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NFT4Play: A P2E iGaming Platform with Multi-layered Rewards

NFT4Play is a P2E (Play2Earn) iGaming platform that requires players to use $4PLAY tokens to play and power up NFT cards. Players can participate in P2P (Peer-to-Peer) duals, tournaments, and leagues and play side bets against each other.

The platform is designed around the Play-to-Earn concept, whereby players are rewarded for being part of the ecosystem as well as for engaging constructively.

The NFT4Play Gaming Solution

The NFT4Play solution consists of 3 high-level key components:

1. Membership

Players become members by depositing stablecoin into the Membership Pool. Members will receive a number of benefits and rewards based on the size of their pool contribution. Players can cease to be a member at any time by withdrawing their funds from the pool.

2. NFT Card Games

Each game type will have an associated deck of NFT cards. For instance, to participate in a game of football, you will need to have NFT cards from the Football Deck.

Games will be engaging and consist of sports as well as fantasy games.

Players will be able to compete in tournaments, leagues, and duals for prizes and will be able to bet against each other.

3. NFT Card Farming

There are two main methods of acquisition of NFT playing cards; purchase and mining via membership. Once acquired, NFT cards can be improved by feeding them 4PLAY tokens and locking them up for a period of time.

Cards will be tradable on the secondary market, enabling players to build their perfect teams for competitions.

The Creative Team of NFT4Play

NFT4Play was founded by a group of highly qualified experts, entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, game designers, and crypto enthusiasts with experience in a variety of fields.

Project Roadmap

Many people have inquired what NFT4Play’s future holds, or at the very least, what the plan is. Here are some significant ideas and activities that are yet to take place.

Q1 2022

  • Token distribution
  • Distribution of Legendary NFTs
  • DEX or CEX listing
  • Staking and mining
  • First NFT game live
  • NFT rollout event

Q2 2022

  • Tournaments
  • Additional games
  • Sports tipster service

Q3 2022

  • eSports leagues
  • 3rd party games

$4PLAY Token Utility

The $4PLAY token is at the heart of the NFT4Play ecosystem. It will be required by players and game developers to make use of the platform. Since NFT4Play is a high transaction environment, the currently only exists on BSC Network for a lower gas fee and higher performance.

The utility of the token includes:


Players will be the main users of $4PLAY tokens. Their primary mechanism of acquiring $4PLAY tokens will be via exchanges. Only very low-level mining opportunities will be made available to small $4PLAY token holders.

  • Pay-to-Play: Each game will require a nominal fee in the form of $4PLAY tokens. Some events (e.g. tournaments) will require $4PLAY buy-in.
  • Purchase NFTs: While NFTs will be mined by members, they will be able to augment packs by purchasing additional NFTs with $4PLAY tokens. Most of the cards can easily be acquired with a very low amount of $4PLAY tokens. However, a few of them are highly valued.
  • Powerup NFTs: All NFTs will initially be sold with low statistics. In order to increase the ability of their cards, players will need to pay $4PLAY tokens and lockup their cards.

$4PLAY Investors

Community members who hold significant reserves of $4PLAY tokens will be the main source of $4PLAY tokens for players. In addition, they will be able to influence decisions on the network.

  • Governance: DAO proposals are voted on using the $4PLAY token holders who are staking on hosted nodes. In order to ensure the stability, the foundation will set initial parameters which will be transitioned to the DAO over time.
  • Hosted Nodes: $4PLAY tokens can be staked and will be rewarded with $4PLAY yields. The foundation has made an allocation of Staking and Liquidity Provision $4PLAY tokens to support this. Staking on hosted nodes will be via lots or have a minimum staking amount.


After the platform has stabilized, 3rd party development will be enabled.

  • Game Hosting Fees: This fee will be charged in $4PLAY tokens.
  • NFT Minting Fees: NFT cards that are used in 3rd party games will attract minting fees due to foundation.

Token Distribution and Vesting

A total of 888,000,888 $4PLAY tokens will be minted on BSC. $4PLAY token will initially be acquired through a private token sale aimed at bringing partners and supporters into the NFT4Play community.

NFT4Play is raising $1 million from Seed, Private, and Public funding rounds. The remainder of the $4PLAY tokens will be managed by the NFT4Play foundation.

This table provides the summary of sale conditions for each round:

All private sale rounds and foundation-managed tokens have vesting schedules.

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