Ace Capital: Hunt for the Next Crypto Unicorn
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Ace Capital Ventures: Hunt for the Next Crypto Unicorn

Ace Capital Ventures is one of the first decentralized cross-chain crowdfunding and incubation platforms. They have a niche group of HNIs, investors, financial institutions, and more to help real-world and blockchain startups raise venture capital for their projects. The firm was created as a tech-focused venture capital organization to help projects procure seed investment using blockchain technology.

Apart from startups, they also offer a range of services for investors. They facilitate complete control of investments, transparency, and traceability to all stakeholders. In addition, they help startups with building quality networks and mentoring for their projects. Ace Capital Ventures is present across 200 cities worldwide, including Thailand, India, Georgi, and the UK. 

The Team Behind the Firm

Established by Anoop Mittra, Ace Capital Ventures has already partnered with various financial institutions and online platforms. The group invests anywhere between $500,000 to $100 million in potential real-world and blockchain projects. Their main motto is finding the blockchain community’s next big project. 

Listing & Utility Partners

Ace Capital: Partners

According to the words of the Founder – 

“Start-ups are famously short on cash, and a significant injection of funding-along with access to a wide variety of financial partners and advisors can often lead to companies developing at a rapid rate.”

“Through our documentation and research, we emphasize the need of building an environment that promotes trust and transparency so that investment risks are reduced. Having built a platform that promotes these principles will attract investors so that it will encourage them to prefer our solution for investments over the competition.”- Anoop Mittra

3 Key Factors for Choosing Projects

Ace Capital Ventures follow a strict code to choose projects to raise their venture capital. They have a professional group of analysts who ensure the project has a good potential for future growth and profits. As a result, investors rest assured that the startups hosted on their platforms are genuine and can expect good results. These key factors include:

1. Timing of Startup Projects

In any given market, there is a right time and a wrong time for a new startup to make its appearance. This is based on several factors, including the existing competition, market share, and the demand for products and services that a startup aims to provide. These factors can significantly influence the success of a startup project, according to Ace Capital Ventures. Hence, they consider it before accepting a startup’s proposal. 

2. Founders and Core Team

Apart from external factors, the success of a project is directly dependent on the influence and experience of its founders and core team members. For the same reason, Ace Capital Ventures ensures that the leaders and team members have relevant experience in the past and are qualified enough to see the project through. 

3. Total Addressable Market of Business

Finally, they perform a detailed analysis to ensure that the startup can capture its share of the existing market. This will be quantified by comparing the project’s products and services with existing competitors and any alternatives that may be available. They will closely inspect the startups’ Unique Selling Points (USPs) and help mentor them if the need arises. 

Once a startup project goes through these three stages, it is accepted and becomes available for investors to choose from and invest in. If the project is unique, it can successfully raise venture capital from various sources on the platform.

Products and Solutions

Ace Capital Ventures offers a range of services apart from hosting potential projects on the platform. They ensure that the investors are choosing only the best projects after scrutiny. More importantly, they emphasize transparency and traceability to help investors keep track of their investments. Their core services include: 

Attractive Rate of Returns

All the projects on the platform are allowed only after they’ve been analyzed for their market potential. As a result, investors have a reasonable guarantee of the returns on their investments. With the help of Ace Capital Ventures mentorship, projects have a higher chance of success. 

Seamless Process

Investing in a startup hosted on the platform is easy and convenient. All the projects are posted once accepted, and the investors can do their research before investing in them. If the project is on par with their preferences, the venture capital is raised efficiently. 

Detailed Analysis

With the help of Ace Capital Ventures’ professional analysts, investors can get a detailed insight into the project. They can calculate their return on investment, future trajectory, potential growth, and profitability. 

Complete Transparency 

Transparency and traceability is the most crucial objective of Ace Capital Ventures. It is their unique selling point that allows the investors to get a good understanding of their funds invested in a project. Hence, investors can enjoy real-time tracking and monitoring of their investments. 

Returns with Weekly Payouts

Since most startups are approved after careful consideration, investors can quickly expect returns as soon as possible. Ace Capital Ventures allows investors to get weekly returns on their investment as they help nurture the project into fruition. 

The Process of Ace Capital Ventures

Ace Capital Ventures has a straightforward process of onboarding startups and providing its services to investors. It helps the firm be meticulous in accepting proposals from startups with a profitable future. This process can be seen explained below: 

Partner Onboarding and Listing the Investment Opportunity 

As mentioned above, Ace Capital Ventures follows a strict code regarding accepting startup applications. They ensure that the timing of the startup project is right, the project leaders and team members have relevant experience and knowledge, and the total addressable market of the business has a promising future. Once accepted, the accepted projects are hosted on their platform.

Contribution from Multiple Investors

After a startup is hosted on the platform, it becomes available to the different types of investors and institutions on their dashboard. From hereon, the investors can see what the startup’s products and services are and if they can expect a good return on their investment. Hence, they will further research the project before making the final decision. If a project is preferable to them, they will start contributing towards the project. 

Invest the Funds in Equity & Seed Rounds of Onboarded Projects

As multiple investors continue to invest in an onboarded project, they will claim their share in the project’s equity and raise seed capital. The startup project will be able to utilize these funds and continue working towards completing its project. They will have to provide detailed reports to ensure transparency and traceability of the same. This is a required step dictated by Ace Capital Ventures for the investors.

Timely Returns to Investors

After utilizing the funds raised by the investors, the newly-funded projects have to start showing profitability and earnings from their activities. These earnings will be later shared and distributed back to the investors based on their share of the investment. Ace Capital Ventures usually assures weekly returns to investors.

Ace Capital: Process

Striking Features of Ace Capital Ventures

The critical factor for the investor’s preferability towards Ace Capital Ventures is their careful methods of selecting a project. Apart from that, they offer transparency and traceability that helps investors in a significant way. Some of the other reasons why they’re preferred are:

Successful Track Record of Portfolio Companies

They have a strong track record of projects that have become successful in the past. With the help of their ongoing process, they ensure investors a high return on their investment.

Access to Curated Deal Flow

Investors have great options to invest in carefully curated startups from over 10,000 applications. Hence, they can have confidence in their investment. 

Become a Lead Investor

Based on their track record, investors have an excellent opportunity to become a part of the next big thing by investing in potential projects. They will also be able to work closely with the startup and its founding members.

Exclusive Networking

Apart from investing, investors have the option to meet, greet, and build their network from across the world. Ace Capital Ventures makes this possible by hosting various initiatives and events.

International Exposure

Active across 200 cities around the world, Ace Capital Ventures allows the opportunity for investors to be a part of international delegations. This will help them exchange information and business suggestions and learn new things. 

Business Synergies

Along with networking, investors aboard Ace Capital Ventures can create meaningful partnerships for their businesses. They will also be able to collaborate and work with portfolio companies.

Competitors Vs. Ace Capital Ventures

Compared with other venture capital firms, Ace Capital Ventures offers essential services to investors. All investors’ goal is to ascertain a good investment return and see how their funds are utilized. With the help of transparency and traceability, Ace Capital Ventures assures investors of their investments and helps keep track of their funds. Apart from that, startups applying to post their project can expect a good amount of venture capital as Ace Capital Ventures offer anywhere between $500,000 to $100 million as seed investment.


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