Strange NFTs You Must Know About

8 Most Strange NFTs You Must Know About

Digital currencies have introduced a series of crazy trends in the market. Some examples include digital avatars, virtual gaming worlds, new ways of earning passive income, digital representations of real-world objects in the form of NFTs, and so on. NFTs have turned the digital world upside down by offering digital forms of some of the most unimaginable things and providing scope for ownership. As if we weren’t already feeling stunned by cryptocurrencies and NFTs, we have come across some NFTs that sound too stupid to be sold and bought by someone. Read this list of 8 strange NFTs that have no actual utility, at least not for now!

Flowery Toilet Paper NFT: Weird NFTs

Would you be interested in buying a toilet paper that can not wipe anything? Well, some people are! Charmin, a toilet paper brand has rolled out a few editions of toilet rolls as NFTs. Each toilet paper roll is beautifully decorated with festoons with bright colored flowers tied together. Now, even though, you may not be able to see any sense in buying this NFT art, the fact that the money gathered from auctioning these toilet rolls will go to the Direct Relief Foundation, is making NFT enthusiasts place high-value bids on them. The highest bid placed to date is for $1086.

Charmin: Toilet Paper NFT

Fart NFTs: Weirdest NFTs You Should Know

As ridiculous as it may sound, someone just recorded their farts over a year and turned it into a not-so-pleasant symphony. Alex Ramirez-Malliz is selling individual farts and a 52-minute song of recorded farts, minted as an NFT. The 52-minute audio has been actually sold for $85. Getting any ideas? POOF-PFFT-BLAARP-BLAAT! There you go! Mint your own farts into NFTs and put your digestive system to work. 

Digital Stick for a Dog: Weird NFTs

Would you rather spend $1200 for getting a twig to play “fetch-the-stick” with your dog than just plucking one from your backyard? If yes, then the Non-fungible Twig for Dogs is the perfect NFT for you. Featuring a tempting toy for the dogs, the description for the NFT says that the twig has been plucked from a sidewalk in the West Village. It has a “putrid smell of overflowing trash”, making it totally irresistible for your furry friend. 

Human Soul: Strange NFTs You Should Know

How about selling your soul for some hundred dollars or buying someone else’s soul as a digital artwork? Hailing from Denmark, Stijn van Schaik is a student who is selling his soul as a digital artwork on a popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Interestingly, the seller has successfully been receiving various bids, with the highest bid of $491.08. Schaik has even built a website stating the “Sale of Soul Contract”. The website highlights all the things that the “soul” can be used for. 

Sale of Soul NFT

Invisible Sculpture NFT

Lo Sono, by Salvatore Garau, is an invisible sculpture of a vacuum that needs very specific conditions in order to be displayed. Garau prefers to describe the art as immaterial sculpture, owing to the fantasy that allows him to see his surroundings differently; to see things that may not really exist to other people. 

The sculpture of vacuum requires a 5X5 feet unobstructed space to be displayed. Only a private house can display the invisible sculpture. The artist says that the art is so versatile and special that any type or color of light can be used to showcase and highlight the artwork. 

Now the initial asking price of the piece was $8000 at the Italian auction. However, the bidders increased the price to over $18,000. At the end of the auction, the invisible sculpture of vacuum was sold for $18,300 with the rights to its ownership. 

Taco Bell NFT Collection: Weirdest NFTs You Should Know

Who wants to buy tacos just for the sake of watching them and not savoring any of it on their tongues? Someone did. Taco Bell introduced its first-ever NFT collection featuring a string of tacos in the form of GIFs. The NFT collection was bought for $69 Million. But thanks to the Taco Bell Foundation that this huge sum of money went for supporting a good cause, that is, sponsoring youth-based scholarships.

Taco Bell NFT Collection

Color NFTs: Strange NFTs You Should Know

Have you ever thought about owning your favorite color? Well, guess what? You can own it now! TZColors is selling over 1620 unique colors at a varying range of prices. The colors are grouped into three categories, that is, Standard, Epic, and Legendary. The Standard collection has 1530 colors in it, which can be bought for anywhere around $80. Similarly, the Epic collection has over 128 colors whereas the Legendary colors are 32 in number. The most expensive color NFT which has been sold so far is Coffee, for $8000. 

This color NFT experiment is powered by the Tezos blockchain. Now the experiment may sound very weird and may or may not mean anything in the real world, but that’s how NFTs are occupying a huge space in the world. By turning the impossible into possible! 

Number NFTs: Weirdest NFTs You Should Know

Now that you can imagine owning colors, let us stretch the boundary of your imagination a little further. Have you ever considered owning numbers? Or would you buy a number if someone sold it for a few hundred dollars? You may not, but some people are! A company named N Project uses a random number generator that generates 8-digit numbers. 

The users can then buy and sell these numbers as NFTs for anywhere around a hundred dollars. However, you can get higher prices as well for specific numbers that may have some real-world importance. For example, NFT for number 11111111 can be sold for a higher price, keeping in mind, the spiritual importance of the number. 

Conclusion: Strange NFTs You Should Know

As you may now see, NFTs have created a whole new world of opportunities for creative minds. All you have to do is think, create and sell NFTs. If someone is willing to buy farts, people will buy definitely buy NFTs with even slight practical use cases. 

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