InpulseX- Scaling the Planetary Journey of Humankind
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InpulseX: Scaling the Multiplanetary Journey of Man

InpulseX is a thriving crypto project that aims to support the giant projects in place that are targeted at expanding the reach of human beings to other planets and exploring the scope of their existence. Let’s know about InpulseX in a bit more detail and look at how the project plans to accomplish its goals. 


InpulseX was born as a cryptocurrency project after the market cap of cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap touched a striking figure of $3 Trillion in November 2021. Alongside, the project founders were deeply moved by the efforts of a visionary leader who aimed to colonize other planets and make humankind a multi-planetary species. 

As a result, the project has successfully launched its own token and various other services that aim to benefit the holders, and the projects, and provide users with Play-to-Earn games and in-game NFTs. the company describes itself as a full-fledged experience in the crypto space, besides just being a decentralized exchange. 

The Motivation

The motivation behind the inception of the project lies in the fact that humans have constantly evolved over time. From making ground-breaking inventions on the planet to discovering the secrets that lie beyond the surface of the Earth, human beings have stopped nowhere. 

So, when Elon Musk declared his quest of expanding the life of human beings to the neighboring planets of the earth, the team behind InpulseX felt really motivated to step in the cause and support it by one of the most thriving technologies in the world, that is, the blockchain technology. The project aims to dedicate 28% of the total supply to fund the most innovative project: The Mars Mission. 

About the Team

Let’s meet the brilliant mind behind the inception and success of this project. 

Jay: Founder and CEO of InpulseX

With a remarkable experience of over 18 years in marketing, technology, and international business management, Jay has been successful in founding several startups. In 2013, he founded an application-based company and dedicated three years of his career to helping the company reach several milestones. In another business venture, Jay builds an immersive dome park in London with partnerships across the USA and Russia. However, the project couldn’t reach the milestones it planned to achieve because of the worldwide pandemic that massively contributed to shutting down multiple businesses across the globe. 

The various hurdles didn’t stop Jay from designing amazing thought-provoking solutions which led him to run a crypto fund that specializes in helping early-stage startups. The mysteries that exist in the world of technology, crypto, blockchains, and everything that it entails, inspired Jay to build InpulseX and support the biggest mission in the history of humankind, that is, to Inhabitat the neighboring planets. 

Token Utility

There are multiple utilities for the $IPX tokens. Some of these are explained below.


InpulseX allows earning rewards in terms of stablecoins just by holding the $IPX tokens. This helps the users generate passive income for themselves while also supporting and contributing to the initiative of the multi-planetary existence of humans. 

Collectables and in-game NFTs

InpulseX takes the crypto experience to a new level by allowing users to hold $IPX tokens, earn a loyalty card, and further collect in-game NFTs and collectibles in the form of airdrops. This elevates the standards of user experience while also generating utility for the token itself. 

Play-to-Earn games

InpulseX released a game NFT in 2022. In this game, the $IPX token acts as a governing currency that can be used to buy, sell, and trade in-game NFTs available in the Play-to-Earn games.


$IPX tokens also act as the native governance tokens for the platform. This means that people holding these tokens earn some voting rights. They have the power to guide the course of the platform and have a say in the key decisions towards its development. 


The project has kept certain transactions fee associated with the sale, purchase, or transfer involving the $IPX token. The fee is 10% of the transaction value. Here is the breakdown of the fee incurred. 

  1. Rewards Distribution

4% of the fee incurred for each transaction is used to distribute rewards to the token holders. 

  1. Liquidity

3% of the fee incurred is directly sent to the locked liquidity pool by the smart contract of the project. 

  1. Game Development

2% of the fee incurred is used to support the game development and marketing activities on the platform. 

  1. BuyBack

The last 1% is used as a buyback feature which will be used to improve the project process and token utilities in the future. 



Token Distribution

Token Distribution


The stages of the project development have been divided into three major phases. The developments in each of these phases are mentioned below.

Roadmap of InpulseX

Phase 1

  • Pancakeswap listing
  • 1st Meme contest
  • CEX listing
  • 1st $IPX token airdrop
  • 2nd contract audit by CERTIK
  • 1st NFT collection & airdrop
  • 1st NFT exposition Los Angeles, USA
  • Marketing Campaign

Phase 2

  • 1st celebrity endorsement
  • 2nd CEX listing
  • Implementation of 2nd network
  • 2nd NFT collection & airdrop
  • 2nd NFT exposition London, UK
  • Partnership announcement
  • Expand Marketing Campaign

Phase 3

  • NFT Marketplace launch
  • GAME development begins
  • 2nd celebrity endorsement
  • 3rd NFT collection & Airdrop
  • 3rd NFT exposition
  • Partnership with 1st game token
  • Merchandise store
  • DEX launch (Name TBA)
  • Influencers Marketing Campaign

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners of InpulseX


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