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NFT Whitelist: Best Tips to Get On One!

Did you join the Discord community of your favorite NFT project? Did you fulfill all the basic criteria for qualifying for the NFT whitelist and still didn’t get a spot? We can feel the pain! Passing the steps to enter a whitelist isn’t enough to actually save a spot. Sometimes, you have to do more to show your support for the NFT project. So, what are these magical tricks to get whitelisted? Below are given the most effective tips to get whitelisted for the upcoming NFT project. 

What is an NFT Whitelist?

NFT Whitelist is the list of special wallet addresses that are allowed to mint their NFTs on the blockchain before the NFTs are actually launched for the normal public. Whitelisting is an excellent way for both the NFT project and the users to benefit from the NFTs. While for users, whitelisting helps them to fight the gas fee wars and mint their NFTs at the desired time, for projects, NFT whitelisting helps them to identify true supporters of the project and create a genuine community of followers around it. 

We have discussed the benefits of whitelisting with respect to projects here in this article. But, if you are a user planning to participate in a whitelisting event, you would want to know the reasons to do so. Let us help you out with the reasons why you should get whitelisted for an upcoming NFT project. 

Why Should You Be On An NFT Whitelist?

Being on an NFT whitelisted can be a great opportunity for you to get NFTs for free and mint them at very minimal gas fees. As you may already know, there are a number of ways in which you can earn money from the NFTs that you already own, having an NFT for free can be a great way to generate passive income. Here are some of the other important reasons why you should get whitelisted. 

Hassle-free minting of NFTs

Whenever an NFT project is launched, the blockchain on which it is based gets overcrowded as a lot of people are trying to mint their NFTs. This means that the minting time will increase significantly. In turn, the higher demand leads to a higher minting fee, which creates a lot of hassle for the people who are minting their NFTs. 

On the other hand, in the case of whitelisted wallet addresses, the users are either given a particular time slot or they are free to pick the most suitable time for themselves to mint their NFTs. As a result, there is no overcrowding on the blockchain, and hence, low minting fee. 

Access to NFTs for almost no cost

After the official launch of the NFT project, there is no guarantee that all the users will get access to the NFTs. In addition to this, if there is very high demand and a good utility of the NFT, there are very high chances that the prices will increase, especially towards the launch date. This means that you will have to buy the NFT at a high price.

However, that’s not the case if your wallet address is whitelisted. Being on the NFT whitelist doesn’t only guarantee you access to the NFTs, but also, ensures that you get NFTs at very low prices and sometimes, even for free. You can even sell these NFTs after the launch if you think the prices are rising at a good rate. 

Get extra rewards

Being on the NFT whitelist automatically identifies you as an early supporter of the NFT project. This allows the project owners to reward you for your support. The rewards may include NFTs for free, voting rights on the future proposals of the project, and sometimes, even monetary benefits. 

Tips to Get on an NFT Whitelist

Now that you are familiar with the numerous benefits of getting whitelisted for an upcoming NFT project, you may want to know how to get on a whitelist and the working tips to get whitelisted. Here are some of the best ways to get noticed and get free NFTs as an added benefit of having a whitelisted address. 

Tips to get on an NFT Whitelist
Tips to get on an NFT Whitelist

Be genuinely interested: Tips to Get on an NFT Whitelist

The best way to get whitelisted for an NFT project is to be genuinely interested in the project and believe in the vision of the project. This is essential for both the users as well as the project owners because a user doesn’t want to be stuck with something that they don’t like and the projects don’t want to be associated with people who don’t believe in their vision. 

This is why, it’s important for the project as well as the user to be interested in the project so that the user feels motivated to promote the project, tweet, retweet and engage with the community and create hype about the project. Join the community chats, ask meaningful questions that display your curiosity about the project, promote the project on your personal social media and tag the project owners to get on their radar. 

Refer people: Tips to Get on an NFT Whitelist

Referring to people and bringing in more supporters is another one of the most impactful ways to get whitelisted for an upcoming NFT project. The best way to do it is to promote the NFT project among the various Discord communities in private chat rooms and talk about the project. Projects often notice people who invite more interested buyers to the project community and help them expand their reach.

Be an early bird: Tips to Get on an NFT Whitelist

The easiest way to get on an NFT whitelist is to get in early. During the initial phase of the project development and launch, most of the projects offer whitelist spots without asking too many questions or putting forward a lot of terms and conditions as the qualifying criteria. In addition to this, getting early is also helpful in making you noticeable to the project owners as everyone identifies the early birds. Moreover, being an early bird can reward you with voting powers, free NFTs, and additional rewards. 

Act like a fan: Tips to Get on an NFT Whitelist

It is one thing to promote something by excessively talking about it. However, conversations often get lost in the long series of chats inside a Discord community without getting noticed by the moderators. So, how do you combat this problem? By creating things that stand out and convey your dedication to the project. 

Now you may again ask how to do that. The answer is simple. Create fan art about the NFT project, make memes, and tag project owners. As you market the project for free by doing these activities, you are definitely going to earn additional points and make your way to the NFT whitelist. 

Participate in contests and giveaways: Tips to Get on an NFT Whitelist

That was all about showing your support! It’s now time to bring in supporters and directly engage with the project owners. How can you do that? By participating in contests and giveaways!

Most contests and giveaways hosted by the projects involve tagging and referring people. This is a very important step for getting on an NFT whitelist. It is because not participating in contests and giveaways flashes a clear sign that you are not interested in the project!


It should be noted here that these tips do not work unless you actually implement them and display your continued support for the NFT project. So, save them to your list and use them to get whitelisted for the most-awaited NFT project. 

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