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BollyCoin: Bringing Bollywood onto the Blockchain

Over a billion people watch Bollywood movies. They hold sentimental value in its content as well for its creators.

The BollyCoin platform, which auctions digital collectibles from the Bollywood industry on the Ethereum blockchain, offers a novel opportunity for Bollywood fans worldwide to own NFTs of their favorite Bollywood films and superstars.

They want to be the world’s largest Bollywood NFT marketplace, collaborating with the industry’s best producers and stars to create iconic and one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Project Overview

BollyCoin aspires to be the NFT marketplace for Bollywood assets. Their objective is to create a decentralized, community-owned marketplace where BollyCoin holders make the decisions and benefit from discounts on NFTs sold on the platform. As a result, it serves as a gateway for Bollywood fans to enter the NFT realm.


Combining Bollywood and decentralization has great promise. Consider what would happen if the audience was no longer passive and had an active role in the creation of their own entertainment. What if this audience could select the types of content and films they desire to see created and even swap fractional ownership of these items?

Adding the ability to purchase and sell NFTs is just the beginning of a long journey for the BollyCoin marketplace.

The BollyCoin Community

BollyCoin’s marketplace allows users to buy, sell, and profit from the NFTs on their platform. BollyCoin rewards users for their participation and contribution to the community by allowing them to construct their own cinematic universe. They want the community to help them decide what kind of content to distribute next, among other things.

As a result, the BollyCoin community will have a voice and will empower Bollywood media innovators, creators, collectors, and consumers. Beyond NFTs, BollyCoin wants to harness blockchain technology and its latest advances to create engaging, distinctive, and irreplaceable experiences with the community’s support.

Social Components of BollyCoin

The community and level of participation primarily determine the value of a token. BollyCoin recognizes the value of their community, and they think that their long-term success will be determined by it.

This makes it very appealing for new BollyCoin holders to lock their coins. The amount of money credited will be proportional to the amount of NFTs sold.

This half is distributed to holders of the locked BollyCoin based on their participation in the pool, while the other half is credited to the BollyCoin treasury for BollyCoin expansion. When the NFT is resold, the same rules apply.

As the BollyCoin community grows, so do the opportunities for innovation, allowing BOLLY’s utility to expand as well. Interaction with a huge community may be leveraged to develop BollyCoin’s own Bollywood Metaverse, allowing fans to communicate with their favorite actors and actresses.

Team Behind BollyCoin

BollyCoin was founded by a group of highly qualified experts, entrepreneurs, smart contract developers, project managers, and crypto enthusiasts with experience in a variety of fields.

Project Roadmap

Token Economics

BollyCoin holders receive discounts in the form of BollyCredits every time an NFT is sold on BollyCoin’s marketplace, which may be used to acquire NFTs on their platform when it launches.

Each BollyCoin released would represent voting right in matters relevant to their community, such as which NFTs are made next, as the BollyCoin ecosystem’s native digital utility asset.

BollyCoin is being introduced to provide a convenient and secure way for Bollywood and blockchain enthusiasts to become a part of their ecosystem. It is not, and is not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the general public (or a segment of the general public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used by anyone as payment for any goods or services that the issuer does not exclusively provide.

Token Name: BollyCoin

Ticker: BOLLY

Maximum Total Supply: 100,000,000 BOLLY

Burnable: YES

Cross-chain: YES

Available chains: Ethereum, Polygon

BollyCoin Community: 40% of tokens will go to the BollyCoin Community which will comprise liquidity providers, traders, stakeholders.

Founding Team, Advisors, Development Team: 30% of the total supply will be allocated to the founding team, advisors, development team.

Partnerships: 10% of the total supply will be allocated for strategic partnerships

Treasury: 20% of the total supply will be allocated to the treasury for the development of the ecosystem.

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