Web3 Meet-up Pune by UniFarm

The Art of Passive Income: It’s a Wrap!

After successfully conducting the first chapter of our Web3 meet-ups in Delhi, the capital city of India, UniFarm organized the second chapter of its Web3 meet-ups in Pune, a city in the central part of India. 

Why Pune?

When we were looking for a place where organizing a Web3 event would make the most sense, Pune appeared on our list of locations. Being home to a number of Web3 startups and companies, Pune seemed to be one of the best places for holding a Web3 event and sending a stronger wave of Web3 in the country.

We are proud to mention here that the ripples of our Web3 event were felt till Mumbai, another city in India that sits 154 kilometers away from Pune. As a result, a number of project founders in Web3 space took the time to travel to Pune and witness the art of passive income with us. 

How did we do it?

Let’s see. 

Key Takeaways

  • Various Channels of Making Passive Income Like Airdrops, Yield Farming, Staking
  • Estimation of the potential ROIs for each of the channels
  • Analysis of the risk potential for passive income channels
  • Best platforms to make passive income with minimal risk factors
  • In-depth knowledge of working of yield farming platforms like UniFarm
  • How to stake at UniFarm– The Best Staking Platform?

The Vision

When we planned to organize the physical event, our vision was clear- to create an impact in terms of numbers!

We never wanted to host an event where people come in, talk, eat, drink and leave. We wanted to offer something valuable to the participants. 

So, in line with our project’s motive: to achieve financial freedom for all, we proposed the agenda to be passive income in Web3 where we would let our audience truly experience the art of making passive income using staking as an option. And since staking was the core product offering of our project, it immediately made a lot of sense to our founders and the organizing team. 

This is where “The Art of Passive Income in Web3” was born.

Projects & Speakers

Check out the projects and their visionary leaders who came together to make this event a great success!

Tarusha Mittal – COO, UniFarm

Tarusha Mittal – COO, UniFarm

A tech entrepreneur since 2009, Tarusha Mittal is the co-founder of UniFarm, a crypto-staking platform. She has been awarded the Women of Exceptional Excellence by the President of Egypt in Cairo in March 2020. She is also a fortnightly host of a Podcast, Living on Blockchain. 

Living on Blockchain is a crypto podcast that aims to strip the idea and jargon used in blockchain technology to achieve wider adoption. The podcast sheds light on the unsung leaders of the blockchain ecosystem by inviting them to the podcast.

Mohit Madan – CEO, UniFarm

Mohit Madan – CEO, UniFarm

Chief Executive Officer and a Co-founder of UniFarm, Mohit Madan believes in achieving financial freedom for all through blockchain. He is constantly striving toward obtaining knowledge and using it to innovate new products and services. 

He began his entrepreneurial journey by establishing a cloud-based platform, Cloudrino. Madan has been one of the minds behind the inception of Ethx, which is one of the first Ethereum exchanges in India. He, along with Tarusha, laid the foundations of UniFarm, a platform to generate passive income in DeFi.

Samruddhi Bhise – Team, DEA DAO

Samruddhi Bhise – Team, DEA DAO

A blockchain, Web3, and an NFT enthusiast, Samruddhi Bhise is a business and management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. She is a feminist and an advocate of women’s entrepreneurship. 

DEA DAO believes in a vision that “The Future is Female”. Realizing the gender gap in Web3, DEA DAO aims to bridge this gap by empowering more women in Web3 and equalizing the power dynamics by onboarding women in Web3 and increasing their representation.

Soham Garud- CEO, FanTrade

Soham Garud. – CEO, FanTrade

Soham is a Web3 contributor and aims to revolutionize the gaming world by inculcating the concepts of NFTs and Metaverse in it. He is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of FanTrade.

FanTrade is a mobile-based platform that enables users to combine the fantasy of virtual gaming with their brilliant forecasting skills. A play-to-earn platform, FanTrade allows users to play, earn, win and socialize with their friends on a virtual platform.

