9 Best Learning Resources to Learn About Cryptocurrencies
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9 Best Learning Resources to Learn about Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies is still flourishing and there is more wrong information out there than the right one. Therefore, for someone who is extremely new to the crypto market, it is impossible to go on Google and search for every new term that they come across. In such a scenario, the presence of some go-to crypto resources becomes crucial to set the new investors on the right path to crypto trading. So, we have curated this list of 9 crypto resources to learn about cryptocurrencies. 

1. Captain Bitcoin

Captain Bitcoin is one of the most attractive crypto resources on this list. Featuring a wide range of videos centered around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Captain Bitcoin allows users to learn and earn from watching videos available on the platform. For someone who is not a reader and prefers movies over books, this platform can be the best way to learn about cryptocurrencies, how they work, and how people can trade them to earn short-term profits. 

Apart from hosting good-quality video content, the platforms also incentivized people to watch videos and learn from them in order to earn rewards in the form of over a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin. Moreover, Captain Bitcoin offers extremely exciting monetary rewards for the user who help to build the community through referrals. 

2. Learn Crypto

Learn Crypto is a web-based learning platform where you can sign up for free and start learning about cryptocurrencies from scratch. You can filter your learning preferences based on the topics you are interested in. The platform also features a range of learning resources like crypto podcasts, crypto tools, price charts, and so much more to help the user clear the basics and advance to the higher levels of crypto understanding. In addition to this, once the users complete the various learning themes available on Learn Crypto, they can move on to reading the most informative books published around the world on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Most importantly, the continuous learning features, exhaustive glossary of crypto-related definitions, and the browser extension feature make it stand out from all the learning resources in this list of 9 crypto resources. 

3. Epicenter

Epicenter is one of the oldest podcasts in the crypto space. Born in late 2013, with the vision of Adam B. Levin, the podcast involves amazing and useful conversations about the different areas of cryptocurrencies. It is a long-going podcast, featuring new episodes every Tuesday. The users can simply filter the episodes by the topic names such as stablecoins, NFTs, privacy, regulations, DeFi, etc. 

In addition to this, the podcast hosts over 499 guests from various nationalities and experiences in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. This allows the listeners to stay updated about the blockchain trends going on in different parts of the world and gain a wider perspective. Moreover, you can also refer to their blog to learn more about cryptocurrencies and their use cases. 

4. Tokentuber

Tokentuber is one of the most exciting platforms in this list of crypto resources. Being a video streaming platform, Toketuber has partnered with several crypto exchanges to allow users to participate in the 10-question quizzes and earn Tuber tokens. Here’s how you can earn 1000 Tuber tokens from learning on this platform.

  1. Sign up on the platform with your username and password.
  2. Select a quiz that you would like to attempt. At this point in time, the platform will allot 1000 Tuber tokens to the participant.
  3. Attempt all ten questions in the quiz and give only the right answers. 
  4. Claim your 1000 Tuber Tokens instantly. 
Learn about Cryptocurrency
How to Earn Tuber Tokens?

However, it should be noted here that for each incorrect answer, the platform will deduct some tokens. Also, if you pass the quiz with minimum qualifying marks, you acquire the position of an Accredited Crypto Holder. In case you fail the quiz, the platform will suggest some learning videos to help you bridge the knowledge gaps. 

5. Binance Academy

As the name suggests, Binance Academy has Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, as its parent company. The Binance Academy differs from other crypto resources in this list for the fact that it is completely free and the content is very neatly organized. You can filter the content according to five main topics, that is, blockchain, tutorials, videos, security, and economics. Also, each article present on the platform has its reading time and audio transcripts mentioned on top of the page.

This helps the readers to choose their content length preferences and allocate the needed time to their learning sessions. The audio transcripts are auto-generated. This means that the audio voice is computerized. However, it is not boring or distracting and the learners can easily focus on the content. 

6. Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com is a one-stop solution for both crypto-investors and blockchain developers. Let’s first talk about the utility of the platform for investors. If you are a beginner crypto investor and want to learn safe crypto investment skills as easily and fast as possible, Bitcoin.com should be your go-to learning platform. There are short and crisp lessons and video tutorials to help you get started with crypto investments.

Now for the developers, Bitcoin.com offers a range of tools and supportive information. The developers can develop products on the blockchain, add security features to them, include censorship-resistant to products, and gain access to a number of educational resources, specifically designed for developers. 

7. Hash Power

Hash Power is a three-part audio documentary that involves conversations among the top leaders in the blockchain industry like Navan Ravikant, Fred Ehrsam, Ari Paul, Peter Jubber, and so on. This podcast aims to cover the various aspects of blockchain, its future potential, the idea of creating scarcity around digital assets, etc. 

In addition to this, the podcast can prove to be extremely beneficial for someone who is looking to explore the drastic impact of blockchain and its products on the financial landscape of the world. In the three episodes of Hash Power, you can learn anything from the basics of blockchain to the large-scale mining operations and incentives of cryptocurrencies. 

8. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is a one-of-a-kind platform that focuses on all the crypto projects in the market instead of centering around Bitcoin and Ethereum only. The platform has a list of introductory videos and quizzes that the users can try their hands on and ace their level up the crypto knowledge. Interestingly, for each correct answer, the platform awards the user with cryptocurrencies. 

This acts as a great tool to attract more and more learners to the platform, carving a huge space for Coinbase Earn in the list of crypto resources. You can learn everything starting from the basics of blockchain to setting up your own crypto wallet and investing. Also, the users can refer to price graphs and the various tips and tricks to maximize their portfolio returns. 

9. Ivan on Tech

For those looking for a whole new university-level degree in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Ivan on Tech can be the best bet. Featuring an intensive collective of over 30 courses, suited to different levels of learners and the scope of cryptocurrencies, it is an ideal platform to go knee-deep in the crypto space. The platform aims to make learning and development of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts, accessible to all. Moreover, the courses here include a good amount of content on maintaining the security of digital assets. 

If you are someone who just wants to keep up with the crypto trends without indulging yourself in this much knowledge, Ivan on Tech offers brilliant solutions in the form of Youtube videos and live streams. Moreover, these live sessions primarily focus on decoding the market trends and performing in-depth market analysis. 


Are you now reading to kick-start your crypto investment journey? Head over to these fantastic platforms, learn the basics of crypto, and start investing now. If you are already familiar with basic crypto trading, put your assets to work and try your hands at staking them and earning passive income. 

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