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BattleVerse: A Free P2E Online Game Powered by DeFi x NFT and Blockchain Technology

BattleVerse is a user-driven platform that empowers users by paying them for their participation and enjoyment. This platform combines the best-decentralized technology like blockchain and AI, utilized in DeFi and NFTs, to build a genuinely unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM by applying revolutionary tokenomics, utilizing finance and gaming. This game allows you to earn money while you’re playing. They use blockchain to provide transparency and a fair payment procedure.

They Use DeFi Concept

The project’s primary purpose is to create a decentralized game that can run on its own. DeFi apps have shown amazing growth and rapid development during the previous 1,5 years, more than 3 years prior as DApps, particularly in the last six months. The DeFi market is rapidly expanding and is expected to exceed $28 billion in value this year.

The BattleVerse team is certain that the decentralized gaming world and economy are the greatest fit for crypto/blockchain/DAO fans and gamers seeking open access without corporate influence. The team recognizes that the actual world differs from the decentralized world, and they are developing tools to help this ecosystem grow.

Blockchain Solution

To collect everything, you must have ownership. The entire value proposition falls apart if you can’t verify your ownership. This is why digital media has struggled in this arena, while games with physical assets, such as card games, have endured. The rules concerning ownership, value, and utility of digital property are all changing due to the introduction of digital and unique activities and the exploration of their ramifications.

BattleVerse’s Core Mechanics: Minting, Burning, and Exchange

The standard paradigm of most NFT games had grown dull and ineffective from the outset. Purchase a digital asset, own it, and hope for a return on your investment. Some games let you purchase NFTs and then use them in a game. Despite the progress, the BattleVerse crew believed there was still more to the experience. There needs to be a method for the players and their collections to form an emotional bond. The BattleVerse crew isn’t the only one who sees a gap and an opportunity here. They intended to offer the most unique and original solution possible: an emotional experience continually fascinating and satisfying throughout the entire process, from discovery to exchange.

You’ll come across wild, adaptable, and belligerent creatures in BattleVerse. You can travel through their Verse, fighting and capturing various regions and territories. To do so, you’ll need a $QZQ, which is a precisely constructed substance that allows you to expand your territory, start a fight, and earn money through betting. The speed of your growth and the quality of your heroes are determined by the quantity of $QZQ you have. A new NFT token (new hero) symbolizing the BattleVerse is minted and saved in your wallet after a successful capture. When you capture a group of creatures of the same kind, you can Fuse them together to burn the current tokens and create a more powerful creature.

Polygon simplifies this crucial process by removing distractions and allowing gamers to explore and experience the world. Transactions are completed considerably more quickly, allowing gamers to concentrate on what they came here to do: explore, collect, battle, and earn.

BattleVerse Team

BattleVerse was founded by a group of highly qualified experts, entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, game designers, and crypto enthusiasts with experience in a variety of fields.

Project Roadmap

Many people have inquired what BattleVerse’s future holds, or at the very least, what the plan is. Here are some significant ideas and activities that are yet to take place.

Q1 2022

  • PvP battles launch
  • Farming pool launch
  • Baby Combat Bots Gen 2&3 launch
  • Smart contracts audit
  • Public sale and IDO
  • In-game marketplace launch
  • Observer funding launch
  • Combat Shrooms Gen 2&3 launch
  • PvE mode launch
  • Cross-chains transfers launch

Q2 2022

  • Game ecosystem extension
  • Referral system launch
  • Bounty program launch
  • Franchise program launch
  • BattleVerse Global Arena launch

Q3 2022

  • Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • Two new races
  • Adding new races in collaboration with other game projects
  • Meta governance launch

Q4 2022

  • Expansion of PvE mode
  • Land sales launch
  • Buildings’ construction
  • Resources’ production
  • Quests and missions in PvE mode
  • Special missions in PvE mode
  • Exploration of new systems, planets and territories


Allocation%Token SupplyIDO/IEO UnlockVesting Period
Seed Sale4%40,000,0002%Month 2: 1%
Month 3: 2%
Month 4 to Month 22: 5% monthly
Price: $0.03
Private Sale8%80,000,0002%Month 2: 1%
Month 3: 2%
Month 4 to Month 22: 5% monthly
Price: $0.04
Core Contributors7%70,000,0005%Month 2: 3%
Month 3: 2%
Month 4 to Month 22: 5% monthly
Price: $0.05
Public Sale2%20,000,00010%Month 2 to Month 7: 15% monthly
Price: $0.05
Team18%180,000,0000%6 months cliff from the start of trading on the first exchange, then 3,33% each month.
Advisors1%10,000,0000%Month 4 to Month 35: 3% monthly Month 36: 4%
Ecosystem35%350,000,0000%Month 5 to Month 44: 2,5% monthly
Liquidity5%50,000,00010%Week 2: 10% Month 2 to Month 9: 10% Monthly
Marketing & Partnership7%70,000,0000%Month 6 to Month 25: 5% monthly
Reserve13%130,000,0000%Month 6 to Month 25: 5% monthly

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