7 Incredible Crypto Success Stories that Will Have You Counting Your Own Money

Crypto may seem new to us, but it has been around for a long time and has shown to be a hugely successful industry. Take, for example, these 7 people who invested in cryptocurrency at their leisure and time, and guess what? The money poured in.

1. Heather Delaney has methodically built up her retirement savings by investing in cryptocurrency over time.

She says of her investments, “I put in £5 at the beginning and have gently and surely built it up over time…
I know a lot of individuals who have done amazing things with their money, but it’s all part of my retirement plan.

While the true profitability of her investment will only be determined when she cashes out, she has already made a 500% profit.

2. Erik Finman had made a bet with his parents that if he became a millionaire by the age of 18, he wouldn’t have to go to college. Surprise, surprise, surprise…

Erik Finman was just 12 years old when his grandmother gave him a $1,000 gift, which he spent entirely on cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin was worth $1,200 just a few years later, so it paid off. Erik invested the money in Botangle, an online education startup.

Investors expressed interest in Bontangle, offering to buy the company for $100,000 or 300 bitcoins. Erik went for bitcoin once more. Why? He had made a bet with his parents that if he became a billionaire by the age of 18, he would not have to attend college. To cut a long tale short, Erik will not be attending college!

3. Kristoffer Koch may have forgotten about the bitcoin he mined for $26 in 2009, but when he cashed out a fifth of it in 2013, he received $886,000.

Kristoffer was writing his master’s thesis on encryption technology at his Norwegian university when he came upon bitcoin in 2009. He chose to spend roughly $26 to get 5,000 bitcoin to see what it was all about because he was curious. It was, indeed, dirt cheap at the time.

He realized he was virtually a billionaire when he cashed some of them in after hearing about bitcoin on the news. He is still in possession of 4,000 bitcoin.

4. An Australian entrepreneur named Kane Ellis began mining bitcoin in 2010 when the price was only $1.60.

Even though Ellis founded Nerd Herd, a technological consulting firm, at the age of 18, his biggest investment was the bitcoin he mined in 2010. Years later, when he sold a little portion of the coins he had mined, he got $200,000 Maserati.

5. After investing in and holding the coins for eight years, Daniel Crocker purchased a home for himself.

Daniel would talk with his coworkers about getting some additional money in 2012, while he was an apprentice at an IT firm. As a result, when Daniel learned about Bitcoin, he chose to invest in it.

He saved the coins for eight years since their value continued to rise. He sold some of those coins last year for half the down payment on his new home!

6. Kingsley Advani liquidated his assets and used the proceeds to purchase cryptocurrency. When that investment evolved into a seven-figure sum, the bet paid off.

Kingsley told Business Insider about his achievement and the potential of cryptocurrency:

I think at no point in human history have people in their 20s had such an opportunity to invest in such high-growth assets,” Kingsley told Business Insider. “It’s like a rebellion to traditional finance. You don’t need centralized banks to send money—you have these great pieces of tech send money for you through cryptography. So unlike banks, it’s faster, cheaper, and more secure.

7. Mr. Smith was able to resign from his employment and travel throughout the world.

Mr. Smith’s identity is unknown, but his storey is legendary. In 2010, he invested $3,000 while working in Silicon Valley. With the price of bitcoin at the time being barely US 15 cents, he had about 20,000 bitcoin.

He sold 2,000 coins when the price reached $350 three years later, with the price rising by 10% or more every day.

He sold another 2,000 coins when the price reached $800 a few days later. He’d already amassed a fortune of $2.3 million. He is now a genuine world traveller!


So, are you feeling motivated yet?

But, while these are fantastic success stories, there is no guarantee that investing in Crypto-currencies will result in a cash windfall. There’s a level of risk involved with any investment, just as there is with any other.

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