protocol allows you to regain your privacy, making your transactions PRIVATE on the public blockchain.

The Long and Short

To avoid linking wallets, you can make private transactions on the chain. It allows you to transfer funds to a completely new address without revealing the identity associated with your previous wallets.

How Does OmniWhirl Maintain Complete Privacy On-chain?

OmniWhirl enables you to de-link your wallets (and thus your identity) by simply breaking the on-chain linkage between the two wallets to which you transfer funds. It accepts tokens in fixed amounts and generates a secret key for you, allowing you to redeem your tokens in a completely different wallet address!

Because these secret keys are not stored on-chain at the time of deposit, there is no way to link the address used to withdraw the tokens to the one that deposited them — ensuring complete privacy on-chain!

The Process

The procedure can be described as a combination of the two — depositing and withdrawing funds.


When a user deposits funds, he or she generates a secret key. The hash of the secret key is then stored on-chain, along with the fixed number of tokens sent to the contract. As a result, this is referred to as a commitment claimable by another account or the secret key holder.


When it comes to withdrawals, all they ask is that the user presents the secret key they generated, thereby validating an unsettled commitment from the contract. This commitment must be valid and unused, and once verified by the smart contract, the funds are returned to the claimer’s account. The hash of the secret key can’t be traced back to the original deposit using zk-SNARK proofs, thus decoupling the accounts of depositor and withdrawer accounts!

If the withdrawing account doesn’t have enough $MATIC to cover the cost of the gas, our integration with relay providers, such as Biconomy, allows you to withdraw your tokens without having to worry about obtaining tokens for the gas!

The Strategic Investors of OmniWhirl

Grizzly Capital

Grizzly Capital team started as early as 2013 in the crypto space and has been active ever since. By following the space throughout the years – No matter if bear or bull – they’ve gained valuable insights about successful launches, market dynamics, and most importantly: common mistakes. Speaking to them provides you with the services you need and the experience you didn’t think you need.


At Nodeseeds, they invest in seed rounds and private presales, 40% of our revenues are used to buy&burn NDS. Thus, they give the money back to their community.


PolyStarter is a decentralized accelerator specialized in Polygon (MATIC) based project development. Their aim is to incubate and launch quality, fresh and innovative projects (Initial Dex Offerings) that can maximize the value and gains they provide to our investors and community members.

Chainflow Capital

Chainflow Capital is a collective of blockchain analysts leveraging massive investment networks and deep market knowledge to back category winners.

Oracles Investment Group

OIG provides one of a kind platform for Crypto Project teams to raise capital, grow supporters, and Crypto Investors to take part in promising projects.

Halvings Capital

Many of the projects Halvings Capital invests in belong to the world of DeFi. CeFi is the future of banks, DeFi is the future of CeFi. They invest in DeFi before everyone else.

ARKN Ventures

ARKN Ventures is a Blockchain Advisory Service. Based in London, but with a global reach, they work with projects that they feel will be hugely valuable to the future of the space.

OmniWhirl Future Roadmap

While the project has done very well throughout the year 2021, be it the Token IDO, Mainnet BETA Launch, several Token Pool Initiations, DAO Launch, etc., they have some really interesting events happing in 2022.

Q1, 2022:

  • Cross chain private transactions
  • Trusted Setup Ceremony

Q2, 2022:

  • Full decentralization of the protocol and admin keys burn

OmniWhirl’s Token $WHIRL

OmniWhirl’s goal is to create a completely decentralized private transaction ecosystem on which users can rely indefinitely. To get them started on the path to complete decentralization and autonomy, the project has introduced its native token, called $WHIRL.

The token enables the protocol to implement a novel mechanism for $WHIRL stakers to earn rewards via pool fees, a fee burn mechanism, and governance.

Token Fundamentals

Pool Fee Rewards & Buyback Burning

80% of all pool fees will be given back to all the $WHIRL token holders. 20% of the pool will be used to buyback and burn the tokens.

Liquidity Incentive

The early liquidity providers will accumulate $WHIRL to incentivize them to bootstrap liquidity in the pool for increased anonymity. The longer you lock the liquidity, the more the rewards you will earn.

Upcoming DAO

$WHIRL will soon be used to govern the project using a DAO, with the tokens acting as the voting rights. The voting rights will be proportionate to the number of tokens a user holds.


The total supply of the $WHIRL token is 10,000,000.

OmniWhirl has put a lot of effort while designing the tokenomics of the $WHIRL token to ensure fair distribution as well as decentralization of the protocol.

According to OmniWhirl’s official announcement, there will ever be a total number of 10,000,000 $WHIRL tokens. The division of the total supply is as follows:

Private Sale for VCs

10% at $0.10 divided equally among ten selected VCs. AFTER A THOROUGH REVIEW, these VC funds are chosen to ensure that they only allocate to VCs with genuine intentions and who share OmniWhirl’s vision.

Vesting Period:

  • 10% on TGE (Token Generation Event).
  • 15% every month for the next 6 months.

Private Sale

10% at $0.10 divided equally among ten selected VCs. AFTER A THOROUGH REVIEW, these VC funds are chosen to ensure that they only allocate to VCs with genuine intentions and who share OmniWhirl’s vision.

Vesting Period:

  • 10% on TGE (Token Generation Event).
  • 15% every month for the next 6 months.

Public Sale

25% token supply at $0.15 was allocated as per Launchpad tiers.

Vesting Period:

  • 15% on TGE (Token Generation Event).
  • 14.17% every month for the next 6 months.

Team Reserves

The team will receive 20% of the entire supply, which will be distributed according to the following vesting schedule. For the first three months, the team will not earn any unlocked tokens, which is the expected timescale for launching a working beta of the product.

Vesting Period:

  • No token unlock for the first 3 months.
  • 16.67% every month for the next 6 months.

Ecosystem Reserves

10% of the overall supply will be put into ecosystem reserves, which will be utilized for future partnerships, product development, and as emergency cash in the event of an unanticipated event. To ensure fair supply emission, they will be vested on the same schedule as the VCs’ supply.

Vesting Period:

  • 10% on TGE (Token Generation Event).
  • 15% every month for the next 6 months.

How to Buy/Stake $WHIRL Token?

There’s no denying that the project has a lot of potential and is meant to make a mark in the DeFi world. With a project of so much good scope in the near future, the token prize is meant to skyrocket anytime soon.

It is a wise choice to buy and hold a good amount of $WHIRL tokens to secure your future and diversify your investment portfolio by staking them and earning them back along with other top-quality project tokens on a revolutionary group farming protocol – UniFarm.

To make the process easier, we have created a simple buying and staking guide, following which you can easily buy and stake $WHIRL tokens.

$WHIRL is part of UniFarm Cohort 26 on Polygon Network. This was the second time the token participated in this unique staking and farming pool.

By staking $WHIRL token in UniFarm pool, users can expect an APY of 250%.

UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.

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