CubToken: Network and Community-led Project
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CubToken: Network and Community-Led Decentralized Project

During a bear market, people often look for tokens to hold for longer terms that won’t degrade in value over time. As we can say that even blue-chip tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum have fallen down the price curve, and it has become quite difficult to find such a token. Thanks to CubToken, investors have finally found a safe haven to rest during bearish market trends.

Described as the best token to hold and hibernate during a bear market (as explained by the team), CubToken emerges as a leader in the blockchain revolution. It is an ongoing experiment that aims to expand the integration and adoption of Web3 in the gap between traditional mindset and decentralization. 

Here is everything you need to know about CubToken, its utility, and the future developments that it plans to make. 


CubToken is an ERC 20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, used to hold, send and receive value. The token derives its value from the integration over the platforms to facilitate transactions among CubTokens and other cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, decentralized platforms using an AMM model like UniSwap also contribute to the value of CubTokens.

Core Values of CubToken

CubToken is built on the pillars of four core values, which are, transparency, community, trust, and longevity. Let’s now see how CubToken adheres to each of these values.


CubToken encourages its community members to do their own research with due diligence. They believe that the findings will help other individuals gain confidence in the CubToken project and show support for it.


CubToken is owned by community members. This means that the marketing, development, and management efforts and all governed and done by the community itself.


Trust features stay just next to transparency in terms of importance when we talk about crypto projects. This is why CubToken’s security codes are constantly audited and the liquidity tokens are burnt to prevent any malicious activities from happening. 


CubToken’s clear roadmap shows that the project has a long way to go. The fact that the plans of CubToken are long-term clearly indicates an environment that results in long-term investments. 

Token Utility

CubTokens were created with a vision to bridge the gap between the traditional centralized mindset and incline them towards a decentralized mindset. It aims to bring the concepts of decentralization and blockchain to the mainstream focus and promote its widespread adoption. 

The project has created a crypto-friendly Web3.0 verification badge NFT which identifies the Web3 interfaces as accepting and supporting the blockchain technology. The holders of these NFTs receive a reward of 2500 CubTokens as soon as they sign up on the ChingUp wallet. 

CubToken has another important use case, which is crypto-to-cash integration. This provides instant cash and crypto deposit capabilities to the interfaces. 

Elements in the Ecosystem

As of now, the CubToken ecosystem consists of three main elements, that is, CUBFORCE, CUB CAVE, and CUBTSWAP. Let’s see what these are.


CUB CAVE is basically a smaller environment of partner startup memberships. This includes New Born Club, Baby Club, Grizzly Club, Moma Bear, Papa Bear, and King Cub Club. 


CUB CAVE is designed to bring CubToken to the mainstream by letting the CubToken holders represent their holdings. 


CUBTSWAP is a decentralized exchange that aims to allow users to swap any ERC-20 tokens with other ones. It is powered by UniSwap, which is one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world. 

Roadmap: Ongoing Project

CubToken Roadmap
CubToken Roadmap


Maximum Token Supply: 500 Trillion

Circulating Supply: 170 Thousand

Market Capitalization: $447 Million

CubToken Allocation

How to Swap ETH for CubToken?

You can swap ETH for CubToken on five major platforms.


Go to the UniSwap website. Select the token to be swapped as ETH and CubToken as the token to be received. Enter the number of ETH you would like to swap and confirm the transaction from your wallet. 


Visit the ShibaSwap website and go to the Swap Tokens page. Select CubToken as the token to which you want to swap your ETH. Enter the number of ETH and confirm the transaction from your Metamask wallet. 


Launch the 1Inch DApp on your device and select CubToken in the “You Buy” column. You may not be able to find the token by name. So, you will need to import the token by contract address. For the contract address, go to CoinGecko and search for CubToken. On the right-hand side, you will see the token address of the token. Copy the address and paste it into the search bar on 1Inch DApp. 

Enter the number of ETH you would like to swap and confirm the transaction from your wallet. 

You can obtain CubToken by swapping your existing tokens on SwapMatic and ParaSwap as well. A similar procedure can be followed to swap the tokens on these platforms. 

How to Stake CubTokens on Thunder Farms by UniFarm?

You can stake CubToken on UniFarm by visiting the UniFarm DApp. Follow the steps given below to stake your CubTokens. 

  1. Launch the UniFarm DApp. Connect your Metamask wallet and select the chain to Ethereum.
Connect Wallet and Select Ethereum Chain
Connect Wallet and Select Ethereum Chain
  1. Go to the All Yield Farms option in the left-hand menu.
Select CubToken Farm
Select CubToken Farm
  1. Select the CubToken farm and enter the number of tokens you would like to stake.
Enter the no. of CubTokens
Enter the no. of CubTokens
  1. Add the booster pack if you would like to boost your returns up to 400% APY.
  2. Approve the transaction from your Metamask wallet and you are done!


Even though CubToken is an ongoing project, there are clear pieces of evidence that show that CubToken is the future of bear markets. On that note, it seems like the best time to get your hands on the token and hold it for a long time. And what’s a better way to do that than to stake in Thunder Farms and earn CubTokens and several other tokens like $ZigCoin, $UFARM, and $PCNT. Stake now.

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