5 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers to Manage your Portfolio
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5 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers to Manage Your Portfolio

The decentralized feature of cryptocurrencies and their market has allowed beginner as well as advanced investors to enjoy crypto trading and earn huge profits. The investors are free to open as many trading accounts as they want, as many wallets, as they want to possess, and as much money as they want to invest. However, this diversified and expanded nature of cryptocurrencies has introduced hurdles and a lot of hassle for managing so many accounts, wallets, and assets. This is where crypto portfolio trackers come into the picture and save the day for all the investors.

A portfolio tracker helps to keep a track of the money that you have invested, the gains you are making, the losses you are incurring, and the assets that are performing great and those that aren’t. 

What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is a tool that allows you to stay on top of all the recent and upcoming trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. Imagine having crypto holdings but nothing to monitor their progress, suggest ways to maximize profits, or buy and sell the assets at price drops and rises. It is obvious that your portfolio will suffer. This is why a crypto portfolio tracker holds so much importance in your investment journey. 

A crypto portfolio tracker helps you to manage all your crypto assets in one place, track your investments and suggest possible actions to amplify your gains. In addition to this, some portfolio trackers provide taxation aids to the users to help them manage their taxes. 

Why Do You Need a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

Here are five reasons why you desperately need a crypto portfolio tracker. 

1. To keep a diversified portfolio

Diversification is often the key to building a profitable investment portfolio. The same goes for cryptocurrencies. However, investors may find it difficult to diversify their portfolio among multiple crypto projects after verifying the genuineness of each project and identifying their future potential. Therefore, some crypto portfolio trackers have an added feature of crypto diversification to help you build a strong portfolio. 

2. To set and fulfill your financial goals

Many of us are already aware of our financial goals. But often we struggle to meet those goals as the information around them is scattered in different places. A crypto portfolio tracker brings together all the important information and allows you to make a much clearer decision regarding the ways to meet your financial goals. In addition, if the current situation of your holdings deviates from your goals, a tracker can suggest some alternate ways to stay on track. 

3. To stay up to date with market changes

Hardly any of us would be unaware of the volatility that exists in the crypto market. The price changes of the assets may go over 50% within 24 hours for some assets. Also, for some cryptocurrencies, especially the new ones, the prices fluctuate within minutes. In such a situation, it is necessary for an investor to stay aware of the price changes in order to make quick and informed decisions. 

4. To catch on to all the new opportunities

As mentioned above, the price movements are something that a lot of investors keep an eye on so that they can make a significant move. Also, you may know that the price of new projects keeps increasing until the actual release in the market. Therefore, investors may want to stay informed about the upcoming projects to invest money in them. A crypto portfolio tracker helps you to do that. 

5. To understand the value of your assets

Now that you know the dire necessity of keeping a diversified portfolio and you have multiple assets in your portfolio. The price of each of these assets is fluctuating every minute of the hour. How do you keep an eye on all of them and make the required moves? Obviously, it is not possible and is extremely daunting. So, a good portfolio tracker helps you to get a bird’s eye view of all your holdings. 

Things You Should Consider While Choosing a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Look for these things before choosing a portfolio tracker for your crypto investments.

Ease of Navigation

Now that you are trying to cut down your work by using a portfolio tracker, you don’t need another errand of learning to use the tracker for your benefit, right? So, look for a tracker that is easy to use and has a very friendly user interface. 

Security features

Some trackers need you to connect themselves with the decentralized exchanges where you invest your money. In such cases, you should carefully consider the security features that the portfolio tracker provides. Make sure that your investments are safe and hidden from prying eyes. 

Additional Services

Choose a portfolio tracker that offers additional features and services besides tracking your investments and showing which investments are performing well and which investments need improvements. The additional services that you should look out for include planning your tax liability, copy-trading, etc. 

Trial Offers

As human beings, we do not want to settle at the very first thing that we come across ever. We feel extremely attracted to things that we can try for free and see if they work out for us. The same should go for portfolio trackers. Well, you got your wish! There are certain portfolio trackers that allow you to take free trials and see if you are comfortable using the tracker. Within this time, you can also test out the security features. 

5 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers for You

Now that you know why you need a portfolio tracker, here are some of the best options for you. 

#1. CoinStats

CoinStats stands out from other portfolio trackers in this list for the fact that you can track all your investment from a single dashboard. You can find the best prices for your assets before selling them so that you don’t suffer losses without having to do additional diligence to find suitable buyers. Other major features of CoinStats are

  • Integration with multiple crypto exchanges
  • Integration with non-custodial wallets like Metamask, Ledger, etc.
  • Track thousands of transactions on a single platform
  • Finds the best buyer for your assets

#2. Delta: Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Delta is again one of the leading crypto portfolio trackers in the world. With a worldwide user base, Delta features a range of additional services from interest swapping on Bitcoins to trading options. In addition to this, the users get a $30,000 trading bonus upon signing up on the platform. Some of the outstanding features include:

  • Total portfolio management and portfolio overview
  • Integration with some of the biggest crypto exchanges and wallets
  • Manually reviewed withdrawals to reduce the risks of scams
  • Easy signup process with the requirement of an email and password

#3. Kubera

Kubera is one of the best portfolio trackers in the market. However, there is no free plan for the users. The personal plans for using Kubera portfolio trackers cost $150 annually. But the plan helps you to keep track of a number of different investment assets besides cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the major highlights of Kubera.

  • Manage a variety of assets like NFTs, real estate, fiat currencies, etc. 
  • Integration of most of the top crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, and Binance
  • Shows portfolio performance by means of internal rate of return
  • Manually import your assets

#4. BlockFolio: Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Why keep multiple apps for crypto exchanges and separate apps for portfolio tracking on your device when you can have it all in one place? Now known as FTX, Blockfolio is one of the most inclusive platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies while keeping a continuous track of your investments. The best part is that you can stay on top of everything related to crypto with just a tap on your phone. FTX brings you a mobile app so that you can stay alert to the market changes all the time. Some of the other key highlights of FTX are:

  • Access to more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies
  • Community alerts
  • Price alerts for quicker decision-making
  • Extremely user-friendly interface

#5. Accointing

What’s more tedious than tracking your investments? Filing your taxes! But it’s no more daunting as Accointing brings you the easiest way of filing your taxes while managing your crypto portfolio alongside. As cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more accepted around the world, there are tax regulations being put in place. In this case, Accounting becomes an ideal solution. Some of the key features include:

  • Price alerts for the coins of your interest
  • Customized Reports to file taxes
  • Overview of the overall portfolio
  • Custom overview of the projects based on the user interest


If you have not been using a crypto portfolio tracker yet, it is now time for you to pick one of these robust trackers and keep a track of your investments and financial goals. It is because floating over multiple platforms and checking the price charts of each of your holdings is not what smart investors do! 

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