5 Best Hardware Wallets to Store Your Cryptocurrencies

5 Best Hardware Crypto Wallets to Keep Your Crypto Safe

Do you constantly feel worried about your app-based crypto wallet secretly exposing the funds in it online and attracting scammers? We can feel your pain. Keeping that in mind, here we are discussing hardware wallets that keep your wallet and the money in it safely and away from the prying eyes of attackers. Hardware wallets are specialized wallets designed to impart a high level of security to the crypto funds and other asset classes while managing all of them in a single place. Before we jump into listing down the best hardware crypto wallets, let’s first understand how they work and why they are so secure. 

What is a Hardware Crypto Wallet?

Hardware wallets are special types of crypto wallets that store your cryptocurrencies in a unique hardware-based device. It stores all the private keys related to your crypto accounts in a secure hardware device and keeps them away from getting exposed online. The fact that your private keys are stored in offline mode, keeps your crypto wallet or your assets from being stolen or manipulated by online scammers with malicious intentions. Because of this advanced security feature, hardware wallets form one of the core components of the blockchain ecosystem. 

Why do You Need a Hardware Crypto Wallet?

Now you may ask why you need a hardware wallet when there are so many online wallets available to store cryptocurrencies. Here are four reasons why you need a hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrencies safely.

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Importance of Hardware Crypto Wallets
Importance of Hardware Crypto Wallets

1. Extremely secure

As mentioned above, hardware wallets are based on secure devices which can be connected to a computer as and when you need to access your crypto wallet. Therefore, these wallets keep your assets away from getting attacked by cyber threats, phishing attacks, or computer-based malware. This isn’t the case with hot wallets such as app-based wallets which are prone to get attacked by viruses.

2. One-stop solution for a number of asset classes

Most hardware wallets are compatible with multiple blockchains. So, no matter how many types of cryptocurrencies you have, be it altcoins, stablecoins, NFTs, etc. you can always store them in a single place and access them anywhere and whenever you want. 

3. Convenient

Hardware wallets are extremely convenient to use. Often built as a small plug-in device that looks like a USB drive, hardware wallets can be carried anywhere you want, unlike desktop wallets which can be accessed only on a single desktop. 

4. Easy trading

Hardware wallets can be used for direct trading by using third-party applications. These applications connect several hardware wallets and allow you to transfer funds directly from your wallet. This eliminates the excess time and fee needed to deposit the funds first on an exchange and then make the transactions. 

5 Best Hardware Crypto Wallets to Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe

Now that you know why you need hardware wallets to store your cryptocurrencies, let’s look at some of the best wallets in the market. 

1. Trezor Hardware Wallet

This hardware wallet is one of the most popular hardware wallets as it allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies to fiat money. There are numerous functions that the users can perform within the wallet like swapping the tokens on exchanges and fiat exchanges. 

The wallet allows you to store a large bundle of cryptocurrencies varying from Dogecoin to the oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Though the wallet may be priced a bit on the higher side, it is totally worth the money because the upgraded version of the wallet, the Model T comes with a touchscreen interface. Isn’t that cool?

2. Ledger Nano X

Supporting over 1800+ cryptocurrencies, Ledger Nano X is one of the most secure hardware wallets on this list. It features a CC EAL5+ certified security chip, which is a leading security system in the industry. You can connect the device with almost any device, whether it is a Windows device, Linux, iOS, Mac, etc. Also, you can either connect the wallet with a USB device or a Bluetooth connection.

Ledger has native software that can be used to manage assets and applications online. It can support over 30 types of cryptocurrencies in one place. There is a very strong community of support around Ledger which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. In addition to this, the wallet integrates a number of major decentralized exchanges. 

3. SecuX Stone Hardware Wallet

Beautifully designed with a diamond-shaped case made up of sparkling aluminum, this hardware wallet contains a security chip that prevents your private keys and pins from being stolen. It has a 2.8-inch touchscreen display that allows you to get a bird’s eye view of all your crypto accounts in one place.

The wallet is not only compatible with all the major operating systems such as Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, etc., but also lets you connect your devices via USB or WiFi. You can also send or receive crypto assets via a web app provided by SecuX Stone. 

4. KeepKey hardware Wallet

KeepKey hardware wallet is probably the cheapest wallet that you can find with all the necessary security features and additional features such as display and integrations with the apps. A rugged metal case and a big screen impart a very trendy and convenient look to the wallet. Brought to you by ShapeShift in the year 2017, it has direct integration with the platform. A 12-digit phrase is used to unlock the wallet. 

Priced at just $49, the KeepKey wallet can be paired with My Ether wallet to access and manage the ERC 20 tokens. Besides these, the KeepKey wallet can be used to manage 40+ coins. Though this number is considerably lower than that of other wallets in this list, the price factor acts as a major plus point for this wallet. 

5. Ellipal Titan 

Priced at only $169, Ellipan Titan is one of the best hardware wallets in the market in the higher price range. It offers true cold storage benefits by allowing only QR codes to facilitate transactions. This means that the wallet doesn’t allow transactions on WiFi connections, USB connections, or any other network connection. Boasting an extensive coin support system, Ellipal Titan is dust and waterproof.

In addition to this, it has anti-tamper features that destroy all the private keys stored in the wallet in case someone tries to physically break the device and access the private keys. The users can access the private keys only by entering the passcode.

Ellipal Titan is one of the most versatile wallets on this list. It supports over 40 different blockchains and more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the users can download and install the crypto exchange apps in the wallet itself to perform various functions. Furthermore, the wallet allows users to stake their cryptocurrencies and earn interests. 


If you haven’t been using a hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, it is now time for you to secure your crypto assets and store them safely in one of the wallets mentioned above. You don’t want to be the one losing all your gains to an online scam. Do you? 

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