How to get Bitcoins for Free?
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How to Get Bitcoins for Free?

How to get Bitcoins for free? A lot of us keep dreaming of ways to find free Bitcoins. However, the bearish market sentiments have led to many investors and their crypto assets bowing down to the huge price decline, let alone thinking about making free money. All of us must be aware of the Luna Market Crash that even resulted in Luna getting delisted from multiple exchanges. Such market crashes sow the seeds of fear, doubt, and uncertainty among the investors, making them sell off their assets. Even if some investors hold their assets, there are very slim chances of making any gains from them.

So, does that mean you should sit idle, holding on to your assets and cluelessly monitoring the price charts?

A big NO!

Why hold when you can stake your assets and make profits in a bear market? Still not convinced enough? Let us walk you through each and every step of making up to 400% APY from your declining crypto assets.

How to get Bitcoins for free? Steps to Stake on UniFarm

Thanks to Version 2 by UniFarm, the users have obtained access to a brand-new and improved user staking experience, a more profitable reward structure, and capital efficiency for $UFARM liquidity providers like never before.

Enough of the self-appreciation now. Let’s understand how you can actually make loads of passive income by staking at V2 by UniFarm.

Step 1: Go to the UniFarm application and launch the app. Connect your Metamask wallet and select the Polygon network chain to stake your tokens. Currently, we allow staking on three chains, that is Binance, Ethereum, and Polygon.

How to get free Bitcoins: Steps to Stake
Homepage of UniFarm App
Steps to Stake
Choose the network to Polygon

Step 2: Depending upon the chain you have chosen, you will need to obtain $UFARM tokens from the related DEX. For Polygon network, you can obtain $UFARM tokens from Quickswap. To do this, enter the number of tokens that you would like to swap for $UFARM. Confirm the transaction from your Metamask Wallet. The $UFARM tokens will get deposited in your wallet.

How to get free Bitcoins: Steps to Stake
Swap your tokens on Quickswap to Stake $UFARM on Polygon Chain

Note: For the Binance network, users can obtain $UFARM tokens from PancakeSwap by entering the token address of $UFARM for the Binance Chain. Refer to CoinGecko for the relevant token address. (Fun fact: Just click on the “fox” button to directly add $UFARM tokens in your Metamask wallet) Similarly, the users may obtain the $UFARM tokens for Ethereum network by buying them on UniSwap

 Steps to Stake
Swap your tokens on PancakeSwap for Staking on Binance Chain
Steps to Stake
Swap your tokens to get $UFARM to stake on the Ethereum Chain

Step 3: Next, click the button in the top-right corner of your UniFarm dashboard to switch it to Version 2. On the left-hand side, go to the menu and select Yield Farming.

How to get free Bitcoins: Steps to Stake
Open the Menu to choose the farm

Step 4: Click on the “All Yield Farms” option to see the available farms. Currently, we have one active farm which is getting filled very fast. So, stake your tokens right after reading this blog.

How to get free Bitcoins: Steps to Stake
Select Yield Farming

Step 5: Choose the farm and enter the number of $UFARM tokens you would like to stake. Click on the Stake Now option. At this point, you can choose to boost your returns by selecting the Boost Your APY option. Confirm the transaction from your Metamask wallet and you are done!

How to get free Bitcoins: Steps to Stake
Stake Your Tokens

Congratulations, You have successfully put your foot on the way to making passive income!

How to get free Bitcoins: successful staking
Successful Staking

What is Version 2 Yield Farming?

On the all-new Version 2, UniFarm allows you to stake on different chains and earn a varying range of APY with a minimum of 36%. This is considerably higher than any of us can expect to make during this bear market. In addition to this, staking on each chain on the UniFarm DApp lets you boost your returns to up to 400%.

Looks like a dream coming true, doesn’t it?

Now that you are tempted to try your hands at staking your tokens at one of the yield farming pools on UniFarm categorized on the basis of network chains. Currently, we have three chains where the users can stake $UFARM tokens and earn multiple token rewards. This is exactly where the most interesting and attractive part begins!

Let’s look at some of the most striking features of being a Yield Farmer at UniFarm.

  • Staking on different chains yields a different set of token rewards that include stablecoins, blue chips like Bitcoin and Ethereum, index tokens, and native governance tokens of UniFarm. This means that you can have a profitable and diversified investment portfolio without having to do any extra work.
  • You have the option to take out your rewards whenever you want. We want to assure you that your money will always be yours. So, no lock-in periods this time!
  • You have the option to increase your returns by buying a booster pack that instantly boosts your returns and the number of token rewards you are going to receive.
  • As if there wasn’t enough diversity of crypto-based assets, UniFarm has come up with another exciting solution to preserve your staking position as an NFT. Here’s another way of making passive income! You can sell or trade these NFTs on any NFT marketplace.

Conclusion: How to Get Free Bitcoins?

Still unable to wrap your head around such hard-to-digest information? Don’t worry. We will “HODL” your hand till the last step. Join our Telegram group and get instant answers to all your questions.

How to get free Bitcoins: Rewards
Rewards on Different Chains

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