5 Crypto Startups Changing the crypto Landscape for Good

5 Crypto Startups Changing the Crypto Landscape for Good

Cryptocurrencies have quickly become the focus of investments globally. The global market of cryptocurrencies has a total value of over $2 Trillion with over 11,000 cryptocurrencies getting traded in different parts of the world. They are offering an easy and the most rapid way of generating wealth from your pre-existing wealth. Also, the wealth generation is not just one-sided, if we consider the crypto startups as well.

This means that it is not only the investors who are creating wealth but also the businesses dealing in cryptocurrencies, like exchanges, projects, e-commerce companies dealing in crypto-based assets, etc. are also generating huge profits over a short period of time. This is probably the reason why we see new crypto startups emerging in the world every day. Interestingly, some of these projects are born out of innovation and a lot of diligence to work for a better world. Today, we are discussing such crypto startups that are changing the landscape for the better. 

Crypto Startups #1. Solve. care

Solve. care aims to revolutionize the healthcare system around the globe. It is estimated that $8.5 trillion dollars are spent annually on maintaining the healthcare provisions around the world. Also, an estimated amount of $1.1 million dollars is used for meeting the demands for pharmaceutical drugs. These huge numbers make healthcare services inaccessible to people from low-income backgrounds. Solve. care is missioned to eliminate this problem and make healthcare accessible to all. Now how does the company aim to do this?

The Solve. care platform has created a patient-centric, decentralized blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem that connects various healthcare stakeholders like practitioners, benefit providers, insurance companies, etc. via Care networks. It encourages the blockchain developers and entrepreneurs to contribute their part in improving and strengthening the existing healthcare system which is too complex. 

In doing so, the company has been awarded many international award functions in New York, Singapore, and so on. The fact that Solve. care is creating a more transparent ecosystem that gives complete access to the patients and helps them make informed decisions, which is something that has led to the company beating giants like IBM. 

Crypto Startups #2. Provenance

Provenance is a blockchain-based project that aims to create transparency in the supply chain of products and services. It envisions issuing a digital passport to each and every product moving in the supply chain. This enables the end-users to know whether the product is exactly what it claims to be. Also, it allows the customers to know where the product is coming from. 

As a result, Provenance is marking a high level of utility for not just the consumers and the dealers but also for the environment. Firstly, it creates an auditable record of all the products in the supply chain. Secondly, it prevents the sale and purchase of fake goods. Thirdly, it prevents double-spending on certifications in the existing system. 

Double spending is the process of using a license, certification, or currency more than one time. Blockchain technology can overcome this problem by maintaining a record of all transactions related to a given asset in one place and identifying duplicate transactions instantly. n

Crypto Startups #3. Fetch.AI

As the name suggests, Fetch.AI is an artificial intelligence-based decentralized system aiming to automate the economic process on an infinite number of marketplaces that require a lot of manual intervention. It uses a near-autonomous system that integrates the multiple facets existing in a network. The ease of integration by human efforts and the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning makes the process of decision-making extremely simple. 

The native token, FET, has a great amount of utility for the platform. It acts as a payment mechanism for facilitating all the transaction costs and refundable ways of registering on the platform. In addition to this, the token is used to trade value. Moreover, the users can stake the token to safeguard the entire system.

Fetch.AI has been successful in accomplishing the speed of 30,000 transactions in one second in the private tests. In the future, the company is all set to expand its resources for the test networks keeping the demand in mind. Also, the block duration is expected to be in the range of minutes when the product will be launched for the first time. 

Crypto Startups #4. CoinSwitch Kuber

Born in June 2020, CoinSwitch is the largest crypto-trading platform in terms of market value. When cryptocurrencies were taking the world by storm, onboarding hundreds of thousands of crypto investors, CoinSwitch Kuber identified a problem that most new investors were facing: the complexity of the platform interface. 

Therefore, the company decided to launch a simple, easy-to-use, extremely user-friendly interface. This turned the crypto game completely upside down, encouraging people to make their first-ever investments in cryptocurrencies. It wasn’t very late that the platform captured global attention and managed to secure major funding from top investors like Ribbit Capital, Sequoia Capital, Paradigm, Tiger Global Management, and so on. In the Series C funding, CoinSwitch has managed to attain the Unicorn status by raising over $260 Million worth of funds. 

Planning to expand its adoption, the company is going to strengthen its product security, compliance, and quality, and raise awareness about cryptocurrencies among a larger Indian audience. Moreover, the mobile and web-based user-friendly interface is sure to take the platform to newer heights. 

Crypto Startup #5. UniFarm

UniFarm is the first group-staking platform that is altering the way we invest and earn interests. The startup, which was born with a view to putting crypto assets that are reaping nothing for the users in exchanges, claims to offer a minimum APY of 36%. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is not. Within one year of its inception, the project has successfully partnered with over 100 projects and raised a total staking value of over $100 million. In addition to this, more than $10,000 users have earned an APY of 36%. The highest APY recorded on UniFarm is 250%. Still, sounds too good to be true? UniFarm guarantees the 36% APY irrespective of the value of your locked assets falling down in the market. So, there’s no reason why you should not stake your crypto assets in the UNiFarm cohorts and earn exciting APYs. 

Moreover, the company is all set to expand its reach and utility for users around the world by launching its own collection of NFTs and an amazing fellowship opportunity for crypto enthusiasts out there. The BullShit Fellowship Program by UniFarm is taking rounds over social media channels like Telegram, extending a hand to the brilliant crypto minds to come together with the company and explore the world of cryptocurrencies and possible use cases. 


In the future, more such startups are expected to emerge in the world, overcoming several other pressing problems existing in the world. Also, each of these projects may launch its own tokens. Therefore, investors must look out for such projects in the future and keep an eye on their initial dex offerings.

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