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FABWELT Brings Blockchain Tech into the Core of High-quality Games

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the virtual asset sector with the help of blockchain technology. This technology will greatly impact digital games of all genres, creating a new and unique experience for gamers and non-gamers alike. This is where Fabwelt enters the picture. The NFTs, Play-to-Earn, and DEFI worlds have all been merged into the gaming business by the Fabwelt team.

FABWELT is a gaming platform that integrates blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games across all genres. They accomplish this by combining the best of both worlds’ technologies: gorgeous, high-quality games and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

The gaming business is already large and continues to expand. When Fabwelt merges this industry with blockchain technology, it delivers one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen gaming experiences. The team pulls the two worlds together so that both gamers and non-gamers can profit and have a unique experience. Fabwelt accomplishes this by creating high-quality games, such as those already well-known in the gaming world (Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Halo), that improve gameplay strategy and enjoyment and how professional gamers earn money.

In-game NFT technology, Play-to-Earn, and DeFi are all integrated into the heart of these games. DEFI appreciates staking chances and in-game farming, as well as in-game NFTs that aren’t just collectibles but strategic utility, Play-to-Earn on a whole new level, and Play-to-Earn on a whole new scale.

What is FABWELT About?

The Fabwelt Token is a ground-breaking concept that combines the worlds of NFTs and futuristic gaming. It raises the bar for existing art and gaming performances by exposing them to people all across the world. In every way conceivable, quality acknowledges quality. Fabwelt aims to build an NFT platform and marketplace for everybody, anywhere that the internet is accessible. The quest for acknowledgment for human work is thus resolved. With a single click, creators and lovers are brought together at the same time, exchanging ideas and innovating in ways that were previously impossible. Fabwelt focuses on and gives a chance to everyone who has or wants to have the potential to demonstrate their talents in the NFT section.

Gaming is a fast-growing business at the moment. It is planned to expand, providing a user with a variety of options. The blockchain business provides a spectacular platform for all gamers, one that is lucrative in terms of incentives and prizes for many of them. Fabwelt presents fantasy gaming as a WELT token utility. It removes the barrier between fantasy gaming fans by bringing them all together in one spot. Fantasy sports are currently limited to offline or internet programs, which can be tedious and discouraging at times. The gaming concept incentivizes all fantasy players by awarding victors and allowing them to establish their own game rules. The amount of freedom available is enormous, and the number of opportunities available is limitless.

An ecosystem that encompasses practically every type of sports fantasy game is now available, allowing participants to communicate through gaming portals and rooms. Fabwelt makes gaming as pleasurable as it is to play, and it has the potential to change many people’s lives in a variety of ways.

Gamers and artists have merged into one, exchanging digital assets using WELT tokens. The goal is to combine the benefits of blockchain technology and make it available to millions of people who have been waiting for a chance.

Fabwelt’s Unique Features and Use-cases

Staking and Rewards

Fabwelt looks after its users by motivating them in a unique way that no traditional bank or financial institution can match. It is designed to benefit token holders to the greatest extent possible. Without them, Fabwelt would be nothing. Fabwelt creates a staking mechanism that gives users presents or rewards in the form of WELT tokens in order to provide incentives to their trusted holders.

Imagine having a currency in your wallet that grows in value over time just by staking your tokens with Fabwelt. Holders retain ownership of the tokens, which Fabwelt uses to allow them to perform in the background. In addition, the WELT token’s power and value will grow in the future as the community grows. There are two advantages to stake:

  • WELT tokens as rewards
  • Improved value of individual WELT token

Such a transparent strategy justifies users’ building long-term relationships with FABWELT, which is the key fuel for the company’s growth and product development.

Game commodities as NFTs

Fabwelt is a community-driven platform that creates limited-edition, authenticated NFTs and trading cards by high-caliber artists. It aspires to establish the largest NFT library, reward its producers, and raise funds for community or any form of philanthropic support that is needed. It is built on the Polygon (originally MATIC) Network. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, from the designers of NFTs to collectors.

This is a chance for all unknown talent to shine. Graffiti has gone digital, reigniting interest in rare art and inspiring new ideas.

FABWELT philosophy will include a marketplace for the interchange of information and art. It will also serve as a link between artists and gamers.


The game-changing notion was conceived with the experience of engaging in private and public platforms conducting fantasy gaming. Over time, it has been discovered that it can be far more engaging while also yielding satisfying results in terms of incentives.

Currently, fantasy leagues are confined to a small number of users, and there is almost no contact between fantasy players worldwide, which can make it tedious and cause users to lose interest in participating.

Fabwelt seeks to bring the players closer together by hosting live conversations where they may joke, discuss, and troll each other. It will produce a highly healthy ecosystem that will be able to erase many negative aspects of one’s life, such as stress, a lack of sports knowledge, financial losses, and many more.

Players can build online rooms while playing as anonymous players, or they can invite a group of friends, family, and coworkers to join in on the fun.

Each room winner will receive a reward in the form of tokens or NFTs. Daily prizes will be given out based on the sort of sport and jackpots for league winners. It allows Fabwelt the opportunity to give users complete control over the rules and restrictions.

Modern cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology. Many sectors are becoming more conscious of the need for decentralization, which has resulted in increased use of cryptographic functions.

Why FABWELT Opted for NFT?

There are a lot of NFT projects on the internet, and Fabwelt is one of them. Fabwelt is, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind. The project not only aspires to be of excellent quality, but it also selects its artists carefully to match their vision, standards, and ideology. Every day, every year, the bulk of undiscovered talent vanishes, and as humans, we never had the opportunity to showcase it. FABWELT believes that this skill deserves to be recognized in a big way. Fabwelt is collaborating with a number of organizations to educate and raise awareness about royalty among artists worldwide, including Mars if the situation warrants it.

Additionally, their artists create gifts and surprises for the winners and fans of their game platform. Within the ecosystem, they help each other.

FABWELT structured its smart contracts in such a way that the creator does not lose the value of his or her product. A lifetime commission is assured, regardless of how many sales occur.

Project History

Due to a rug pull by a blockchain-based project, Fabwelt was founded. As a result of the consequences, many people, including the founders and employees of Fabwelt, have experienced significant losses. Few have stepped up to offer those heartbroken individuals a fair choice to revive their emotions and bank balances in support of those heartbroken souls and regain their trust in the crypto world.

A strong community was formed, and trust and a desire to succeed. Furthermore, a statement was made to demonstrate to the rest of the world that crypto never loses its value or interest in the extraordinary transformation that is now underway.

Seasoned Team of ORE Network

Fabwelt was founded by a group of highly qualified experts, entrepreneurs, smart contract developers, project managers, and crypto enthusiasts with experience in a variety of fields.

Project Roadmap


The Fabwelt token is a Polygon (formerly Matic) token based on the ERC-20 standard (WELT). The Fabwelt token contract includes transaction fees for a variety of uses. After effectively locking liquidity, the contract will be renounced, preventing the Fabwelt team from charging fees in the future. There is no mint function in the token contract.

WELT Token Supply – 500 Million

Transaction Fees

  • 1% for Marketing and Development.
  • 1% for Staking and Play-to-Earn Wallet.

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