GAINS Associates: Participate in Crypto Projects
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GAINS Associates: Participate in Crypto Projects

GAINS Associates Capital is a crowdsourcing platform that allows crypto projects to raise capital for their ventures. The word GAINS stands for Group Action Is Never Small, as it aims to provide and support a strong crypto community. It offers a decentralized platform where anyone can invest in crypto projects as long as they hold a certain amount of GAINS tokens. 

Earlier, investing was restricted to mostly influencers and investors. However, GAINS hopes to provide the freedom for everyone to invest in crypto projects on its platform. They are keen to collaborate with the essence of decentralization and the blockchain ecosystem to make crypto available for everyone. Apart from that, they offer extensive insight into crypto projects while sharing the latest news, opinions, and insights. 

Team Behind the Project

GAINS has an experienced team located across the world. Combined, they have over three years of experience in crypto hustling and have successfully supported over 80+ projects. With the help of their connections worldwide, they are able to help and support new and upcoming projects with ease. Moreover, GAINS takes the responsibility of interviewing the CEOs of other crypto projects to ensure their viability and long-term success.

Alexandre Raffin: CEO & Co-Founder

Alexandre Raffin is the CEO and one of the passionate co-founders of the GAINS Associates Capital platform. He always looks forward to the latest technologies and hopes to make crypto available to everyone. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and hopes to take part in new technologies to transform the way we live.

Lotfi Zouad: CTP & Co-Founder

With a strong background in Computer Science, Lotfi Zouad is the CTP and a co-founder with plenty of startup experience. Like his fellow co-founders, he is passionate about new technologies and has been involved in the crypto ecosystem for years. Apart from that, he is also the owner of a community involving other crypto enthusiasts. He has a future goal to revolutionize the current economy with the help of crypto.

Alexandre Patry: COO & Co-Founder

Alexandre Patry is the COO and one of the co-founders of GAINS. He is an entrepreneur at heart but has significant experience in Finance. Over the past 6 years, he has worked as a data analyst, data scientist, risk analyst, and back office developer at one of the leading banks in Europe, BNP Paribas. In 2018, he used his management and IT skills to overlook operations for GAINS Associates Capital. He holds two master’s degrees in Finance from Paris Dauphine and Computer Finance from Enseirb Matmeca.

Crypto Projects Track Record

GAINS Associates Capital takes pride in its process of choosing crypto projects for its platform. Their dedicated team ensures that the crypto projects have long-term viability and that they are able to bring the desired results. The selection process includes the following:

Handpicked Projects 

Each crypto project proposed to GAINS is properly vetted after exercising caution and scrutiny. The team is responsible for verifying a project’s legitimacy and its team’s origin. They are also responsible for analyzing the project’s capacity to execute its vision based on innovative ideals. Once a crypto project meets the required criteria, it is launched on the platform.


GAINS believes in providing equal opportunities to each crypto project proposal. As a result, they make sure that all projects go through the same vetting process without the chance of favorability. They also monitor a participant’s behavior based on their actions and assign reputation points accordingly. 

Multi-Chain Platform

Currently, GAINS supports BSC and Ethereum chains on their platform. However, their future goals aim at providing other chains as well. For this, they have been testing with other chains in hopes of becoming a flexible platform with whitelist conditions.


GAINS offer many features that help the participants track their progress, earnings, and how the projects are achieving their milestones. One crucial feature includes tracking their portfolio and getting notified when tokens are released for a project.

Till date, GAINS has had a successful portfolio where more than 50+ projects have been included in the top 200 positions according to

Past projects


GAINS Associates Capital allows users to invest in crypto projects via the GAINS token. Although anyone is allowed to invest in a project, their extent of investment depends on the total number of tokens they hold. The participants are classified into different tiers that provide various features based on their holdings.

Token Overview
Token Metrics of Gains Associates

Token Utility

The main utility for GAINS tokens is to divide users into different tiers based on their token holdings. These tiers allow them to exercise the various rights they can exercise and the level of benefits they can enjoy while taking part in crypto projects. These tiers are classified into the following:

Tiers in Gains Associates

As mentioned earlier, GAINS assigns reputation points to the participants based on their investing actions. This is done with the help of a bot system. As a result, a few exclusive crypto projects are reserved only for Diamond Hands holders.

Core Features

To ensure that participants rest easy, GAINS offer the following core features on their platform that are accessible by everyone:

Up-to-date with Latest News

GAINS offers daily news and updates in an easy-to-read bullet point fashion. This helps the users to check out the latest stories and related articles.


In addition to news, GAINS offers valuable insights on trending articles with an in-depth analysis and research. They also share useful video interviews to understand crypto projects and their future viability better. 


Crypto projects set up various events such as Meet and Chat with upcoming crypto-project CEOs. This allows the investors to get a better understanding of the project before they make a final decision.

GAINS Vs. Other Crowdsourcing Platforms

When it comes to GAINS, it has several advantages over other crowdsourcing platforms. They have a core belief in quality over quantity which is why they have a thorough vetting process for listing crypto projects. Hence, they do not focus on a constant flow of deals arising from rushed and improper vetting processes. Moreover, they are one of the first crowdsourcing platforms allowing users to interact with the CEOs of upcoming crypto projects through AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and quizzes. This is helpful not only for investors but also for crypto projects as well. As a result, it builds confidence in the investors to make an educated decision.


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