how to sell your tweets as nfts

How to Sell Your Tweets as NFTs?

The news of the Twitter Founder selling his first tweet as an NFT for billions has been luring more and more people to consider making NFTs out of their most interesting tweets and selling them. If you are planning to take a similar approach to earn from your NFTs, here is how you can do it. But let’s first understand what NFTs are and then about how you can sell your tweets as NFTs. 

What Does an NFT Mean?

NFTS are digital representations of physical assets that define the ownership of the assets by storing the information on blockchains. At a given time, there can be only one owner of an NFT and all the transactions related to the sale and purchase of the NFT are recorded on the blockchain. In addition to this, like the physical agreements, there are smart contracts in the blockchains that govern the transactions related to the NFT. So it is extremely easy to track down the owner of the NFT by looking at those smart contracts. 

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have emerged as a great way to preserve the originality and ownership of digital work. In a world where it is extremely easy to create thousands of copies of some digital work like photos, videos, artworks, and so on, it is very easy for the original creator to lose ownership of their own work. So, NFTs come to the rescue of these creators. 

Sell Your Tweets as NFTs

How to Sell Your Tweets as NFTs?

To start selling your tweets in the form of NFTs, you need to follow some simple steps which are given below. 

1. Set Up a Twitter Account and Write a Tweet

Set up your Twitter account and write a tweet that you would like to sell as an NFT. Post the tweet and copy the URL of the tweet. 

2. Create a Metamask Wallet

The next step is to create a Metamask wallet. You can also download the client plugin of the wallet and connect it with your default browser. You need a Metamask wallet to make or receive payments in terms of Ethereum when you buy or sell an NFT. It is because most of the NFTs are sold in exchange for Ethereum. 

3. Set up an Account on Valuables

Thirdly, you will need to create an account on valuables and link your Metamask wallet with it. Valuables are one of the largest marketplaces that are focused on NFT tweet sales. You can buy and sell your tweets as NFTs, autographed by the primary creator of the tweet. 

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4. Mint Your NFT

Once you are done setting up your account on valuables, paste the URL of the tweet that you would like to mint as an NFT. Go to the option for Managing your NFT. You will be asked to set a minimum bidding price at which people can buy NFT tweets owned by you. 

Then you will need to sign in to your Metamask wallet to finish minting your NFT. That’s it! Your NFT tweet is live for public auction. Now you can leverage the offers against one another and choose the new owner of your NFT. 

5. Accept the Offer

When you have found the ideal buyer of your tweet, you can accept the offer. As soon as you accept the offer, the tweet gets minted on the assigned blockchain. The tweet contains the autograph of its original owner and the records of the new ownership. 

Tips to Price Your Tweet NFT for Success

In an NFT marketplace, there are some skills that people acquire over time and become successful. So, how do you ensure that people buy NFT tweets from you and lead to the success of your NFTs? To help you out, here are some tips about pricing your NFT tweets in such a way that attracts buyers. 

  • When you initially enter the NFT marketplace, it is advisable to keep a low floor price. This helps in getting more sales of your products and hence, popularity. When you are done building a good buyers community, start raising the price of your NFTs slowly and consistently. 
  • It is always good to put up an NFT tweet sale across multiple platforms and target all types of buyers. However, you should always keep a consistent price across all the platforms. 
  • Always put a nice description of your NFT in the space given. It helps the audience recognize your tweets and build a connection with your thoughts so that they are able to justify the price that you have put for the NFT. Your buyers should love the creator of those tweets in order to be your loyal customers. 


You can easily sell your tweets as NFTs. However, the chances of the success of your NFT are defined by the originality of your tweet, the thought of your tweet, and how you have priced it. If you are having confusion while choosing the tweet that you should put for auction, you can probably choose the one that went viral and had the largest number of mentions. It’s all about the content of your tweet and the floor price. In addition to this, it is completely fine, to begin with, a low price, gathering a customer base, and then increasing the price of your NFT steadily. 

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