Sagar Pratap Joisar – Founder, Xenon Labs

Sagar Pratap Joisar – Founder, Xenon Labs

Sagar Pratap Joisar is a digital marketer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. He has been a keen observer of the developments in Web3, which led him to found an NFT-creation platform, Xenon Labs.

Xenon Labs is a company formed by experienced blockchain professionals, designers, and marketers, who came together to simplify the development and accelerate the growth of NFT projects.

Siddharth Jaiswal – CEO, SportZchain

Siddharth Jaiswal – CEO, SportZchain

On a mission to empower and onboard 10 Million sports fans in the Web3 space, Siddharth Jaiswal is a born entrepreneur and has been successful in founding three startups, one of which is SportZchain.

SportZchain is blockchain-based for sports fans to collectively manage their favorite teams, leagues, events and so much. The platform aims to empower sports fans to follow, interact, engage, and participate in the binding as well as non-binding decisions of their favorite teams. 

Gaurav Mehta – Founder, Catax

Gaurav Mehta – Founder, Catax

On a quest to find answers to What, Why, and Who about everything in the crypto verse, Gaurav Mehta, identifies himself as one of the earliest believers of crypto-based commodities. He claims to witness the processes of price discovery for crypto assets. 

He founded Catax in 2021, the first crypto and blockchain audit platform in India. The project aims to simplify, standardize and provide ready-to-use information for conducting audits of blockchain ecosystems and crypto projects to traders, investors, fund managers, tax auditors, etc. 

When and Where?

The Art of Passive Income in Web3 was organized on August 6, 2022, at 91Springboard Yerwada, Pune, Maharashtra, India. The event was scheduled to happen from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. 

The event started at 5:30 PM with the attendees taking their seats at the venue and getting to know their fellow attendees. Unlike other physical meet-ups where only one person speaks and others listen, we wanted our event to be fruitful for each and every one of the participants who took the time and joined us. 

So, before we began explaining the art of passive income in Web3, we asked people about the craziest Web3 stories, the first airdrops they received, and the volatility losses that they suffered. Following this, Mohit Madam, CEO at UniFarm, walked the audience through a presentation on passive income where he discussed the various channels of making passive income, their risk profiles, potential ROIs, and the best platforms to explore these channels. 

After this, the stage was open for the “Pitch in Public” part of the event where the founders that we mentioned above, took the opportunity to present their project ideas and secure sponsorships, partnerships, and networking opportunities for themselves. 

We believe that knowledge is a waste unless we practically use that knowledge to our benefit. On that note, our event consisted of a slot for live staking where we airdropped $UFARM tokens and $BNB tokens to our participants and helped the experience the art of making passive income in Web3. Out of around 75 attendees, 45 people could successfully stake at UniFarm and embarked on their journey to make passive income. 

We concluded the event with a panel discussion among the founders of UniFarm, Sportzchain, and Web3 Influencers., post which the slot was opened for people to network with each other and find valuable opportunities ranging from employment opportunities to partnerships and synergies. 

How Did We Do it?

Well, we must say that it wasn’t easy to gather such a large number of people and projects to attend the event. However, multiple marketing activities on multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and event listing platforms such as 10 Times, Meetup.com, EventBrite, AllEvents, Townscript, and so on, helped us receive such an overwhelming response.

In addition to this, we believe that the funnel from our Delhi Meet-up and the Build in Public by UniFarm attracted a significant number of people to our Pune Chapter. 

The Impact

After the event went live on Luma, we received over 170 registrations with the active participation of 100+. We recorded an attendance of over 70 people on the event day. Out of these 70 attendees, 45+ could successfully stake at UniFarm. 

We are extremely proud to announce that we explored more than three synergies with the projects that appeared at our Pune event. 

So, it definitely goes without saying that Chapter 2 of the Physical Web3 event series by UniFarm turned out to be a great success. 

P.S.- We are already on our quest to choose the next city. Do you want us to come to your city? Comment your city!

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