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Ispolink: The First Job Platform Leveraging Blockchain & AI

To address one of the most pressing issues facing businesses today — finding qualified employees — Ispolink has launched a full-cycle matchmaking job platform that streamlines and improves the hiring process by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain and AI to enable cost- and time-effective in-house recruitment.

Ispolink aims to help businesses in the blockchain and IT industries find and hire top talent by providing them with a comprehensive set of tools to manage the entire recruitment process in-house, including screening and selection, conducting various stages of interviews, assessments, and evaluations, all of which can be completed within the platform.

All of this may be easily handled through the business dashboard panel, ensuring a smooth transition between stages, increased visibility for internal stakeholders, optimizing the hiring process, and automation. Without outsourcing this critical role to third parties, firms would be able to take complete control of their hiring processes and dramatically enhance their flow of information, assessment, and selection of candidates.

Project Overview

The Ispolink team thinks that efficiently allocating and attracting human resources is critical because they are a company’s most valuable asset.

  • They automate recruitment processes to make them more efficient.
  • They use AI to help you find prospects on your own.
  • They help you save money and employ faster.
  • They improve your brand’s image by providing candidates with 100% feedback.

In the core of Ispolink‘s technology, They are leveraging Blockchain and AI, serving several competitive advantages:

1. World’s First Blockchain-based Job Platform

Ispolink is the world’s first job platform that includes a built-in blockchain payment system, ensuring immutable, real-time, and secure purchases and value exchange. The decentralized payment system is built on the Ethereum network and powered by the Ispolink token ($ISP), an ERC20 standard token.

2. Verified Education on the Blockchain

By confirming the authenticity of degrees on the blockchain, Ispolink provides the ideal solution. Ispolink has partnered with educational institutions to verify the issuing of degrees by storing them on a public blockchain ledger, which serves as the ultimate proof of truth.

3. Machine Learning matchmaking algorithm

Ispolink uses Machine Learning (ML) to find and match qualified applicants with unparalleled efficiency. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is what they employ. They’ll use Lexical semantics and Grammar induction to train their models to extract information from candidate CVs, which will then be matched against the existing pool of job seekers, resulting in a list of candidates who best match the requisite abilities and experience. To put it another way, they’re changing the existing approach by allowing corporations to apply directly to applicants.

4. Automated CV Screening

Ispolink is automating the resume screening process. When people apply for specific job openings, their system screens them and determines the match rate percentage for the open position. When a person searches for job openings on the site, however, they will be organized according to their relevance to the individual’s skills — a percentage of match rate will be displayed to assist the job seeker in finding relevant employment. Users are less likely to apply to positions with a low percentage of match rate; therefore, this functionality would improve the quality of applicants even more.

5. Referral based system

A referral-based mechanism is used to extend and grow the platform globally, with a commission given out for each successful referral who has registered and been recruited.

6. Video resumes

This feature will give job seekers a one-of-a-kind chance to stand out and wow potential employers. Instead of submitting a traditional CV, each user could create a short video in which they could describe their qualifications, passions, and career ambitions. Furthermore, the video CV allows job seekers to demonstrate their talents, communication skills, and personality, giving employers a better overall picture and assessment criteria.

7. Instant Feedback

They provide candidates with 100 percent feedback, which means no more worry and a bad experience.

Ispolink was founded by a group of highly qualified experts, entrepreneurs, smart contract developers, project managers, and crypto enthusiasts with experience in a variety of fields.

Project Roadmap

Many people have inquired what Ispolink’s future holds, or at the very least, what the plan is. Here are some significant ideas and activities that are yet to take place.

Token Economics

The Ispolink token ($ISP) is an ERC20 utility token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. ISP is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the Ispolink Platform’s protocol/code and is intended primarily for usage as an interoperable utility token on the platform. ISP is a non-refundable functional utility token that will be utilized as a medium of exchange between Ispolink Platform participants in a decentralized manner.

Token Sale

Ispolink had four sales: private, seed, strategic, and public. Any ISP Tokens that were not sold during these four events were voided. The circulating supply will be made up entirely of the Ispolink Tokens sold at these events.

Token Distribution

Token Release Schedule

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