Introducing UniFarm Cohort 34 with New Staking Opportunities

It’s been an incredible run so far with over 90 projects launched on the UniFarm platform offering an array of staking opportunities for UniFarmers.

Our all efforts have been to make the staking better and more profitable for you.

So far, UniFarm has been available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. With the launch of UniFarm’s Cohort 33, we added the 4th major blockchain, Avalanche, in the UniFarm ecosystem.

Investors have begun to reap their weekly rewards on the Avalanche Network. Pools are making progress with AVME leading the row with its pool 38.23% filled.

Today, we’re happy to bring another exciting announcement for you.

UniFarm Cohort 34 is coming on Ethereum Network.

Ethereum: A Quick Brief

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain system with its own coin, Ether. ETH serves as a platform for a variety of different cryptocurrencies as well as decentralized smart contract execution.

Ethereum first introduced the concept of a blockchain smart contract platform. Smart contracts are internet-based computer programs that automatically carry out the steps required to complete a contract between many parties. They were created to eliminate the need for trusted intermediaries between contractors, lowering transaction costs and improving transaction reliability.

Ethereum’s main innovation was the creation of a platform that allowed it to execute smart contracts on the blockchain, enhancing the benefits of smart contract technology already in place. According to Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Ethereum’s blockchain was created as a kind of “one computer for the entire planet,” capable of making any software more resilient, censorship-resistant, and fraud-resistant by running it on a globally distributed network of public nodes.

The ERC-20 compatibility standard allows Ethereum’s blockchain to host additional cryptocurrencies, known as “tokens,” in addition to smart contracts. To date, more than 280,000 ERC-20-compliant tokens have been launched on the ETH platform, making it the most popular usage of the network. USDTLINK, and BNB, for example, are among the top-100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. There has been a significant surge in interest in the ETH to PHP market since the introduction of Play2Earn games.

UniFarm Cohort 34 Set to Launch on Ethereum

UniFarm is thrilled to launch its latest Cohort on Ethereum.

UniFarm Cohort 34 goes live Tomorrow @ 1:30 PM UTC on the Ethereum Network.

Projects Joining UniFarm Cohort 34

We’re thrilled to announce that UniFarm Cohort 34 will include 4 great projects.

BollyCoin ($BOLLY)

BollyCoin is a community-driven platform that brings Bollywood and cryptocurrencies together. It’s an NFT marketplace where you may invest in your favorite Bollywood moments. They’re working directly with the owners of original Bollywood media, putting it on the blockchain and converting it into NFTs. Following that, these NFTs are sold on their platform.

For instance, consider an NFT of a scene from a beloved film.

Plethori ($PLE)

Plethori is a cross-chain crypto-ETF investment platform that uses blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions to enable trading and the creation of trustless ETFs.

BitXmi ($BXMI)

BitXmi is an exchange based in Singapore but operated in the entire world. They provide fast and convenient cryptocurrency trading that includes 40 coin pairs with famous currencies, e.g., Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), and many more.

UniFarm ($UFARM)

UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution that brings together the greatest projects in the DeFi industry to deliver value to investors. UniFarm enables you to stake one token but receive many high-value tokens in return, thus your returns are automatically diversified in addition to a terrific APY.

How Does UniFarm Cohort 34 Work?

It’s simple. You stake one token and farm all the others available in the pool. Let’s say you stake $UFARM.

The first WEEK, you farm $UFARM

The second WEEK, you farm $UFARM, and $BXMI

The third WEEK, you farm $UFARM, $BXMI, and $PLE

The fourth WEEK, you farm $UFARM, $BXMI, $PLE, and $BOLLY

And so on till 90 Days.

What is the Pool Size?

Total Reward Pool Size for UniFarm Cohort 34 is $100k. The reward pool per project is $25k and $250k worth of tokens per project can be staked.

Important Details for UniFarm Cohort 34

  • Stake any ONE token, and farm ALL the others.
  • The pool for this Cohort will last for 90 Days.
  • We guarantee a minimum of 36% APY and a maximum of 250% APY for this cohort.
  • This pool is on Ethereum Network, with ERC-20 Tokens.

Note: This is a locked pool. Users can unstake their rewards only after the farm ends.


UniFarm is growing in popularity. Prepare for the launch of this new farm going LIVE on January 21. You are sure to get a good return on your investment!

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