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ChangeX: A Hybrid Ecosystem for All Your DeFi, Crypto, and Banking Needs

ChangeX offers a one-of-its-kind hybrid ecosystem in the form of a mobile application for all your banking, crypto, DeFi, and CeFi needs. It has successfully incorporated the DeFi and CeFi elements to streamline various products and services. Moreover, it acts as a bridge between fiat money and crypto and vice versa, allowing inexperienced users to get started with the crypto ecosystem. 

It allows users to trade, stake, and invest in crypto uncomplicatedly. The simple app design offers a friendly user experience to access, manage, and take advantage of crypto assets and banking services. As a result, it acts as a gateway for traditional bank users to participate in crypto. 

Team Behind the Project

ChangeX is a next-generation product created by a crypto veteran team. They have a good track record with three previous projects – Bitcoin Gold, LockTrip, and Hydra. As a result, they have an excellent knowledge of the crypto ecosystem and fintech. The ChangeX project started with a seed investment of $100,000 from HydraChain via LockTrip Ltd. In light of this decision, LockTrip now has a 25% equity stake in ChangeX. You can stay updated with their latest news via their Telegram channel and Twitter account.

Nick Iliev: CEO and Co-Founder

Nick Iliev has been actively involved in the blockchain community since 2014. His journey began with mining crypto before he went on to create a crypto platform in 2016 called He is also the co-founder of the crypto merchant payment gateway named RocaPay. Hence, his innovative projects are backed by his IT and Finance background with an MSc in Finance and MCSE/CCNP licenses. 

Gary Guerassimov: Co-Founder

Gary Guerassimov has an interesting background in business development and management. He has over 15 years of experience being a serial entrepreneur who is also the co-founder of Previously, he had been a co-founder of a DeFi investment fund of Finexify. He has an educational background with BA in International Business Management from DeVos Graduate School. 

ChangeX Partners

Product Features and Additional Services

The main goal of ChangeX is to completely close the gap between crypto and fiat money. As a result, their mobile application solves most problems faced by people who want to get started with crypto. Inexperienced users are not well-versed in crypto and usually find themselves at a disadvantage in knowledge, resources, and information to start trading or investing in crypto. 

ChangeX solves this issue by incorporating both banking and crypto onto a single platform with the following features: 

Convert Fiat Money to Crypto

With the help of cross-chain bridges, ChangeX allows users to buy, invest, and trade in a wide range of crypto. Users can perform such transactions from the same app with a few simple taps. As a result, it is a handy tool for inexperienced crypto users. 

Pay for Real World Items with ChangeX Crypto Visa Card

ChangeX offers a usable Visa Card that can be used to pay for real-world items. This is achieved by deducting the required amount from the wallet by micro-transacting crypto assets for the same value. Since cryptocurrencies are yet to be directly used for payments in day-to-day life, the Visa Card acts as a bridge between fiat money and crypto assets.

Staking Opportunities 

With the help of a simple UI, ChangeX allows users to stake with a simple tap on their smartphone. Offering options from a range of decentralized, flexible staking pools, users can easily stake their crypto assets.

Participate in Liquidity Mining 

In addition to staking, users can also partake in liquidity mining. They can easily add their crypto assets to any liquidity pools of their preference. 

Leverage Positions for Higher APR

ChangeX is one of the first apps to provide leveraged positions for liquidity mining products and staking. As a result, users can enjoy higher APR up to a 2x boost. They will also be able to track their earnings and manage their assets. 

Earn Interest by Lending Stablecoins

Apart from leverage positions, crypto users can now lend their stablecoins in exchange for earning interest. They can make their crypto assets available on the decentralized lending markets. All this will be made possible within the app itself. 

Crypto to Crypto Conversions

As stated earlier, ChangeX offers a cross-chain crypto bridge with various cryptocurrencies. Hence, converting one cryptocurrency to another was made possible with the help of DeFi liquidity pools. As a result, users can directly buy, sell, or exchange major cryptocurrencies at the best rates. 

Earn Interest on Idle Assets

With the help of a new feature, users can use their idle stablecoins to earn a fixed interest on the same. This is done by depositing their coins into an Earn feature, where the deposited funds are distributed into various DeFi products that offer inflationary mechanisms and liquidity mining for growth.

Store NFTs

Apart from crypto assets, users can also store their NFTs within the same app. Users can store standard NFTs from ERC-721 to ERC-1155 in their wallets.


ChangeX Roadmap
ChangeX Roadmap

In addition to the above, ChangeX is currently planning to offer the following in the future:

  • Wallet Connect Integration
  • Complete Firebase Analytics
  • Staking for more cryptos
  • Offer DeFi options such as LP, artificial staking, and lending
  • Push notifications for transactions and price changes


ChangeX offers their tokens called CHANGE to seek product validation from the community instead of over-raising. A certain percentage of the token supply will be set aside to be used by strategic institutional investors. The complete tokenomics for the CHANGE token are as follows: 

  • Low Token Price: $0.016;
  • Public Sale: 150M Tokens @ $0.016 fixed price per token;
  • Extremely Low Hard Cap: $2.4M;
  • Projected Cap at Launch: ~$2.4M;
  • Institutional Cap: $0.8M (vested for 1 year);
  • Company Treasury: 97.5M tokens (26% of supply);
  • Founders Team Pool: 22.5M tokens (5.3% of supply, vested for 2 years); 
  • Strong Liquidity Pool of 30M tokens (8% of supply) with a matching $0.48M stablecoin budget from the raised funds, dedicated for the DEX Launch.
ChangeX Tokenomics
ChangeX Tokenomics
ChangeX Token Distribution
ChangeX Token Distribution

Token Utility

ChangeX uses a deflationary HRC20 token called CHANGE. Despite its nature, they are expected to provide high APR by acting as a bridge between the inflationary assets in the app. Moreover, the rewards are paid out in CHANGE tokens as well. Apart from that, it offers the following utilities:

Deflationary Token

ChangeX uses the staked assets’ inflationary economy towards their CHANGE tokens. The app combines the steady staking pool income and its fixed supply to provide and distribute a flexible pool income to the token holders.

Trading Fees Stimulate Deflation

The price of the CHANGE token drives upward due to a buy and burn mechanism. 30% trading fees of all fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto are used towards the mechanism to stimulate deflation.


One of the important utilities for crypto users is staking via the ChangeX app. A pool of 20M CHANGE tokens will be reserved for the first 9 months. This will act as a bridge to stimulate liquidity until flexible staking pools are made available.


Voting rights are provided to the holders of CHANGE tokens. These rights can be exercised to integrate new leveraged staking assets in the ecosystem and to approve new listings on the platform.

ChangeX vs Existing Competitors

ChangeX is a unique and one-of-a-kind crypto project with many Unique Selling Points. Their main USP is focused on a mobile-first experience where all their services are provided within a few simple taps. As a result, they are steadily accomplishing their goals of closing the gap between crypto and fiat money. 


Looking at the past developments and future plans of ChangeX, investing in the project seems imperative at this point in time. If you are looking for making long-term investments in some innovative projects, look no further as the $CHANGE token is the best addition to your portfolio right now. Stake in ChangeX cohort and farm the tokens for free.

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